Tactical Fence Wiggling

I'll admit it.  I'm on the fence about taking the Senate back in 2014.  As confounding as that statement is, here me out.

Let's pretend that we take the Senate in November.  The Republicans would continue to battle a veto-happy president who would still have mainstream media overall, and his bulldog mouthpieces on his side.

Everything that Congress and the Senate pass would have to be ramrodded through, over the president's veto.  Make no mistake,  a sympathetic media will vilify the Republicans, just like they have for the last 11 years. And is it even a possibility to imagine in your wildest dreams, our Republican elected officials not continuing some of the same self-serving, mono-interest, buffoonery they have been doing for years? Doubtful. 

Imagine after two years of this, the American people their miniscule voting memory, and their love affair with mainstream media news as their only source of information, will have forgotten why they even voted for a Republican in the first place.  In fact, I will bet they would rather die than vote in a Republican president after two years of this, especially considering the names being kicked around for presidency at the moment: Dr. Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry.

Oh sure, the polls show that if Americans went to the polls today and voted between Romney, and Obama, the majority would select Romney. Sure.  That's because they are so hacked off at Obama's nonsense. Again, short-term voting memory flatulence.

Yet isn't the end game prize to take back the country? The scenario I describe above is exactly what has been taking place.  The people voting are those who are pissed off and have an axe to grind. They are vigorously punching through, no dangling chads for them.  They most certainly are not using logic, or even applying chess principles with their vote. 

Now imagine if we gain a few more seats in the Senate in 2014.  We further diminish their strength, but they will continue on, fat and happy, with the ridiculum that we  have come to know and hate, further inflaming the American people because the idiot in the White House cannot seem to help himself.  Mainstream media continues to turn on Obama, well, because they have no other scapegoat.  We become all but assured to have a Republican president in 2016 and quite possibly all three branches as people not only punch through, but pound their fists on the buttons in the voting booths.

Here are the difficult choices we have to make. Do we suck it up and sacrifice two  more years to the monster in the White House?  Do we play a game of chess and take back the presidency and possibly the Senate in 2016? Or do we take our chances and push to take back the Senate and risk the presidency? My stab in the dark says, Americans will be happier to hand over all three branches to the Republicans if we have a decent 2016 presidential candidate as long as the stupidity continues in the White House, and it will.  This is Obama we're talking about; he simply cannot help himself.

My opinion is it will be more difficult to take the presidency in 2016 if Americans have already given us the Senate in 2014 because the usual useful idiots in Washington such as Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Kelly Ayote, and John Boehner will undoubtedly continue on with their self important stupidity.

It's a tactical maneuver, and as with all tactical plays, something could go massively awry.  So you can see why I am on the fence about this.