Sheeple in HD

I want to thank my friend Ryan O'Keefe for his massive writing contribution toward this blog post.

The latest news clip making the social networking rounds today is Joel Osteen and his blathering, idiotic statement that Obama is a Christian and is doing a good job.  The Christian thing is debatable, and doing a good job?  Joel Osteen needs to step away from the crack pipe because the majority of Americans don't believe Obama is doing a good job

The statement made by this charlatan, who runs the massive Lakewood mega-church in Houston, should be astounding to any individual still capable of using deductive reasoning.  And what do the church members do with that statement from the same man who blessed Houston lesbian Mayor Anise Parker even though he used to state that homosexuality is not God's best choice? Oh I see, it's only convenient to dislike the gay lifestyle when the mayor isn't having subpoenas issued for all of your sermons and communications on alternative lifestyles.  How are his 45,000+ weekly church members supposed to process that conflicting information and still herd on through his pearly Lakewood barn doors every Sunday?

Let me explain how many churches and preachers are moving the moral compass and controlling your thought processes.

The Catalysts to the Obama Socialist agenda are the world globalists. The whole Christian duty thing is exactly why I can say with certainty that mega-churches are far more insidious than the likes of bigots preaching from the pulpit such as Rev. Wright who routinely hurls hateful, race-baiting statements and was the spiritual mentor of Barack Obama prior to his election in 2008.  At least with Rev. Wright, he isn't hiding it.

The mega church agenda is cloaked under Christian principles most people can accept without thinking critically as to why. Please note that  I did not say all churches are insidious, however some are taking on this new bent.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel is the namesake of a phenomenon known as the Hegelian Dialectic or HD. It was actually conceived by Heinrich Moritz Chalybaus and named after Hegel.  It has become the basis of Communist and Marxist practice and has been found very useful in the political arena as well.  Please take the time to read the link I provided, you will be doing yourself a big favor in understanding how much of what is taking place in our country has been carefully planned. 

The Hegelian Dialectic framework relies on a pattern of circular thought and can be defined through  the following stages: Thesis, Antitheses, and Synthesis or TAS.  Hegel has opened the door to understanding how truth can be exchanged for a watered down compromise between right and wrong.

How HD ties into the Christian church can be directly linked to the mega-church movement. The use of HD by many preachers, particularly in mega-churches, has watered down the masses to the point that people are conditioned to blindly accept today's PC culture as it is preached from the pulpit. Again, not all preachers employ this tactic.

I'll use the influx of illegal aliens as a prime example:

Thesis:  Gods ultimate truth which is "One Nation Under God", a Free society with Biblical truth at its center. This truth was woven into the US fabric by our forefathers through the original Constitution documents.

Antithesis: The expectation that "real Christians would love on these poor, refugees and show them Christ's love and mercy" welcoming them rather than ostracizing them.  This is the conflict. This is why there was a bit of a flap between those who were angry that Glen Beck and Ted Cruz showed up at the border to pass out soccer balls and teddy bears to the illegal alien children.  Those who thought it was a bad idea to encourage lawlessness were told they were not behaving very Christian-like, regardless of  immigration law.

Synthesis: Therefore we must all agree that the U.S has room for ALL of these people. This is the only politically correct response.

See how synthesis has taken place by watering down truth, which by the way, in this case is rule of law and the immigration laws?   It's how the Baptists and Catholics can take in millions of dollars to help pay for the care of law-breaking illegal aliens without batting an eyelash.  It is not a give Caesar what is Caesar's mentality.

Understanding how TAS works is crucial to identifying when you are the unwitting receiver of its circular thought process deployment. It happens particularly in small groups as the majority push, prod and ultimately coerce the few into agreement.  It is  how juries are able to find OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony not guilty. 

I want everyone to recognize that this is a very dangerous and important catalyst in why the moral compass of the US is moving, and not in a good way either.  The accusations waved about by liberals is, "How can a good Christian go against Humanist principles?"  Thus because of the conflict this statement creates, many Christians are following the liberal plan instead of believing in the ultimate truth, US Constitution. 

It is why normally rational, intelligent people can blindly follow the Democrat Party which has been invaded by the far left and does not even resemble the Democrats of yesteryear.  Think President John F. Kennedy.  It is how Republicans have moved to the center from Republicans of yesteryear.  Think President Ronald Reagan.  It is why Constitutional Conservatives are being called bitter and ridiculed for clinging to their bibles and guns. 

Thankfully the Hegelian Dialectic practice falls on deaf ears of most Conservatives who look to the self evident truth of the Constitution and not emotional words and shame from pastors and politicians.  Hence, it is why conservatives are angry as hell about the influx of illegal aliens; we are not in conflict with truth.

When Joel Osteen makes a sweeping statement that Obama is doing a good job and is a man of God, he is forcing his followers into conflict with that statement. Be wary of falling in line with the sheeple herd.