Right is Left

I got to thinking about this when I watched a news snippet of the doctor that fought off Ebola speak at Abilene Christian University yesterday.  He started in on preaching about taking care of others and not worrying so much about ourselves.  In part, this Ebola thing in the US is not going to be nearly as problematic as it is in Sierra Leon and Liberia at the moment, I totally get that.  But it was clear as he proselytized, that he felt we were focusing too much on our poor selves and not spending enough effort on others as well as those dying from the disease.  It was also clear from some of his words that he falls into what I call the liberal right-wing crowd.  They are so far right, they are left.  Let me explain.

Traditionally, the right-wing has consisted of people of faith who have strong religious ties and a strong love of the US Constitution. But the wheat is being sorted from the chaff so to speak, as our religious leaders beat into us that others are more important than everything else, including the US Constitution.  Religious leaders are on a crusade to not only collect for the poor, and there is nothing wrong with this, but also a crusade to open the borders wide and allow a free ebb and flow of our resources and wealth between all countries.  Rule of law does not matter to them while they assume the care-taker position over law-breakers entering our borders illegally.  How can you go from great religiosity to ignoring rule of law?   This is not what Jesus preached; he did not encourage lawlessness.

I know it seems like a bit of a misnomer to call them liberal right-wingers, but a move to liberalize right-wingers has been taking place by design, and aided by our religious leaders who have overinflated one aspect of Christianity over all else.  After all, what do they stand to gain?  More money being tithed by a swirling-eyed throng of people as they open their wallets every Sunday.  All churchgoers are guilty of it.

Liberal right-wingers are those super religious folks that once believed in America the great, the Star Spangled Banner, and bleeding red, white, and blue but have now essentially been brainwashed by their churches into believing that Americans are a bit money-grubbing and self-serving and need to give more time, more effort, and more money to the world so everyone can have what we have. Sounds nice.  On paper.

Never mind how many millions of dollars America already sends over to third world countries through our hard earned tax dollars, I suppose that doesn't count.  We the People are supposed to give even more on our own.  You see, if we give them everything we have, the whole world will live in harmony, health, and happiness.   But will they?  That stance is pretty short-sighted considering the governments these people are forced to live under. 

On one hand, liberal right-wingers are essentially being taught that Americans are selfish bastards and American Exceptionalism should be dead because we are stealing off the backs of others as well as dabbling into foreign governments, attempting to spread Democracy as well as steal their greatest natural resource - oil which by the way their governments are filthy rich from.  On the other hand, we are selfish bastards for not sending our money to these countries to help spread wealth to the people so they can install Democratic governments, and in turn have what we have. Sounds like the same end result, but not really.

One way means we help stop a government from abusing its people and help them install a Democracy while purchasing their oil or resources and infusing the country with money.  The other way means we toss cash at people whose harsh government is going to take it away from them and their situation never improves.  Who would you hate more? 

Liberals seem to think that where there is a will, there is a way, but their practices create a sloth where people no longer have a will.  Liberals thrive on dependency because it breeds power.

Then there are the atheists who are attempting to cut off any do-gooders at the knees.  Those who don't want your 'rosary touching their ovaries'.  Those who make me believe that there is a God because without one, there would be no incentive to be a decent human being. What would be the point?  Without God, there is no reason in a world of reason.

Seems like a whole lot of cognitive dissonance to carry around with you these days if you are a Christian.  Christians are under attack from the world.

Churches are pushing Christians to be more liberal.  Atheists are pushing Christians to not be Christian.  Christians are pushing Christians.  And sadly, Muslims just want Christians dead.

I've blogged about the holy war before.  It is an important topic to place focus upon because I am fearful of how the rift between America's 'religions' and atheists could possibly overcome a war waged upon us by radical Islamists, which should be by far the most pressing issue facing Christians at the moment.  Our very existence is under attack and even the Pope has opened his eyes to this fact.  You know it's bad when the Pope wants you to take out ISIS.

As I see it, America's numerous religions are a blessing and a curse in this war.  We cannot even get together on the topic of abortion or nativity scenes on public spaces, how on earth are we going to get together ideologically and fight against a steady stream of men, including Americans, joining ISIS?

Their one, singular goal is to kill those who will not convert, and what is our one goal?  Ah let's see, collecting tithes, growing mega-churches, amassing wealth, building gigantic church compounds, and let's not forget feeding the poor, putting shoes on African children, providing care to illegal alien children steaming across the border, putting together backpacks of school supplies, flying to other countries to proselytize them, putting together shoeboxes of goodies for the military, the list goes on and on.  I can pretty much tell you that we do not have killing those who want to kill us as our main focus.

So  how will Christians win against a growing monster in the middle-east that wants us dead?  We must unite.  That is hard to do when our religions seem to be fundamentally blindfolded. 

As Christians, we aren't really supposed to be looking at other religions.  As good little sheeple, we are to attend our church every Sunday and hand over money.  In the south, the masters at collecting money seem to be the Baptists and the Evangelicals, which I pretty much view as one and the same. 

Look at the monolith in Wylie that is the First Baptist Church.  It's a sprawling mass of wealth taking over our downtown area with community center and parking.  Look at other massive cathedrals such as  Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano and Dallas, Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church in Allen, Cornerstone Baptist Church, and First Baptist Dallas to name a few.

That is not to say they do not have great messages, because they do.  I am particularly fond of Dr. Jeffress at First Baptist Dallas, but that is not the point.  I am not fond of these massive churches that preach do as I say and not as I do such as the Osteens, with their faux theology backgrounds who have turned preaching for pennies into a living, and a good living indeed.  Have you seen the wealth amassed by the Osteens?  Sure, funds are sent to help others, but these people pay themselves supremely.

While all this church building is going on across the country, nobody is out there suggesting that Christians come together as one in order to fight the ISIS threat.  We talk about Christianity as if it is one unit, but it is a multi-faceted entity where everyone is headed in different directions attempting to get to the same point.  Christians are taking a beating and many are buying into the liberalism being taught by their pastors. This is why these terrorists have the upper hand against us and as long as they are allowed to walk this earth, and as long as we do not have a oneness among the churches, we will face a grave threat.