A Wylie Gateway

I attended a Garland Tea Party meeting last night where the Texas Tollway Corporation gave the presentation that could not be completed at the September 4th meeting in Lavon due to overcrowding and the Fire Marshall shutting it down.  I and have attached a photo I took of the ever-evolving proposed routes.  They look considerably different than what I saw at the NTCOG joint city council meeting with Wylie and Sachse last month.

On September 22, NTCOG will make their recommendation of the route.  After that the Wylie Tea Party will be holding a meeting with the Texas Tollway Corporation for those Wylie folks affected by this proposed road.

From everything I know so far about the proposed paths, my best educated guess is that those living around Neva Lane in the Pheasant Creek neighborhood in the Rockwall County portion of Wylie are going to be affected by this toll road.

It seems to me that the Texas Tollway Corporation is hell bent on putting a toll road in, one way or another and they pretty much told us that at the meeting.  On one hand this will improve property values in the area once businesses start building up along the new road.  On the other hand, there will be pollution and noise as semi trailer trucks come rip-roaring through what once was a lovely rural area of Wylie. The noise will be heard all the way to the Bozeman area.  People will be approached to sell their land and nobody knows at this point of fair prices will be offered.  I can totally see why these people are pissed off.

Stay tuned here for more information on the proposed toll road and WTP meeting.