Battlefound Texas

As with all of my uber-brilliant ideas, there is always some sense of excitement, and a certain amount of downright stupidity.  Ya, I'm cool like dat sometimes, and this stroke of genius was no exception.

Of course, being the mastermind means I find a stooge to drag along to do all my dirty work.  Luckily I talked a friend of mine into riding shotgun around Wylie in search of Battleground Texas.  OK, well she ended up driving and I rode shotgun, but hey, I had the camera and the plan.

We located them setting up shop in the parking lot of Aikin Elementary School in Wylie.  Trunk popped open, a fine looking thing perched herself against the bumper.  Of course she was cute and young - this is the Wendy Davis campaign we are talking about.  The Barbie-Bot camp is not short on young, stupid, completely malleable minds, and impressionable young women who haven't yet come to understand the wrath of God the Almighty. They will.

We got to driving around searching for canvassers so we could take photos, but then suddenly the mad genius in me thought we needed to go back to the area where this young chick seemed to be in charge of the stream of people who came to pick up canvassing materials. I decided we needed to go straight to the honeypot, and honey we did.

We pulled up and pretended to be Wendy Davis supporters; sign us up toots!  Fake name and number, she happily handed out the famed Battleground Texas clipboard and materials.  The stuff was pretty worn and tattered looking, but let me tell you, these people are o-r-g-a-n-i-z-e-d.  Let me tell you, they have got it going on.

Her name is Erica and she lives in Wylie.  She was super pleasant and told people not to be pushy if they came across the dreaded Republican.  

We were to canvass and report back to her with our clipboard filled out.  As we left, I felt almost sullied by the experience and felt I should at least french kiss my female friend as a sort of show of solidarity toward the liberal campaign to turn Texas blue.

Suffice to say, she isn't getting her clipboard back too terribly soon from us as we borrowed it for a little while so I can share it with the Dallas Liberty Center.  Ya, cuz that's how the liberals would roll and I took a lesson straight from their playbook. 

The rest?  Well, I'll let you decided after looking at the pictures.