Islam Amok

I have been brushing up lately on the Islamic state of affairs and I've come to one conclusion.  Unlike our ancestors, Muslims are not coming here because they re running from some religious or political persecution as they claim they are.  I can make this assertion by scrutinizing their behavior once they arrive.  Your grandma's ancestors came and willingly tossed their clothing aside.  OK, not literally, but they were happy to adopt the new 'style' of their new homeland, however many Muslims are refusing to do so. 

I'm not talking about Sihks identified by their turbans, who by and large are not terrorists in this country.  I view their turbans as a headdress similar to the Jewish yarmulke or even the scarves and hankies Catholic women wore on their heads in church prior to Vatican II.  I'm talking about full-on Muslim gear, the dreaded burqa, hijabs, al-Amira, chador, or the ever attractive niqab face veil.  At this point, I'm wondering how one could possibly go out to dinner in one of these?  And family photos?  I mean, what's he point? 

Actually the real point is, these people are refusing to adopt the lifestyle of their new homeland, which is proof that they do not feel persecuted, nor do they feel a desire to rebuke some sort of abusive political or religious regime.  In fact, they are still embracing it here on our soil.

Watch this short video to see exactly what these people think.  

 Bring it MoFos.  This momma is not going to wear your fricking cloth baggie, and don't flatter yourself because I'm defo not attempting to seduce your hairy ass either. This is what these people think of women.  Even the women think this of women.  That takes some real brainwashing.

If you wave this off as just a British problem, not so fast.  This video was taken at the
New York Islamic Day Parade.  Trust me, it's worth a looksee as they hang an effigy of a woman, aim fake guns at bystanders, and drive around a float that shows women in a cage. Yeppers. 

Watch this shameful video of Muslims aiming guns at people's heads

More NYC Muslim Day Parade Details can be found at:
In an hour-long documentary, I watched both sides of the aisle explain that the radical Muslims do not believe the same thing as moderate Muslims, yet I don't see any moderate Muslims coming out for a massive group shun to put them in their place. 

In a chilling statement made toward the end as to whether Muslims will try to enforce Sharia Law upon others, one man said, "he will as soon as there are more of them."

That's the point, isn't it?  Getting more and more into this country thanks to a president who has purposely opened the borders wide for all to enter. 

The sad part is, many of these moderates have come here to take from, rather than give to their new homeland. They are not in their new homeland to assimilate, rather they are there to make us assimilate. It is clear they did not flee from any sort of persecution.  As long as nothing is being done to rein the radicals in either though societal means, or political means, as soon as they outnumber the other 'nonbelievers', it is fairly likely they intend to impose Sharia Law on us.  Imagine how that would go down as your wife and girlfriend are required to wear burqas out on the town so as not to 'offend' these new dwellers because the liberals in this country have been telling you for years that you need to be 'inclusive'.  Just imagine where inclusivity gets you though.

What happens when the radicals make their way into our schools and begin teaching our children? You can kiss your Christian values goodbye, that's for sure.  Watch as three tiny boys learn a lesson in becoming a sadistic abuser.

You can read the translation here. Meanwhile, the mother can be heard laughing in the background. Cute, isn't she?  Innocent young boys have now started the process of indoctrination into the radical mindset.

Do we have beheadings on our own soil to look forward to as in the foiled plot in Australia? Do we have orders to slaughter military men in their homes in the US to look forward to? 

Where I was once convinced that we were headed toward a black and white civil war, I am now reverting back to the idea that it will be Muslim vs. Judeo-Christian as I have stated in another blog post before.

Ask yourself, why are those Muslims here if they do not wish to assimilate? What is their purpose?