A New Low

It seems the Wendy Davis campaign has sunk to a new low. They are airing a video which attacks Gregg Abbott and uses his wheel chair as a tool against him. I didn't think she could get any more vile than saying he needed to walk in her shoes. Honestly, how low can you go? 

Pretty low, especially since someone, either in support of Wendy's campaign or Battleground Texas not only stole some large Gregg Abbott and Jodie Laubenberg signs in Wylie, but also left trash where the signs once stood on someone's personal property.  Goes to show you the maturity level of those in support of the Democrats in Texas.

Wendy Davis supporters will stoop to anything, including attacking a paraplegic.  Then again,, a quick survey will show you what sort of people supported Wendy Davis when we reflect upon her Abortion Barbie 15 minutes of fame.

The very mature faces of Wendy Davis supporters:

It is very clear when you hear Barbie-bot talk on issues that are non-abortion related, her speech is a memorized tick list with robot-like, forced speech as we saw in the PBS gubernatorial debate a couple weeks ago.  Just listening to her bizarre, uncomfortable monotone speech makes me want to box my ears.

Conversely, when she talks about the right to kill babies, her speech is fluid and natural as we saw in her filibuster.  Crying?  This is not gubernatorial material. Though the video below is pro-Davis, you get to see what sort of supporters she draws, and their disrespectful behavior showing no concern for rule of law.

Wendy Davis can attempt to make this campaign about education and jobs, though both have improved dramatically in Texas over the last decade that a Republican has been at the helm in the capitol, but what she really is after is the right for women to do anything they please and behave any way they want, "without apology." And that is a very dangerous stance to take.

Wendy Davis' pro-abortion stance isn't about a woman's right to do what she wants with her body, it is about the right for them to do what they want in a lawless society free from any mores. Pretty clear from the mob rule that took place in Austin.

Rather than put all her energy in educating women about abstinence, Davis would rather they be able to have sex on demand and just abort the nuisance whenever they get around to it, say after 4 months.  As I've said before, if you cannot figure out whether you want to keep the baby or not by 4 months, you are an idiot.  And a plethora of idiots is what Davis seems to draw, as we saw by the photos above.

Wendy Davis' 13 hour speech wasn't even about Republicans abolishing abortion.  It was about allowing it after 20 weeks, a full 4 months.  It was about making drive up abortions available all over the state. 

Ultimately what the bill did do, is close 16 out of 24 clinics in the State of Texas that do not have ambulatory care.  I've seen pictures of many of these abortion clinics in rural areas and frankly, they were not much better than that beloved coat-hanger these women like to flash around.  In essence the bill means better healthcare and the ability to save the woman's life in life-threatening situations for the woman seeking an abortion at the 8 clinics still left open. 

I dare say, if you can go to great lengths to spread your legs and have unprotected sex despite birth control being a super cheap and often even free, then you can go to some lengths to get an abortion if that is your preferred birth control method.  If your life is solely about instant gratification, then you must take responsibility for your actions, and abortion up to 4 months is still readily available; just not on a drive-by basis.  Strangely enough, as I write this, morality doesn't even enter this argument which I find completely disconcerting considering I am pro-life.

Clearly Davis' supporters do not care about being moral or even ethical.  They are promoting disgusting attack ads, stealing signs, and leaving trash and it is obvious they are particularly unhappy with Texas Representative Jodie Laubenberg since I've heard this about her signs from more than one person.  It is no wonder because she is the one who proposed the abortion bill that brought Wendy Davis out from under her slimy rock.  Davis seems to draw freaks and fans who think that dismembering a baby at 24 weeks is completely acceptable:

I apologize that it is incredibly painful to look at, but I must make a point here.  If liberals can support chopping up a baby into pieces, they clearly do not value life and will not be phased by the beheadings of Christians.  These are scary times my friends and I pray you are siding with life, and not eternal death.