Vacant Vacations

Liberals are paddling hard once more over President Barack Obama's vacation to Martha's Vinyard.

Totally missing the point of contention is Paul Waldman with his not so surprising one-sided blog Why It's So Idiotic to Complain When the President Takes a Vacation completely omits the idea of public perception.

This is what people think of when they hear Obama is going on vacation again.

Perception is everything and when Obama packs off to some exotic location during catastrophes it screams 'out of touch with reality' to not only Americans, but to the world.

I don't think we would begrudge Obama his down time so much if he made an effort to at least visit the border during the heightened media coverage of illegal alien children for example. The sad part is, he seems to do a flyby of these major events on his way to some fundraising event which further cheapens the whole presidential vacation idea.

Nobody denies how important it is for American's to regroup in a little R&R from our hectic lifestyles. But to paint the picture that American's feel overwhelmingly guilty about leaving their jobs is ridiculous in this 'take the technology with you' age. Nobody I know feels bad about vacationing, rather we feel as though we have earned it for all the hard work we do on a daily basis. To compare the US vacation ideology with those people in little Washington DC is awfully shortsighted. In fact it would appear that Congress had no trouble taking vacation away from all the illegal alien fun this month.

The chart Waldman uses as his example of how few days off Americans get conveniently omits the fact that most companies provide paid holidays and paid vacation to full-time employees. That handy thing called free market ensures that companies provide it or risk having high employee turnover and a massively unproductive workforce.  Gee they even do it without having a nanny government mandate it for them.

Waldman also neglects to post charts on the productivity of American workers as compared to these other countries where they get all that luxurious leisure time. American productivity is off the charts, but that's the beauty of a hard-working capitalist society rather than a lazy socialist one and our wealth proves it.
Waldman's 'Germans are super productive' stance doesn't pass muster considering they are second to last in this chart.  And the following chart really paints a different picture:

Now I'm not saying having additional vacation days wouldn't be lovely and all, however depicting imagery of a benevolent Barack Obama meeting with top advisors on the golf course is a bit reckless.