Later Gator

Boy who does that remind you of???

Well here it is.  Tonight is the long awaited town hall meeting of Texas conservative nemesis and Florida resident Representative Pete Sessions while he pretends to live in Texas during the month of August.

This is one time when that old adage 'better late than never' is simply untrue.  If I never had to see his uppity face and snotty responses again it wouldn't be too soon.

Just think, this time last year he was on an all expenses paid trip with his lovely wife to Ireland thanks to the Ripon Society.  Yes, while in the bosom of the misty, green hills of Ireland, he attended meetings on open trade, ehem  may as well call it amnesty and open borders.

The fact is, rather than face his angry constituents last year who were hungry for Benghazi blood, Pete Sessions skipped town hall meetings during the 2013 August break altogether. Recall, he had just voted in favor of funding Obamacare in his bait and switch vote for cloture. As House Rules Chair, he had refused to form a select committee to investigate the deaths in Benghazi at the hands of terrorists. However most unforgivable, he was too busy giving stimulation to Obama on everything his little black fist pounded the table for.

I suppose this year the tide has turned, what with the primaries over and new illegal alien, Israel, and ISIS genocide issues on the table, as well as an extremely tardy select committee on Benghazi finally selected.  Suddenly I suppose he feels as if his peeps are too preoccupied with Obama's new catastrophes to bother recalling his covert assistance ingratiating Obama from 2012-2013. Hey, this is one time he can actually stand with us commiserating the illegal alien crisis and the worldwide Judeo-Christianity persecution.  Guess he feels like it's time for a town hall.  Funny how that works.

I'll be attending and taking notes, and probably uttering what an asshole the man is under my breath while he snidely calls known tea party woman who lines up to ask him questions, "Gentlewoman," as if he is being somehow slightly more cordial than calling her, "yo bitch."

Gee, so looking forward to this. Not.