Toll Road Weary

It was announced today by the North Central Texas Council of Governments NCTCOG that they reverse their original recommendation of a toll road to go through the rural areas from Greenville through Wylie and on to the President George Bush Tollway PGBT.

What does this mean for that private company, Texas Turnpike Corporation, who raced to file their Articles of Incorporation before the private toll road company deadline thus granting them eminent domain? Well I'm sure they are a tad peeved at the moment, and I'm sure they will continue with the toll road hard-on, however they will likely face a very difficult time if it is not in the NCTCOG transportation plan.

Though Texas Turnpike Corporation claims that Texas Department of Transportation TXDOT has the final approval, only time will tell, the the door appears to be shutting a little on this project.  Good thing because people are growing toll road weary.