Princess H8 and The Ho

What sort of twat-monster asked these little girls to cuss like a crack house whore?  And we wonder why radical Islamists call us infidels?  It's because of despicable crap like this.

There is no excuse great enough to use children in this manner  To me, this is exploitation and child abuse  and CPS should be called in to investigate exactly what is taking place in the homes of these children that would encourage their parents to find this acceptable.

Did anyone find anything cute about this, and exactly what is the message they are trying to spread? To me it looks like they are grasping at low-quality data to give them permission to behave like obnoxious, bossy, self-centered sluts. Would they talk to their grandparents like this?

A better question to ask is who exactly are their heros?  People like BeyoncĂ© and Miley Cyrus who appears in public looking like a trollops and acting like hookers.  I mean, let's call a spade a spade.  The face and body say screw me until it hurts and I bleed and bruise for a week.  But then the mouth says no? This is wrong on so many levels.

Don't you just want to see your little girl doing this when she grows up?  I don't think so, so imagine the sick and twisted mommies and daddies who were proud of their little potty-mouthed princesses.

BeyoncĂ© is selling sex to men, purposefully arousing and taunting them through her slutty, bossy gyrations and sex act words.  Women who follow her example then claim rape if men act upon it.  It seems their only argument is that men view women merely as sex toys. Well gee, when you bump and grind your half-naked ass, make sex noises, sucking motions, and tongue action on the stage, common sense dictates you kind of sexually objectified yourself.

Attractive, isn't she?

What sort of lesson for young girls is this?  That it's OK to get a man rock hard and then call him sexist because he is arroused.  Girls, if you are going to bop around like a human vibrator and dress like you belong in Rocky Horror, talk like you own not a shred of decency, don't get pissed about the response you elicit.  Stupid, stupid women.

I am firmly convinced that there is something wrong with a woman who views society in such a hateful manner.  These feminazis are the same women who walk around in bloody clothes for abortion-rights, hump foam fingers on stage, sing about sexual domination, and then in a twist of insanity claim the word 'bossy' should be banned.

This group of feminazis has violated these children while they spread lies about pay inequality, which has been debunked so many times already that it's amazing they continue to perpetuate the lie.

Make no mistake, it's all for the shock value and making a buck or five off of it rather than any positive self-image message for little girls. These women hold such hatred and contempt for the world, can you imagine living with one?  Forget 'bossy', the word 'bitch' comes to mind.

The only thing they seem intent upon doing is bringing attention to themselves and not in a good way, further objectifying women.  Not cool in the Befuddled Book of Common Sense, not cool.