National Life Chain in Wylie, Sunday from 2-3

Every year National Life Chain, a pro-life event, has become larger and larger.

What is Life Chain?

"Annually, on the first Sunday in October, LIFE CHAIN invites the churches in each city and town across North America to stand on a designated local sidewalk and pray for 90 minutes, while holding one of the following approved pro-life sign messages:"

According to their website, approved signs you may bring while you pray may state:

Tactical Fence Wiggling

I'll admit it.  I'm on the fence about taking the Senate back in 2014.  As confounding as that statement is, here me out.

Let's pretend that we take the Senate in November.  The Republicans would continue to battle a veto-happy president who would still have mainstream media overall, and his bulldog mouthpieces on his side.

Everything that Congress and the Senate pass would have to be ramrodded through, over the president's veto.  Make no mistake,  a sympathetic media will vilify the Republicans, just like they have for the last 11 years. And is it even a possibility to imagine in your wildest dreams, our Republican elected officials not continuing some of the same self-serving, mono-interest, buffoonery they have been doing for years? Doubtful. 

Imagine after two years of this, the American people their miniscule voting memory, and their love affair with mainstream media news as their only source of information, will have forgotten why they even voted for a Republican in the first place.  In fact, I will bet they would rather die than vote in a Republican president after two years of this, especially considering the names being kicked around for presidency at the moment: Dr. Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry.

Oh sure, the polls show that if Americans went to the polls today and voted between Romney, and Obama, the majority would select Romney. Sure.  That's because they are so hacked off at Obama's nonsense. Again, short-term voting memory flatulence.

Yet isn't the end game prize to take back the country? The scenario I describe above is exactly what has been taking place.  The people voting are those who are pissed off and have an axe to grind. They are vigorously punching through, no dangling chads for them.  They most certainly are not using logic, or even applying chess principles with their vote. 

Now imagine if we gain a few more seats in the Senate in 2014.  We further diminish their strength, but they will continue on, fat and happy, with the ridiculum that we  have come to know and hate, further inflaming the American people because the idiot in the White House cannot seem to help himself.  Mainstream media continues to turn on Obama, well, because they have no other scapegoat.  We become all but assured to have a Republican president in 2016 and quite possibly all three branches as people not only punch through, but pound their fists on the buttons in the voting booths.

Here are the difficult choices we have to make. Do we suck it up and sacrifice two  more years to the monster in the White House?  Do we play a game of chess and take back the presidency and possibly the Senate in 2016? Or do we take our chances and push to take back the Senate and risk the presidency? My stab in the dark says, Americans will be happier to hand over all three branches to the Republicans if we have a decent 2016 presidential candidate as long as the stupidity continues in the White House, and it will.  This is Obama we're talking about; he simply cannot help himself.

My opinion is it will be more difficult to take the presidency in 2016 if Americans have already given us the Senate in 2014 because the usual useful idiots in Washington such as Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Kelly Ayote, and John Boehner will undoubtedly continue on with their self important stupidity.

It's a tactical maneuver, and as with all tactical plays, something could go massively awry.  So you can see why I am on the fence about this. 

Battlefound Texas

As with all of my uber-brilliant ideas, there is always some sense of excitement, and a certain amount of downright stupidity.  Ya, I'm cool like dat sometimes, and this stroke of genius was no exception.

Of course, being the mastermind means I find a stooge to drag along to do all my dirty work.  Luckily I talked a friend of mine into riding shotgun around Wylie in search of Battleground Texas.  OK, well she ended up driving and I rode shotgun, but hey, I had the camera and the plan.

We located them setting up shop in the parking lot of Aikin Elementary School in Wylie.  Trunk popped open, a fine looking thing perched herself against the bumper.  Of course she was cute and young - this is the Wendy Davis campaign we are talking about.  The Barbie-Bot camp is not short on young, stupid, completely malleable minds, and impressionable young women who haven't yet come to understand the wrath of God the Almighty. They will.

We got to driving around searching for canvassers so we could take photos, but then suddenly the mad genius in me thought we needed to go back to the area where this young chick seemed to be in charge of the stream of people who came to pick up canvassing materials. I decided we needed to go straight to the honeypot, and honey we did.

We pulled up and pretended to be Wendy Davis supporters; sign us up toots!  Fake name and number, she happily handed out the famed Battleground Texas clipboard and materials.  The stuff was pretty worn and tattered looking, but let me tell you, these people are o-r-g-a-n-i-z-e-d.  Let me tell you, they have got it going on.

Her name is Erica and she lives in Wylie.  She was super pleasant and told people not to be pushy if they came across the dreaded Republican.  

We were to canvass and report back to her with our clipboard filled out.  As we left, I felt almost sullied by the experience and felt I should at least french kiss my female friend as a sort of show of solidarity toward the liberal campaign to turn Texas blue.

Suffice to say, she isn't getting her clipboard back too terribly soon from us as we borrowed it for a little while so I can share it with the Dallas Liberty Center.  Ya, cuz that's how the liberals would roll and I took a lesson straight from their playbook. 

The rest?  Well, I'll let you decided after looking at the pictures.

ISIS vs. ISIL: A Rational Explanation

Americans are not exactly known for their geography, or their history for that matter.  I too was not exactly a history fan in high school or in college.  To me it was mind-numbingly boring stuff; I just wanted to live in the present. Then again, I am a product of the 80s. 

Oh sure I passed the classes well enough, but all that reading and studying went in one ear and out the other.  I had a hard enough time swallowing down American History just long enough to regurgitate it back in my honors course papers, the last thing I wanted was to take World History.

With all that is going on in the world now, I wish I had taken a more keen interest. Now I sit with my maps and globe, and I research the areas on the internet.  My oldest son is far superior than me at this, he was a real history buff in high school, though he found his history courses in college a tad less interesting, probably because he already had it.  Still, it is important for all of us to understand a little about the region in which we are sending bombs at the moment, but I won't bore you, I promise.

When the president and his administration minions call the terrorists ISIL rather than ISIS, they are lending legitimation to their claims to land of the 'Levant' region which historically includes Cypress, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, parts of Turkey, oh and let's not forget the most important, Israel.

The Arabs merely want what is theirs, or at least what was promised to them after WWI in the English and French pact conceived by Sykes-Picot Agreement. In this agreement, they were to restore Levant as the replacement to the caliphate that once existed in that region, but not that exact region historically. However, that agreement was merely a rouse, which has pissed off the Arabs greatly.

Does anyone see where this is going yet?  Just how many countries on that list that have been a hotbed of terrorist activity? Make no mistake, these extremist Islamists want a caliphate, and lookie who has been dabbling in the region for years and years?  US!  Let there be no confusion as to why they want us dead. 

For hundreds of years, they have been killing and conquering and here we come with our smug little smiles and our bibles in hand, and promises of brotherly love and humanitarian aid while our politicians eye the oilfields and lick their lips like they can already taste it. 

They just don't think like we do. They don't care about brotherly love, or humanitarianism, or their oil for that matter, who the hell are we to enforce that upon them when they have been perfectly content raping and pillaging all these years?  Selling oil to American buffoons merely enables them the means to continue conquering.

During these struggles we have witnessed just in our lifetime, we have watched numerous terrorist organizations rise to popularity in that region. Does anyone remember the PLO? Year after year it was one new acronym or another as they rise, conquer, and fall to yet another.

I mention all of this to bring you to another name that is being misused.  That is the Khorasan group, which mainstream media has been tossing about lately.  The problem is, this 'group' is merely al Qaeda, and to call it something else take Obama off the hook for standing in front of the US time and again telling us that al Qaeda is on the run, or al Qaeda has been minimized. This is a lie and the mainstream media desperately want you to think the Democrats have eliminated al Qaeda that that a new group has formed.  No they have not.  Al Qaeda is alive and organized and to call them by another name to legitimize Obama's mantra that they are eradicated is a fallacy.

There is no good answer to what is going on in the middle east, particularly thanks to our desire for globalism.  We are in it now. The fact is, they will probably never stop fighting, at least not in our lifetime. What is done, is done and we are wearing a massive target on our backs.  They want us dead and what should be crystal clear is that it is indeed time to take them out, and I don't mean just bombing empty buildings at night, I mean lining up the dead terrorist  bodies along the desert floor.

Battleground Wylie

If you are not aware of Battleground Texas, you should be.  You can read up on their socialist plans for Texas here

Battleground Texas has moved into Texas for the sole purpose of turning Texas blue.  Oh, we live in little Wylie, Texas you say.  Nobody cares about what we are doing here.  Not so fast grasshopper.

Wylieites be warned, Battleground Texas is here, alive and active,  and you might even have them come knocking on your door this weekend.

If you live in the Aiken Elementary area, be aware that they will be canvassing your neighborhood on Friday and Sunday.  Details:

Time: Friday, September 26, 2014 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM CDT
Host:Chance Browning
P M Akin Elementary School (Wylie, TX)
1100 Springwood Ln
Wylie, TX 75098  

Time: Sunday, September 28, 2014 2:00 PM - 9:00 PM CDT
Host:Chance Browning
P M Akin Elementary School (Wylie, TX)
1100 Springwood Ln
Wylie, TX 75098

If you live in that area, get the walkers names for me, so we can track who is working in Wylie. Also, have your cellphone camera ready and get some photos and videos as well.

These are the very same people who want amnesty granted to all the illegal aliens here.  These are the very same people who cheered Obamacare on.  These are the same people who have supported Obama's policies which have caused more than 7 trillion in new debt and more than half of Americans on some sort of government assistance.  These are also the same people who chanted, "Hail Satan" when their candidate for Governor Wendy Davis filibustered for the right to kill babies in the womb who were older than 4 months!  Most important, these people are here to take away your gun.  Make no mistake, these people do not have your best interest at heart.

Share this information with your neighbors and friends.  They can come here, but they can't have us.  Battle on.

Presidential Ploy

Obama Disrespectful Chai Tea Salute.

Our smarmy president has finally listened to the euphoric people of this country. Kudos to him for putting together a coalition of Suni Arab states, though he is still missing some key players in this war.  Seems he is finally taking care of the ISIS threat. Or is he?

I can no longer take this man at face value for anything.  Every action over his painfully long administration has been a purely political move and has had dire consequences for this country. Obamacare, and opening the borders to Central American children are your first clue.  The bombing of ISIS targets in Syria is your second.

I find some problems with this disingenuous tactic. The president must get approval from Congress before taking us into war, and this is war.  Calling a few Congressmen pals from both sides of the aisle who are known Obama administration sympathizers doesn't cut it.  Sure, the man can bomb them for 90 days, and then extend another 90 days, but what then?  Is he really killing off the terrorists or is he merely inconveniencing them in their 'safe harbor'?

If the man was actually serious about taking out ISIS rather than using the bombings as another notch in his bedpost, he wouldn't be bombing empty headquarters, compounds, buildings and communications towers at night. If you want to take out ISIS, you bomb the bastards in broad daylight while their buildings are full. I have seen a kindergartener with better strategy in Tug of War, so can someone please explain to me why he is sparing the lives of sadistic terrorists who think nothing of beheading children and propping their cold, drained heads on sticks?

Probably one of the largest issues I see, is Obama's inept track record in such activities. He is the Bugs Bunny in his Acme international policy at best.  Even the Arab nations have questioned what comes next.  They are mistrustful he won't pull out and leave them high and dry, his usual modus operandi. This could potentially be devastating to the Arab nations in the region, and we have a little history with this already don't we? Pulling another Iraq would ensure 35K+ radical Islamists grow exponentially.

Knuckle dragging, graduated buildups, modulated responses, and measure by measure strikes are entirely too nickel and dime if your ultimate goal is victory.  This is the United States of America, for God sake, if you want to rid the world of evil terrorists, you use our superpower capabilities and take them out, for realz.

Unfortunately six weeks outside of the election, this is yet another empty campaign ploy.


Toll Road to Nowhere

As I watch the Wylie City Council meeting, and I see the fine people of Wylie coming together, telling their stories, and pleading for a resolution against a toll road in Wylie, I cannot help but feel as though the Texas Turnpike Corporation is not exactly being altogether on the up and up in this deal.

From their behavior, it is clear they have been surveying and making studies of the area in Wylie's Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), or the unincorporated portions of Wylie.  Yet at the Garland Tea Party meeting a couple weeks ago, they claim they were not conducting any surveys.  I have eyewitnesses that have seen them out there on the land.   At that meeting I told those people to grab their cell phones and take photos and videos of them working and of the markers, which one man tonight said he had.  So who exactly is lying here?  I would be inclined to believe the citizens.

The NTCOG and the Texas Turnpike Corporation state they have not selected an actual route yet.  Really?  So why are there survey flags in the area then?  Can they explain why money would be spent on surveys and soil collection in an area that only might be selected?  Pshaw. 

Thankfully, it is clear that our council is sympathetic to the plight of those who live in the unincorporated areas of Wylie.  Council, and most importantly Mayor Hogue recognize that we are all family no matter which of the three counties, Collin, Dallas, and Rockwall that are blessed with Wylie residents.

So what can be done?  Requests for a resolution are being made, one after another at the council meeting tonight. It is thought that a resolution may not include the ETJ so City Manager Mindy Manson is going to look into whether a resolution can include the ETJ or not.

It seems to me that the Texas Turnpike Corporation is merely hell-bent on building this road, since they have never been successful in doing so.  It is concerning that they are not announcing local meetings on their website and many people have had to find out through word of mouth.  They do not disseminate information in any sort of timely manner, they hold the right of eminent domain, they have yet to narrow down the paths and recommend a route, and they have yet to provide any zoomed in maps. 

I too, was put off when I reached out to them to hold a meeting in Wylie.  Neal Barker's response was:

Thanks Pamela.
I’m being asked not to do public presentation before the 9/22 meeting so that the NCTCOG can officially make their recommendation and then our process can begin. That being said, we’re scheduled to present in Royce City on 9/23. Can you facilitate a meeting on 9/30 or 10/2?
I’m hopeful to have more detailed maps to show by that time. If you are available during the day, perhaps I can meet you around town and share what I know currently about the preliminary routes as they relate to Wylie.
I asked several questions that went unanswered.   Not only that, where was this 'proposed route' announced that he referred to?  It is clear there was no recommended route was presented at the September 22nd meeting in Rockwall.  I have reached back out to see if he agrees to meet or if that was just hot air.  I will report back on this.
The Texas Turnpike Corporation claims they will not build in an area where they are not wanted.  One thing is clear, the citizens of Wylie unanimously reject a toll road going through our town, no matter where it is.

God's in the Hot Seat

There exists an all out war on God in the United States.

Recently in the news, two plaques were ordered covered up at elementary schools in Midlothian, Texas. The plaques imbedded in the exterior wall of the school stated, “Dedicated in The Year Of Our Lord 1997 To The Education of God’s Children And To Their Faithful Teachers In The Name Of The Holy Christian Church – Soli Deo Gloria.”

The Freedom From Religion group cited the plaques were unconstitutional (more on this later). This group spends its time picking frivolous fights in the hope their complaints will stick and they will be able to coerce local schools and municipalities to eradicate religion altogether. Yet amazingly, they don't go after the Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, or any other religious group other than Christians, though I'll let you ponder that revealing little ditty on your own time.

This war has been taken so seriously, that it has even corrupted the mindset of our community members.  Many years ago in Plano ISD, blood boiled when it became known that three different children at three different schools got into trouble for passing out religious symbols such as candy canes and Jesus pencils during various holidays. A then 1st grader, Michaela Wade, was banned from passing out pencils with a religious message to her classmates during their annual holiday party.  I found this to be a compelling story through the years, mostly because her mother, Christine Wade who willingly stepped into the limelight for this cause, was my neighbor and friend when we first moved to Plano back in the early 90s.

The Wades have always been good Christian folk. Christine put a blue 'It's a Boy' sign on our window with my firstborn and made us a home cooked meal.  I even recall when her daughter Michaela was born, in fact, they were there for my eldest son's Christening come to think of it.  To be honest, I'm sorry I lost touch with them through the years because they were living an amazing testament to God's word, and because this candy cane battle was an amazing story.

When the candy cane brouhaha started, I recall reading about Christine in my Plano Star Courier and thinking, "You go girl!"  Still, the outcome hasn't been exactly as it should have been.  I mean, there was nothing quite like impeding a child's First Amendment rights as Michaela was not only told by the principal she could not pass out her Jesus pencils, but also told that she was not even allowed to write the words, "Merry Christmas!"  on her cards.  Bizarre interpretation of the law.

The ultimate outcome of years of legal battles is that the principals were protected from being sued for their misinterpretation of constitutional law, and the Supreme Court refused to hear a case overturning that.

So how did other districts handle this situation once it came to the limelight?  Rather than deal with it, many outright banned the holiday parties altogether, because that's what we do, isn't it?  We practice avoidance in order to not have to deal with those pesky minority whiners.  Evidently the school lesson was that being politically correct is always so much more preferable to enforcing our constitutionality.

So let's dwell on this for a bit.  Should those same principals tell a Muslim that they cannot wear their hijab?  Should they be allowed to tell a Jewish boy he must remove his yarmulke?  What's next?  Will students wearing a cross or crucifix be told they are not allowed to wear that to school?  So why pick on youngsters who bring candy cane treats and red and green napkins?

To put it bluntly, this whole concept is just plaint stupid.  Shouldn't we be a living testament to acceptance of all, rather than hiding all? The only lesson learned is that we should cover up our own Christian beliefs so we don't 'bug' anyone else, yet if you are Muslim and your head wrap bugs a Christian student, they are expected to pretty much suck it up.

Some lesson.  Even adults have learned nothing.  The United States Air Force has waged a war on God by removing God's name from several of it's oaths in the 2012 cadet handbook.  The words, "So help me God." were removed from the oath of allegiance, the officer's oath and the enlisted oath likely as a show of solidarity the Military Religious Freedom Foundation who find that word utterly offensive.  Though an Air Force Academy spokesperson claimed it was a, "simple mistake."

This war is not new. We've seen multiple battles over the years where tantrum-throwing atheists demand that crèche's be removed from public property.  Several years ago a large controversy unfolded in Athens, Texas.  Groups like Freedom From Religion find nativity scenes and other religious symbols so highly offensive, they vehemently attack, pulling every twisted argument they can from their arsenal. 

I wonder, since the land churches are built upon do not require payment of any property taxes, wouldn't that technically make them public property as well?  Shouldn't they just ban all churches since the crosses, bells, and stained glass windows are just so eye-numbingly offensive to them?  When does common sense come into play?

The idea of separation of church and state is actually a relatively new idea taken from a letter written in 1802 by President Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists assuring them there would be no master 'national denomination' created.  When this country was formed, the founding fathers insisted all denominations would be allowed to practice, that there would be no dominating force such that in England. 

Fact is, there is nothing in the First Amendment about any separation of church and state, nor in any founding documents of the US Constitution.  That one letter has been taken out of context and become bastardized through the years to mean something completely different than its original intent.

Warfare on God is not a new thing; it has existed for a very a long time, yet the US Constitution had always prevailed.  In 1853 a group petitioned Congress to separate Christian principles from government.  Congress had strong words in response, "Had the people [the Founding Fathers], during the Revolution, had a suspicion of any attempt to war against Christianity, that Revolution would have been strangled in its cradle. At the time of the adoption of the Constitution and the amendments, the universal sentiment was that Christianity should be encouraged, but not any one sect [denomination]…. In this age, there is no substitute for Christianity…. That was the religion of the founders of the republic, and they expected it to remain the religion of their descendants."

It is quite clear that they had no intension of wiping religion, any religion, from the face of the country at the behest of anyone. But time marched on and so did the attacks on God.

In 1947, Jefferson's letter came to the forefront yet again, this time in Everson v. Board of Education where the separation of church and state words were taken out of context. Further degradation continued throughout the years as those words were washed, rinsed, and repeated and in June 25th, 1962, in the case Engle v. Vitale, it was written.

This was a new, modern made principle designed through purposeful paraphrasing of a letter,  though it was never granted as part of the US Constitution. Yet, if you repeat something enough times, the masses will buy into it, and they bought it hook, line, and sinker.  We hear many politicians cite the separation of church and state as part of Constitutional law.  Just ask any high school or college student if the US Constitution grants separation of church and state.  Their pop culture answer is not surprising.

Meanwhile, the separation of church and state is the modern battle cry.  Poor God is in the hot seat and he never even did anything wrong.

Islam Amok

I have been brushing up lately on the Islamic state of affairs and I've come to one conclusion.  Unlike our ancestors, Muslims are not coming here because they re running from some religious or political persecution as they claim they are.  I can make this assertion by scrutinizing their behavior once they arrive.  Your grandma's ancestors came and willingly tossed their clothing aside.  OK, not literally, but they were happy to adopt the new 'style' of their new homeland, however many Muslims are refusing to do so. 

I'm not talking about Sihks identified by their turbans, who by and large are not terrorists in this country.  I view their turbans as a headdress similar to the Jewish yarmulke or even the scarves and hankies Catholic women wore on their heads in church prior to Vatican II.  I'm talking about full-on Muslim gear, the dreaded burqa, hijabs, al-Amira, chador, or the ever attractive niqab face veil.  At this point, I'm wondering how one could possibly go out to dinner in one of these?  And family photos?  I mean, what's he point? 

Actually the real point is, these people are refusing to adopt the lifestyle of their new homeland, which is proof that they do not feel persecuted, nor do they feel a desire to rebuke some sort of abusive political or religious regime.  In fact, they are still embracing it here on our soil.

Watch this short video to see exactly what these people think.  

 Bring it MoFos.  This momma is not going to wear your fricking cloth baggie, and don't flatter yourself because I'm defo not attempting to seduce your hairy ass either. This is what these people think of women.  Even the women think this of women.  That takes some real brainwashing.

If you wave this off as just a British problem, not so fast.  This video was taken at the
New York Islamic Day Parade.  Trust me, it's worth a looksee as they hang an effigy of a woman, aim fake guns at bystanders, and drive around a float that shows women in a cage. Yeppers. 

Watch this shameful video of Muslims aiming guns at people's heads

More NYC Muslim Day Parade Details can be found at:
In an hour-long documentary, I watched both sides of the aisle explain that the radical Muslims do not believe the same thing as moderate Muslims, yet I don't see any moderate Muslims coming out for a massive group shun to put them in their place. 

In a chilling statement made toward the end as to whether Muslims will try to enforce Sharia Law upon others, one man said, "he will as soon as there are more of them."

That's the point, isn't it?  Getting more and more into this country thanks to a president who has purposely opened the borders wide for all to enter. 

The sad part is, many of these moderates have come here to take from, rather than give to their new homeland. They are not in their new homeland to assimilate, rather they are there to make us assimilate. It is clear they did not flee from any sort of persecution.  As long as nothing is being done to rein the radicals in either though societal means, or political means, as soon as they outnumber the other 'nonbelievers', it is fairly likely they intend to impose Sharia Law on us.  Imagine how that would go down as your wife and girlfriend are required to wear burqas out on the town so as not to 'offend' these new dwellers because the liberals in this country have been telling you for years that you need to be 'inclusive'.  Just imagine where inclusivity gets you though.

What happens when the radicals make their way into our schools and begin teaching our children? You can kiss your Christian values goodbye, that's for sure.  Watch as three tiny boys learn a lesson in becoming a sadistic abuser.

You can read the translation here. Meanwhile, the mother can be heard laughing in the background. Cute, isn't she?  Innocent young boys have now started the process of indoctrination into the radical mindset.

Do we have beheadings on our own soil to look forward to as in the foiled plot in Australia? Do we have orders to slaughter military men in their homes in the US to look forward to? 

Where I was once convinced that we were headed toward a black and white civil war, I am now reverting back to the idea that it will be Muslim vs. Judeo-Christian as I have stated in another blog post before.

Ask yourself, why are those Muslims here if they do not wish to assimilate? What is their purpose?

Grilling 101

Picture this: a hot Indian Summer day and the hubs carrying freshly purchased sausages to the BBQ with an ice cold beer tucked under his arm, ready for some quality time with the grill.

Normally my youngest is the grillmaster, sizzling up steaks, chicken, shrimp, hot dogs and hamburgers to juicy perfection.  But he was out on the town that Sunday evening, so my husband took it upon himself to light up the grill.

We had just come from Sprouts and our mouths were set on some nice juicy chicken and basil links. While I cooked up a pot of homemade cream of mushroom soup in the kitchen, he set to work in the man-cave; the side yard patio where I am not allowed to go, let alone even dare think about decorating. You see, I have this thing about sitting areas.  I am only happy with what I deem to be the appropriate number of sitting areas around the house and in the garden. Oh and pillows.  But I digress.

I was happily moving on to my favorite daily meal: the garden salad where I toss in freshly chopped green onions, garbanzo beans, sunflower seeds, walnuts, and even some dried fruit, when suddenly he appears at the door, and looking rather white as a ghost I might add.  

As he tells it, seems he did not prick the sausages first so as they heated and pressurized with the lid down on the grill, one of them must have exploded, creating a massive ball of fire that shot out 4-5 feet from front, sides, and back of the grill. 

I can only imagine in my mind's eye, my distinguished looking grey haired husband, sipping his beer as his eyes grow massively large and his eyebrows and the man hair on his arms become singed.  Thankfully he was enjoying his beer not terribly close to the grill or I suspect the combination of alcohol and fire would have notified me something was terribly wrong from inside the house.  

It's been a couple weeks and we've had several rainstorms since then, and this is the evidence left behind.  I wonder if anyone offers BBQ 101 courses?

What's in a Name?

What's in a name?  Names are our first identity. As a young child in the crib, so far beyond any remembrance or awareness we can muster, we identified with a name. Our parents called us by this and we responded with coos and smiles.

Our parents gave us a name, sometimes we like it and sometimes we don't.  If I could have changed my name many moons ago, I would have.  I frigging hate my name.  It reminds me of some stuck up British bitch.  Read this in your best British accent: Pamela Snodgrass Applebee.  Seriously, were my parents that in love with the name Pamela that they had to bestow this upon me?

I'll color myself excited about this because the other option, I was told through the years, was Priscilla.  Dear Lord, just shoot me now because I didn't stand a chance either way.

I suppose over time we resign ourselves to our given name and it just becomes too involved and overly complicated to change it.  That is unless you are one of the lucky ones who got to escape with a middle name or nickname you want to use and you can coerce people to call you by that as a youngster. Not me.  My middle name is Anne and though I guess I would prefer that name at this age over Pamela, I have gotten used to the stupid name.

Now imagine through the years as people take it upon themselves to change my name: Pam, Pammy, Pamela, whatevs.  I don't know how many times you have to tell someone your name is Pamela, yet they still call you Pam.  Sadly, I'm not alone.

There is a guy I work with who goes by the name of Joseph. You see, I'm sensitive to these things because I get it.  I have one of those piece of shit names that people indiscriminately decide to use in whatever way they feel like using it, screw how I feel about it.  Here is a recent exchange with poor Joseph:

So and so, "Hey Joe, can you...." Response, "It's Joseph."  So and so, "Well thanks for getting me that info Joe." Response, "It's Joseph." So and So, "I'll call you later Joe." Response, yet a third time, "It's Joseph." OMG, what does this idiot not frigging get?

I get it.  I totally get it. Unfortunately I have gotten it all my life. I go by Pamela. I sign everything Pamela. I fill out forms with Pamela. I introduce myself as Pamela.  So why the hell do people call me Pam?  Hello? You don't call Susan, Sue. You don't call Patricia, Pat. You don't call Richard, Dick.You don't call Margaret, Marge.  So why do people only hear what they want to hear and take it upon themselves to call Joseph-Joe, Matthew-Matt, Robert-Rob, Timothy-Tim, and Pamela-Pam?

I think I'm going to start shortening people's names just for the fun of it.   I'm going to start calling people names I feel like calling them and see how many times they correct me.  I'll let you know how that works out.

Suck It Up Cupcake

I used to believe growing older would be like living on the set of the Golden Girls. Spry, sassy women, active in their community, sexually active with the men in their lives, and living a life gracefully, oh and with massive shoulder pads  Very massive. 

I've watched my mother in law age nary a complaint in any given day of her life.  I had hoped it could be like that.  Alas, but it isn't.

I know I'm not alone either.  I recall as a child listening to my grandparents as they listed their aches and pains, seemingly intent on outdoing each other.  I have listened to my high school friends complain about various ailments as they age right there along with me I have even watched my parents combat their own issues through the years.  As I deal with my own aging, I  have come to the conclusion that growing old really sucks a wad. There is just no way to sugarcoat this. 

Last Saturday, on my parent's 55th wedding anniversary, my 74 year old mother hurt her knee, perhaps twisting it the wrong way.  After sitting for a while it was very painful and by dinner out with friends it was excruciating.  My dad took her to the emergency clinic and there was so much swelling, the x-ray was inconclusive.  She was given a full leg brace and told to ice it until she could see a specialist.  This morning she called to let me know it was much better and she was walking normally again.  She is still going to see the specialist, but for this news I am truly thankful.

It seems my brother and I stagger our own vacations around visiting our parents to assist with their ailments and chores that are needed around the house.  He's up next month, I'll be up a couple months after that.  As Gilda Radner's Saturday Night Live character Rosanne Rosannadanna always used to say, "It's always something." 

Last summer my parents had to miss my son's graduation because my dad was having disc problems in his lower back which had deteriorated over a couple months from him walking normally, to walking with a cane, to walking with a walker and soon he would be headed for a wheelchair. Thankfully surgery was able to correct the situation and he is nearly back to normal.  At 82, he displayed far more courage, grace, and patience dealing with his pain than I do my own. In his 60s, the man had both knees replaced at the same time and was up and walking the next day.  What a trooper.

On the eve of my annual with the family doctor, a kind and devout Muslim I have seen for years, and my gynecologist, the woman who delivered both of my sons and quite literally knows me inside and out, I lament my own arthritic body, even tearing up over the permanency of some of the bullet points I went over with my husband. I contemplate living each painful winter after winter with this for the rest of my life, decades I presume, and the reality of it all is a bit overwhelming.  I suppose I could one up my dad since it is different than battling disc issues which often can be fixed.  There is no surgery that can fix my ailment, so I use a modified aerobic exercise program now and have added a round of late night stretching to my routine because it makes me feel better as I lie in bed, especially the stretching part which is almost as good as sex some nights. 

I suppose it's time to suck it up cupcake.  If I cannot handle this one thing at age 49,  how will I handle all the other ailments of aging at 74 or even 82? Growing old sucks, but I am going to do my best to fight it every step of the way.  At least I will keep the makers of Aleve in business anyway.

A Wylie Gateway

I attended a Garland Tea Party meeting last night where the Texas Tollway Corporation gave the presentation that could not be completed at the September 4th meeting in Lavon due to overcrowding and the Fire Marshall shutting it down.  I and have attached a photo I took of the ever-evolving proposed routes.  They look considerably different than what I saw at the NTCOG joint city council meeting with Wylie and Sachse last month.

On September 22, NTCOG will make their recommendation of the route.  After that the Wylie Tea Party will be holding a meeting with the Texas Tollway Corporation for those Wylie folks affected by this proposed road.

From everything I know so far about the proposed paths, my best educated guess is that those living around Neva Lane in the Pheasant Creek neighborhood in the Rockwall County portion of Wylie are going to be affected by this toll road.

It seems to me that the Texas Tollway Corporation is hell bent on putting a toll road in, one way or another and they pretty much told us that at the meeting.  On one hand this will improve property values in the area once businesses start building up along the new road.  On the other hand, there will be pollution and noise as semi trailer trucks come rip-roaring through what once was a lovely rural area of Wylie. The noise will be heard all the way to the Bozeman area.  People will be approached to sell their land and nobody knows at this point of fair prices will be offered.  I can totally see why these people are pissed off.

Stay tuned here for more information on the proposed toll road and WTP meeting.


The Sexualization of Women

I recall back to my childhood years where my dad still wore dress slacks, a shirt, and a tie or the mod green harlequin knit polo shirt when company came, and my mom wore a dress, heels, and a strand of pearls, with hair was coiffed in a beehive, shopping at the mall.  In fact, I can still see all of us in that sort of fuzzy, black and white, old television image as the family gathered in the backyard on a Sunday afternoon before dinner at the grandparents.  My grandma in her dress and stockings and my grandpa in a crisp white shirt and jacket. And of course there were the kids; the cousins.  The six of us, girls in dresses and boys in dress slacks and those stiff, black Red Wing shoes that left massive scuffs on my grandma's black and white checkered, linoleum kitchen floor.  On those lazy Sundays at our house, we played Lost in Space under the pool table in our basement. They always made me play Judy...... the chimp. So nice of them.

Growing up, girls didn't get their first bra until somewhere about fifth grade when their breasts started to sprout. To be honest, I resisted until they really started to get a mind of their own as they awkwardly bobbled around under my shirts. Frankly I'm surprised my mom, ever the prude, even giving me a good dress down at age 19 when she saw me kissing a date goodnight, didn't say anything about it. Perhaps I was her little girl, the youngest of three, and she didn't want me to grow up.  Either way, it was a far cry from walking through the local Target to see miniature lacy, padded bras hanging up. I don't blame the manufacturers.  I blame the parents for purchasing them and creating a sick and twisted market for it.  Imagine your local pedophile browsing through the racks?

In two generations we went from Kewpie Doll to American Girl where the only importance is matching her shoes to her handbag and designer pet's necklace.

Walking through that same Target, you don't see G-strings for the little boys.  You see modestly cut boxers with cutesy images on them. Aside from skinny jeans, men's clothing has pretty much stayed the same as it always was, but women's, now there is something that has changed.  These societal changes can be blamed on the 70s women's liberation movement.

I was there, a young girl seeing images of women burning their bras.  I could never quite correlate bra burning with the desire to improve jobs, but to each his, or shall I say her, own. 

Hindsight is 20/20 and as men stood by hoping to see a pair of naked bewbs or two at a bonfire, women claimed they were doing it for equal pay and opportunity.  Decades later, our pay is still not equal, though women do hold increasing numbers of positions with authority. They have also become something else, well, sexy.  When I go about in my working world, I am amazed at how many women toddle around in their 5 inch heels and short, tight skirts with equally tight blouses.  Designers have had to come up with the molded bra cup in order to hide the nips from view under all that clingy clothing.

The sad truth is, women's liberation hasn't been about equal pay for equal work as much as it's been about the sexualization of women.

Oh women were sexy back in the day, for sure.  Marilyn Monroe and a host of other scantily clad pin-up girls kept the guys whistling.  Yet 50s scantily clad is a far cry from today's scantily clad. Today we see Miley Cyrus humping a massive foam finger onstage.  Today we see BeyoncĂ© bouncing her big hips and butt cheeks onstage as she growls that men must submit to her.

All the while I'm wondering, is that empowerment? Spending two hours in the morning to look like a tart and flashing your lady kibbles and bits in front of men is more a form of torture than a statement that that you possess the brainpower to do the same job as him, worthy of getting the same pay. The pressure for young girls to look perfect is so incredibly unhealthy.

It is a vastly different world we live in from those younger years where we worried about our first kiss and practiced French kissing the snow. Today's girls have far greater worries than that as they are pressured into perfection. I blame the sexual liberation for putting woman-created pressure on girls to excel no matter the consequences. Be the best in school, join every club you can, get the best grades, get as many scholarships as you can, get a high paying job, look the best you can, have the prettiest hair and makeup and clothes, enhance the boobs with sexy padded bras, be the skinniest you can, be the best at sex, know everything, be better than men, all men, and be bossy, just like those neat little campaigns told you not to be.

What a sexual mess to be forced to sort through as the barrage of sexual images float past them from the time they are wee bit of girls onward for the rest of their lives.  I blame the women's lib movement for the sexualization of our girls and the undue pressure it has place on the idea of perfection.

A Long Way to Go

On this 13th anniversary of September 11th, I reflect on how far we've come and how it is not yet far enough.

Last night I had the great displeasure of watching our president weasel his way through a speech that should have been designed to lift the American people up in spirit.

Before I slay Obama's speech, recall what a real speech looks like.  This is how a speech lifts up a country.

Instead, Obama's speech was word-smithed to look that way, that is if you did not know Obama's history.

I saw strong words used, even recycling the 'no safe haven' threat of President George W. Bush after 911. I saw a sympathetic Obama refuse to utter the word 'Christian' while he placated all of Islam with his dangerous 'ISIS is not Islamic' demagoguery. Make no mistake, the bosom of Islam contains the very people who refuse to speak out against the reign of radical Islamist terror and we just watched the president of the free world tip his hat in a confounding speech.

Islamic terrorists have been the:  Shoe Bomber, Beltway Snipers, Fort Hood Shooter, Underwear Bomber, USS Cole Bomber, Madrid Train Bombers, Bali Nightclub Bombers, London Subway Bombers, Moscow Theater Attackers, Boston Marathon Bombers, Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers, France Entebbe Hijackers, Iranian Embassy Takeover folks, Beruit US Embassy Bombers, Libyan US Embassy Attackers, Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers, Israeli Olympic Team Attackers, Kenyan, US Embassy Bombers, Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers, Beirut Marine Barracks Bombers, Beslan Russian School Attackers, Bombay India Attackers, Mumbai India Attackers, Achille Lauro Cruis Ship Hijackers, World Trade Center Bombers  the first time and Airline Hijackers on September 11th, 2001.  What about radical Islam history is leading this president to believe ISIS and their taped beheadings and gruesome Christian firing lines, burying of people alive in mass pits, rapes, and tortures is not Islamic?

So the big reveal shows us that Obama is sending some 400 troops back to Iraq to serve in support roles because he pulled out too soon, ok, ok, that's what she said.  However all kidding aside, Obama claims to be pulling his strategy from his Yemen and Somalia toe dipping days. Scary considering both are still a hotbed of terrorism.  Are you feeling confident yet?

After all the fanfare of this big speech, Obama's plan includes arming 'moderate' Syrian rebels.  Real comforting considering the man has a difficult time discerning the difference between moderates and ISIS while calling them a JV team.

Probably most egregious of all, Obama insisted there are no risks to Americans on our own soil, though we know of several training camps across the country. In a very misguided business as usual stance, Obama told a terrorism weary nation that everything here is just peachy keen. According to Obama, we have jobs, al Qaeda has been knocked out, and we can sleep at night.  That's right, he told a nation where more than 50% of the citizens are on some form of welfare that al Qaeda, who simply reformed as ISIS, is gone and that we can sleep at night.  Then he took the liberty to point out just how fabulous he is, not just here in the US, but around the world as well.

Meanwhile, Europeans try to swallow down a round of laughter as they wonder if those are the words that should go ahead and trigger the trust they are rightfully refusing this president. A trust that even the Polish are wary of. Hey, if the Poles can't trust you, you know it's bad.

On the other side of the world, middle easterners laughed at the new 'no safe haven' phrase. They heard that empty threat before as a 'line in the sand' was drawn by Obama's pinkie finger.  If history repeats itself, we will soon see Obama's words were all bark and no bite.  Gee I can just see ISIS trembling now.

I felt safe enough to sleep under the George W. Bush foreign policy.  I sleep with one eye open under the Obama, Larry, Moe, and Curly foreign policy.

Whether you like the US going into Iraq or not, Hussein was a sadistic terrorist of his own people and for that we should have supported going in, regardless of WMD. Those strikes were akin to assisting the Yazidis forced by ISIS up the mountain to starve, or worse.  Had the job Bush started been completed by Obama, we would not be sending troops back.

The fact that we have a long way to go is staring us bleakly in the face.  The world had greater peace in 2008 before Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winning president who took over the United States in a social networking coup, than we do today where his Socialist death grip and weak foreign policy has set the stage for a worldwide caliphate.

Police Force Juxtaposition

There have been numerous stories on the militarization of our police force floating across the blogosphere lately.  On one hand you have punks like these animals attacking innocent white people at a Kroger in Memphis:

However, on the other hand we have a police force that seems a bit power drunk:

The juxtaposition of these two videos leaves me torn.  We have heard of story after story of police overkill as they tase an autistic girl wandering naked, beat a woman off camera in the police department, and toss a quadriplegic man out of a wheelchair.  However in reality, these are really only the exception and not the rule.

I suppose when faced with a mob sucker punching people and then stomping on their heads, I would rather have the police properly armed to deal with these types of situations.  Sadly, I believe these types of events are going to become more prevalent as long as racist phlegm from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama is coughed up at every opportunity.

If I had to choose sides, I would side with the police.  If there is one thing my husband has always told me, and only one thing, it's to say, "Yes sir, and no sir, sit still, and shut your mouth when stopped."  Pretty sage advice which reminds me of this little Chris Rock ditty of common sense:

If people would just follow these little pearls of wisdom, there would probably be less complaints of police brutality.  Just a thought.

Thought Police

Hold on to your bibles folks, the thought police are at it again, doing their part to sway belief systems and poke and prod people into changing their principles into adopting new progressive ones. This is a very dangerous head game that faithful conservatives need to understand. 

Vanderbilt University is demanding students to accept and integrate new principles as their own and attempting to move the moral compass.

This is not the first time universities have gone after religion.  Below is a list of some past attacks on religious freedom at universities:

Multiple universities

Duquesne University

Tennessee Technological University 
Montclair State University

This is only the tip of the iceberg as more and more universities attempt to cleanse themselves of any religiosity, particularly of the Judeo-Christian persuasion.  Far be it for them to allow groups that hold a specific set of principles because schools have to be all 'inclusive' now.  

What I find disconcerting is the anti Judeo-Christian playground our university campuses have become.  Take for example this video:

Scary times if you are Christian or Jewish. Scary times.

Wearing Purple

I've been reflecting lately on the flurry of moving headquarters taking place in the area. On one hand this shows a strong pro-business environment in Collin County.  On the other hand, this is bringing corporate employees from deep in the heart of the liberal minefields to the remnants of a red state.

That is the danger of wooing companies from liberal states to move their headquarters here.  With these new migrations, we have been working in the danger zone to encourage movement of people steeped in the culture of liberal kumbaya singing enviro-loons and moronic Hollywood elites with their bizarre and extremely dangerous politics.

This is nothing new; Texas has been on the receiving end of many a headquarter since I moved here in 1991. With each new influx, it seems we made a  new conquest turning rather iffy voters into conservatives as they witness a new quality of life first hand. Or have we?

Could it be that with each wave of liberals moving here that our state has moved from red to purple and now possibly to blue?  Did we commit ourselves to complete damnation by touting lower taxes and a better cost of living?

In the little town of Wylie, we are happily building new homes and have plans for even more development in anticipation of the new round of State Farm and Toyota folks. As we hold our prayers prior to council meetings, as groups of students gather in prayer prior to events, and as the community gathers for candlelight vigils on campuses after tragedies, will this new breed of homeowner decide to rain on our parade? Will our council be forced to stop praying before meetings as some minority atheist throws a titty fit over it and takes them to court? Will our schools be told they cannot erect a Christmas tree in the halls during the holidays because some liberal twat doesn't want their child subjected? Horrors. I worry for the Christian health of our community. Look to Plano's multi-year battle on the damned candy cane for crying out loud.  I am afraid that fight is not far off now.

It is clear Christians are under attack and our country's readiness to capitulate has been a very tragic and unfortunate posture to take. Not only have we signaled to a minority that if they have a tantrum they will get their way,  our very willingness to bend over backwards to comfort them has been nothing more than teaching a dog to piss on the rug.

Our little town of Wylie has rolled along pretty much as it always has, holding fast to our overwhelming Christian faith. We have worn purple here for quite some time, swaying back and forth but one thing has held steadfast and that is our deep Christian ties. We don't move to Wylie and hope to obliterate those Christian values that drew us here in the first place, do we?  Get ready because someone may.

I recall a Jewish woman who complained about the prayer prior to our council meetings and she was pretty much slapped back into her rightful place. If you don't want to pray, don't stand up. If you don't want a moment of silence, do something else. We look the other way when your wife walks around in a burlap human baggie.  I only hope that our community stands together as we  have in the past to tell those that don't want our faith and the close-knit ties it bind us with to just plain go to hell.

Wake Up You Voting Yokels

Ever the consummate campaigner, Obama takes one for the team by delaying any executive action granting amnesty with his pen and his phone. Seems he doesn't want Republicans to gain any grounds in the November midterm elections because of his illegal activity.

Too late.  When mainstream media starts questioning you and late night starts mocking you, the jig is up.  Now if only people would wake up and realize what they've done to this country, Christians, and the world by voting this buffoon and his Socialist pals in.  Seems the American voting yokel is the only thing more dangerous to liberty than this liar.