Wearing Purple

I've been reflecting lately on the flurry of moving headquarters taking place in the area. On one hand this shows a strong pro-business environment in Collin County.  On the other hand, this is bringing corporate employees from deep in the heart of the liberal minefields to the remnants of a red state.

That is the danger of wooing companies from liberal states to move their headquarters here.  With these new migrations, we have been working in the danger zone to encourage movement of people steeped in the culture of liberal kumbaya singing enviro-loons and moronic Hollywood elites with their bizarre and extremely dangerous politics.

This is nothing new; Texas has been on the receiving end of many a headquarter since I moved here in 1991. With each new influx, it seems we made a  new conquest turning rather iffy voters into conservatives as they witness a new quality of life first hand. Or have we?

Could it be that with each wave of liberals moving here that our state has moved from red to purple and now possibly to blue?  Did we commit ourselves to complete damnation by touting lower taxes and a better cost of living?

In the little town of Wylie, we are happily building new homes and have plans for even more development in anticipation of the new round of State Farm and Toyota folks. As we hold our prayers prior to council meetings, as groups of students gather in prayer prior to events, and as the community gathers for candlelight vigils on campuses after tragedies, will this new breed of homeowner decide to rain on our parade? Will our council be forced to stop praying before meetings as some minority atheist throws a titty fit over it and takes them to court? Will our schools be told they cannot erect a Christmas tree in the halls during the holidays because some liberal twat doesn't want their child subjected? Horrors. I worry for the Christian health of our community. Look to Plano's multi-year battle on the damned candy cane for crying out loud.  I am afraid that fight is not far off now.

It is clear Christians are under attack and our country's readiness to capitulate has been a very tragic and unfortunate posture to take. Not only have we signaled to a minority that if they have a tantrum they will get their way,  our very willingness to bend over backwards to comfort them has been nothing more than teaching a dog to piss on the rug.

Our little town of Wylie has rolled along pretty much as it always has, holding fast to our overwhelming Christian faith. We have worn purple here for quite some time, swaying back and forth but one thing has held steadfast and that is our deep Christian ties. We don't move to Wylie and hope to obliterate those Christian values that drew us here in the first place, do we?  Get ready because someone may.

I recall a Jewish woman who complained about the prayer prior to our council meetings and she was pretty much slapped back into her rightful place. If you don't want to pray, don't stand up. If you don't want a moment of silence, do something else. We look the other way when your wife walks around in a burlap human baggie.  I only hope that our community stands together as we  have in the past to tell those that don't want our faith and the close-knit ties it bind us with to just plain go to hell.