Taking Up Arms

With all this talk about ISIS compromising our border with promises to attack us, and it wouldn't be very difficult to do since we advertise how wide open it is on the news every day, are we prepared to deal with this problem on our own?

We have been shown by a derelict Obama that we are on our own through his deeds, or lack thereof.  He did not protect our Ambassador or the other 3 men who died in Benghazi. He does not protect our border from an increasing number of criminals walking freely across.  He has helped arm ISIS just like he armed the Mexican Drug Cartels. His behavior indicates strongly that he is pleased with perpetuating a black and white rift.  So what makes us think he will protect us from anything on our own soil?

We heard about the viral notice to ISIS from the former marine who pointed out how many armed veterans are currently living in the US that are willing to take up the cause to protect our sovereign borders.  How about the number of citizens who are armed?  We have a shockingly high number of veterans and gun-owning citizens and though it is easy to say people will take up arms and protect ourselves, we certainly haven't done so yet have we?

We only have handfuls showing up at local grassroots meetings. We have several dozen people show up at the Overpasses for America protests. Out of the 46K citizens of the City of Wylie, only 4 of us showed up to protest the illegal aliens who are here stealing resources from your children and mine. If we want to win any battle we will have to do better than that.

So how can I rely on my fellow Wylie neighbor to take up arms and protect us from these sadistic murderers?  Nope, not feeling it.

I predict that all this talk of taking out ISIS on American soil seems to really be just that, 'talk'. If push comes to shove, it will probably be the 4 of us out there protecting the other 45,996 of you, just like we always do.

If ISIS makes it here and they begin a reign of terror on our soil, I'm certain they will meet their 72 brown-eyed virgins sooner rather than later.  Thank God there are people like myself who are willing to take up the torch.  But isn't it important to fight for the things you feel are right rather than let others do it on your behalf?  Life is work. Just my two cents.