ISIS vs. ISIL: A Rational Explanation

Americans are not exactly known for their geography, or their history for that matter.  I too was not exactly a history fan in high school or in college.  To me it was mind-numbingly boring stuff; I just wanted to live in the present. Then again, I am a product of the 80s. 

Oh sure I passed the classes well enough, but all that reading and studying went in one ear and out the other.  I had a hard enough time swallowing down American History just long enough to regurgitate it back in my honors course papers, the last thing I wanted was to take World History.

With all that is going on in the world now, I wish I had taken a more keen interest. Now I sit with my maps and globe, and I research the areas on the internet.  My oldest son is far superior than me at this, he was a real history buff in high school, though he found his history courses in college a tad less interesting, probably because he already had it.  Still, it is important for all of us to understand a little about the region in which we are sending bombs at the moment, but I won't bore you, I promise.

When the president and his administration minions call the terrorists ISIL rather than ISIS, they are lending legitimation to their claims to land of the 'Levant' region which historically includes Cypress, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, parts of Turkey, oh and let's not forget the most important, Israel.

The Arabs merely want what is theirs, or at least what was promised to them after WWI in the English and French pact conceived by Sykes-Picot Agreement. In this agreement, they were to restore Levant as the replacement to the caliphate that once existed in that region, but not that exact region historically. However, that agreement was merely a rouse, which has pissed off the Arabs greatly.

Does anyone see where this is going yet?  Just how many countries on that list that have been a hotbed of terrorist activity? Make no mistake, these extremist Islamists want a caliphate, and lookie who has been dabbling in the region for years and years?  US!  Let there be no confusion as to why they want us dead. 

For hundreds of years, they have been killing and conquering and here we come with our smug little smiles and our bibles in hand, and promises of brotherly love and humanitarian aid while our politicians eye the oilfields and lick their lips like they can already taste it. 

They just don't think like we do. They don't care about brotherly love, or humanitarianism, or their oil for that matter, who the hell are we to enforce that upon them when they have been perfectly content raping and pillaging all these years?  Selling oil to American buffoons merely enables them the means to continue conquering.

During these struggles we have witnessed just in our lifetime, we have watched numerous terrorist organizations rise to popularity in that region. Does anyone remember the PLO? Year after year it was one new acronym or another as they rise, conquer, and fall to yet another.

I mention all of this to bring you to another name that is being misused.  That is the Khorasan group, which mainstream media has been tossing about lately.  The problem is, this 'group' is merely al Qaeda, and to call it something else take Obama off the hook for standing in front of the US time and again telling us that al Qaeda is on the run, or al Qaeda has been minimized. This is a lie and the mainstream media desperately want you to think the Democrats have eliminated al Qaeda that that a new group has formed.  No they have not.  Al Qaeda is alive and organized and to call them by another name to legitimize Obama's mantra that they are eradicated is a fallacy.

There is no good answer to what is going on in the middle east, particularly thanks to our desire for globalism.  We are in it now. The fact is, they will probably never stop fighting, at least not in our lifetime. What is done, is done and we are wearing a massive target on our backs.  They want us dead and what should be crystal clear is that it is indeed time to take them out, and I don't mean just bombing empty buildings at night, I mean lining up the dead terrorist  bodies along the desert floor.