Police Force Juxtaposition

There have been numerous stories on the militarization of our police force floating across the blogosphere lately.  On one hand you have punks like these animals attacking innocent white people at a Kroger in Memphis:

However, on the other hand we have a police force that seems a bit power drunk:

The juxtaposition of these two videos leaves me torn.  We have heard of story after story of police overkill as they tase an autistic girl wandering naked, beat a woman off camera in the police department, and toss a quadriplegic man out of a wheelchair.  However in reality, these are really only the exception and not the rule.

I suppose when faced with a mob sucker punching people and then stomping on their heads, I would rather have the police properly armed to deal with these types of situations.  Sadly, I believe these types of events are going to become more prevalent as long as racist phlegm from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama is coughed up at every opportunity.

If I had to choose sides, I would side with the police.  If there is one thing my husband has always told me, and only one thing, it's to say, "Yes sir, and no sir, sit still, and shut your mouth when stopped."  Pretty sage advice which reminds me of this little Chris Rock ditty of common sense:

If people would just follow these little pearls of wisdom, there would probably be less complaints of police brutality.  Just a thought.