Houston, we have a problem...

It seems liberal lesbian mayor Annise Parker of Houston has deanded through subpoena that specific high-profile pastors in Houston hand over any sermons or notes regarding gender identity.  Never mind that the United States has a constitution which protects their right to free speech in the 1st Amendment. I see a big-ass lawsuit coming here, don't you?

Not only will the City of Houston be sued, but cartoons will soon commence, portraying a bitch on wheels Parker wielding her rainbow colored scepter from on high. What an embarrassing black eye Houston has just sustained.

I suggest you write a letter to the city council and let them know just what you think of their mayoral snafu:  districta@houstontx.gov, districtb@houstontx.gov, districtc@houstontx.gov, districtd@houstontx.gov, districte@houstontx.gov, districtf@houstontx.gov, districtg@houstontx.gov, districth@houstontx.gov, districti@houstontx.gov, districtj@houstontx.gov, districtk@houstontx.gov, atlarge1@houstontx.gov, atlarge2@houstontx.gov, atlarge3@houstontx.gov, atlarge4@houstontx.gov, atlarge5@houstontx.gov

Here is my letter to the Houston City Council sent via email:

Dear Honorable Council-members,

Imagine the country's surprise to open their online news site or sit newspaper in hand, and read headlines reporting a mayor of a major US city, spiraling completely out of control.  For Mayor Annise Parker to demand certain pastors in Houston turn over their documents relating to gender identity is astounding.  

These subpoenas target Christian pastors specifically, and are discriminatory. Parker merely clicking her ruby red heels will not change thousands of years of theological doctrine or even the Bible or Quran, and it will not change protection under the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution.  

Make no mistake, this is an attack on Christian values.  You have opened up your city for not only a massive lawsuit, but nationwide ridicule as well.  I am also fairly certain your taxpayers will appreciate the additional expense of this buffoonery.  I can just see the cartoons of your mayor and city exploding around the blogsphere as I write.

The City of Houston is walking a terribly slippery slope.  As council members you have the ability to put your mayor in her rightful place. Elections have consequences.

In Liberty,
Pamela Engstrom
The Wylie Tea Party

The sad part of all this how anyone can think the trampling of  civil liberties of one group over another is acceptable.

This is the vision the gay population would like you to believe in:

In reality, it is more like a trickle.  The good news for Christians who believe procreation determines a true marriage, only 3.5% of the US population are gay. From all the ballyhoo and bedbugs, one might think the gay population were more like 40%, but not so. Christianity is under attack and this is merely another cog in that wheel.

This blog post is not to say that we should not have love for our fellow brothers and sisters.  Any Christian worth their salt should espouse loving the sinner but not the sin.

You know, elections and votes have consequences and we have witnessed our fair share in Wylie.  Be warned, this is merely a precursor to what is coming under people like Wendy Davis for governor and Sameena Karmally who is running against our beloved State Representative Jodie Laubenberg.

Stand strong with our conservative leaders. They will need it in this troubling time.