Presidential Ploy

Obama Disrespectful Chai Tea Salute.

Our smarmy president has finally listened to the euphoric people of this country. Kudos to him for putting together a coalition of Suni Arab states, though he is still missing some key players in this war.  Seems he is finally taking care of the ISIS threat. Or is he?

I can no longer take this man at face value for anything.  Every action over his painfully long administration has been a purely political move and has had dire consequences for this country. Obamacare, and opening the borders to Central American children are your first clue.  The bombing of ISIS targets in Syria is your second.

I find some problems with this disingenuous tactic. The president must get approval from Congress before taking us into war, and this is war.  Calling a few Congressmen pals from both sides of the aisle who are known Obama administration sympathizers doesn't cut it.  Sure, the man can bomb them for 90 days, and then extend another 90 days, but what then?  Is he really killing off the terrorists or is he merely inconveniencing them in their 'safe harbor'?

If the man was actually serious about taking out ISIS rather than using the bombings as another notch in his bedpost, he wouldn't be bombing empty headquarters, compounds, buildings and communications towers at night. If you want to take out ISIS, you bomb the bastards in broad daylight while their buildings are full. I have seen a kindergartener with better strategy in Tug of War, so can someone please explain to me why he is sparing the lives of sadistic terrorists who think nothing of beheading children and propping their cold, drained heads on sticks?

Probably one of the largest issues I see, is Obama's inept track record in such activities. He is the Bugs Bunny in his Acme international policy at best.  Even the Arab nations have questioned what comes next.  They are mistrustful he won't pull out and leave them high and dry, his usual modus operandi. This could potentially be devastating to the Arab nations in the region, and we have a little history with this already don't we? Pulling another Iraq would ensure 35K+ radical Islamists grow exponentially.

Knuckle dragging, graduated buildups, modulated responses, and measure by measure strikes are entirely too nickel and dime if your ultimate goal is victory.  This is the United States of America, for God sake, if you want to rid the world of evil terrorists, you use our superpower capabilities and take them out, for realz.

Unfortunately six weeks outside of the election, this is yet another empty campaign ploy.