A Long Way to Go

On this 13th anniversary of September 11th, I reflect on how far we've come and how it is not yet far enough.

Last night I had the great displeasure of watching our president weasel his way through a speech that should have been designed to lift the American people up in spirit.

Before I slay Obama's speech, recall what a real speech looks like.  This is how a speech lifts up a country.

Instead, Obama's speech was word-smithed to look that way, that is if you did not know Obama's history.

I saw strong words used, even recycling the 'no safe haven' threat of President George W. Bush after 911. I saw a sympathetic Obama refuse to utter the word 'Christian' while he placated all of Islam with his dangerous 'ISIS is not Islamic' demagoguery. Make no mistake, the bosom of Islam contains the very people who refuse to speak out against the reign of radical Islamist terror and we just watched the president of the free world tip his hat in a confounding speech.

Islamic terrorists have been the:  Shoe Bomber, Beltway Snipers, Fort Hood Shooter, Underwear Bomber, USS Cole Bomber, Madrid Train Bombers, Bali Nightclub Bombers, London Subway Bombers, Moscow Theater Attackers, Boston Marathon Bombers, Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers, France Entebbe Hijackers, Iranian Embassy Takeover folks, Beruit US Embassy Bombers, Libyan US Embassy Attackers, Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers, Israeli Olympic Team Attackers, Kenyan, US Embassy Bombers, Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers, Beirut Marine Barracks Bombers, Beslan Russian School Attackers, Bombay India Attackers, Mumbai India Attackers, Achille Lauro Cruis Ship Hijackers, World Trade Center Bombers  the first time and Airline Hijackers on September 11th, 2001.  What about radical Islam history is leading this president to believe ISIS and their taped beheadings and gruesome Christian firing lines, burying of people alive in mass pits, rapes, and tortures is not Islamic?

So the big reveal shows us that Obama is sending some 400 troops back to Iraq to serve in support roles because he pulled out too soon, ok, ok, that's what she said.  However all kidding aside, Obama claims to be pulling his strategy from his Yemen and Somalia toe dipping days. Scary considering both are still a hotbed of terrorism.  Are you feeling confident yet?

After all the fanfare of this big speech, Obama's plan includes arming 'moderate' Syrian rebels.  Real comforting considering the man has a difficult time discerning the difference between moderates and ISIS while calling them a JV team.

Probably most egregious of all, Obama insisted there are no risks to Americans on our own soil, though we know of several training camps across the country. In a very misguided business as usual stance, Obama told a terrorism weary nation that everything here is just peachy keen. According to Obama, we have jobs, al Qaeda has been knocked out, and we can sleep at night.  That's right, he told a nation where more than 50% of the citizens are on some form of welfare that al Qaeda, who simply reformed as ISIS, is gone and that we can sleep at night.  Then he took the liberty to point out just how fabulous he is, not just here in the US, but around the world as well.

Meanwhile, Europeans try to swallow down a round of laughter as they wonder if those are the words that should go ahead and trigger the trust they are rightfully refusing this president. A trust that even the Polish are wary of. Hey, if the Poles can't trust you, you know it's bad.

On the other side of the world, middle easterners laughed at the new 'no safe haven' phrase. They heard that empty threat before as a 'line in the sand' was drawn by Obama's pinkie finger.  If history repeats itself, we will soon see Obama's words were all bark and no bite.  Gee I can just see ISIS trembling now.

I felt safe enough to sleep under the George W. Bush foreign policy.  I sleep with one eye open under the Obama, Larry, Moe, and Curly foreign policy.

Whether you like the US going into Iraq or not, Hussein was a sadistic terrorist of his own people and for that we should have supported going in, regardless of WMD. Those strikes were akin to assisting the Yazidis forced by ISIS up the mountain to starve, or worse.  Had the job Bush started been completed by Obama, we would not be sending troops back.

The fact that we have a long way to go is staring us bleakly in the face.  The world had greater peace in 2008 before Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winning president who took over the United States in a social networking coup, than we do today where his Socialist death grip and weak foreign policy has set the stage for a worldwide caliphate.