Vote Your Roots

Yes siree Bob, it's time to head to the the polls and place your vote for the previously ignored mid-term elections.  I say previously because they have pulled historically low voter turnout in the past.

On a local level, this is helpful if you want to get a bond passed for say, $94.2 MILLION DOLLARS and you coerce the employees to vote for it.  BAM!

On the state and national level, these elections have been fairly unremarkable, until 2010 when Americans voted for Republican control of the House.

Perhaps they will be fairly remarkable this year as polls show Democrats losing the Senate this go around.   SPLAT!

Locally, we can see the lengths Sameena Karmally will go to win against our stalwart, beloved, value-driven leader Representative Jodie Laubenberg.  By the way it seems Karmally is more interested in Dallas County, attending several dinners and events there, than in the county she actually is running in. Karmally's pals Battleground Texas have been kicking around here too, stealing Laubenberg signs, and even placing Karmally signs in right-of-ways and on private property without the property owner's permission.  Where once all you saw were Karmally signs plastered everywhere, flanking Laubenberg signs, now notice as you drive around town how few Karmally signs exist since they have been moved to their rightful place, the trashcan.  Note to Karmally and her Battleground Texas playmates: you can't just put signs up where you want and without permission.  We notice that sort of thing here in Wylie. Who needs values like that? BOOM!

On the state level, Wendy Davis and supporters have put out ads attacking her opponent Attorney General Greg Abbott with his own wheelchair and calling him racist, Problem is, Abbott is married to a brown-skinned woman, though I have yet to see a list of Davis' black or brown beaus, have you? Who needs values like that?  ZLATT!

My suggestion this year is that you vote your roots.  To me that means getting back to the basics,  fundamentals, morals, and values.  OK, OK, so you tried it. You voted for Barack Obama because you wanted to see a black man become president.  I personally didn't do that because I knew better than to allow warm fuzzies and emotion get in the way of pushing buttons in that booth. And in the process of 6 years I've been called racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, prejudice, and just plain bigoted, all of which were epithets conjured in the minds of those ignoramuses who tossed those words out because they were ashamed of their own choice.  I was too smart to fall for the Obama ploy. We all see how that worked out.

It's time to set those Obamaworld newfangled notions aside because they are not working.  We see that as ISIS is still on the move toward Baghdad, Syria, and Jordan will be next, as US citizens are beheaded and Christians are beheaded, shot, and crucified by the tens of thousands, as Obama claims America comes from Muslim roots, as citizens were targeted by IRS thugs and the then conveniently loses emails proving this, as Benghazi was lied about so Obama could campaign, as the NSA has spied on everyone, as Americans were killed by drone strikes without due process, as arms were secretly given to drug cartels in Fast and Furious, as Ebola made it to our shores and a befungling CDC did a worse job than Larry, Moe, and Curly might have, as Putin invades another country though Obama made him promise he wouldn't, as red lines were drawn in the sand with Syria but never enforced, as your school children starve with their meager meals while the Obama girls eat a chef prepared meal at their private school, as our national debt has increased dramatically, as a record number of people are forced on welfare by failing Obama policies, while the BLM beats up on ranchers and landowners, while people lose the healthcare they were promised they could keep, while insurance costs are increasing dramatically with Obamacare, while illegal aliens were invited to walk across our border daily bringing Enterovirus and TB with them, while Obama campaigns or plays golf. Even Democrats are running from Obama as they PRETEND they do not approve of his policies.  Same old lies. POW!

I suggest you vote your roots and place your vote for candidates who believe in strong conservative values such as limited government, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, rule of law, and national sovereignty.  These values mean something.  Let's show Washington DC we mean business.