Rule of Flaw

This is about the most ignorant and illogical article I believe I have ever read about the black plight for equality.  Darlena Cunha, a Time Magazine contributor wrote a piece stating rioting was a necessary part of the American experience. Really?

What do these media morons not get about what happened in the death of Michael Brown?  The giant boy they so vehemently support did this:

This is my purportedly 'white privileged' viewpoint according to Cunha: the shithead robbed a convenience store and as the owner protested, he roughed him up and then turned toward him again in a threatening manner.  The boy child was a clear 12 inches taller than the convenience store owner, also very dark skinned I might add but that doesn't seem to matter to the riot and race baiters.  Black on black crime escapes them.

What seems to matter is that big boy wanted some cigarillos and felt he had the right to take them from someone else.  He was merely acting like all those superior black leaders have instructed him to do so through the ages; he deserved to take what he did not earn. People like Barack Obama, and Louis Farrakhan, and Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton have been yelling this in his inner ear since he was born.  It is the policy that has actually been put into practice in this country since the 2008 election of Obama.  I actually like to think of this as black privilege and frankly I imagine Martin Luther King to be rolling over in his grave over this bastardization of what he beckoned.

Armed or unarmed, the boy giant was a menace and his actions caught on camera speak a lot about what his behavior and mindset might have been like a mere minutes after this incident when he was stopped because he fit the description of the perpetrator reported in a convenience store theft only minutes earlier  Not only was he walking down the middle of the street and not yielding to traffic he was also openly carrying the box of cigarillos reported stolen, hardly a racial profiling stop by Officer Darren Wilson.  Did Brown deserve to get shot for this particular incident?  Hell no. He deserved to have his ass beat by parents who should have taught him to abide by the law and behave respectfully toward others.  Clearly they didn't do their job.

Where the story goes awry is when Brown forces the officer to remain in his squad car, reaches in and punches him, and places his hand and thus fingerprints on the cops gun, and turns around and comes back toward the cop during pursuit for you guessed it, illegal behavior.  His ass needed to be shot.  Period.  I don't care what color you are, if you wrestle for a cops gun, you deserve to be shot dead.  Police officers exist in this country to protect and enforce the laws. They aren't here to merely suggest compliance. That's what Wilson did, he attempted to enforce the law.  Would I have rather watched him shoot the dickhead in the legs a dozen times?  Yes.  The dumbass broke the law and laid hands on a copper, but that seems of no consequence here.

Why anyone is questioning the black white issue here is a waste of breath.  There are actually important overreaches of police brutality that should be debated, such as ripping a quadriplegic from his wheelchair and slamming him to the ground.  The Brown incident isn't one of them.  It's just another currently in vogue opportunity to bash conservative values.

Cunha goes on to state, "Because when you have succeeded, it ceases to be a possibility, in our capitalist society, that anyone else helped you. And if no one helped you succeed, then no one is holding anyone else back from succeeding. Except they did help you, and they are holding people back. So that blaming someone else for your failures in the United States may very well be an astute observation of reality, particularly as it comes to white privilege versus black privilege."  Da fuq?

Is she living in the same country as the rest of us? Apparently not.  I don't know anyone who fails to profusely thank those who helped them succeed in our oh so, 'capitalist society'. We are a thanks-giving nation.  We are a nation of recognition as well, what with all the awards handed out each year. This author is demented as she justifies the cycle of black minority failings.  Her take is that white privilege is to blame for all the ills of the world and it harkens back to those pesky, racist, bible thumping, gun toting Tea Partiers.

The author highlights comments made about the Ferguson rioters on Tea Party websites and calls the Boston Tea Party, the very namesake, a riot as justification for the behavior in Ferguson the last few months. 

noun: riot; plural noun: riots
  1. 1.
    a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd.

However a quick google search for the definition of riot shows the Boston Tea Party was not a riot by its very definition.  There was no violence.  They weren't burning, "that bitch down."  Cunha would have done well to do a tad more research before making the illogical Boston Tea Party connection which is really just a thinly disguised conservative values bashing argument. 

Cunha's statement and quotes used would also indicate that all Tea Party members are white, yet there are scores of black, Asian, and Latino Tea Party members that don't seem to count.  She goes on to write, "Instead of tearing down other human beings who are acting upon decades of pent-up anger at a system decidedly against them, a system that has told them they are less than human for years, we ought to be reaching out to help them regain the humanity they lost, not when a few set fire to the buildings in Ferguson, but when they were born the wrong color in the post-racial America."  Really? Just how many of Michael Brown's 18 years did he spend being told he was less than a human being?  How many years while he was allowed to graduate with his class though he did not have enough credits and had just completed them before the theft incident? How many years of slavery and segregation did he or his parents endure?  Just wondering.

Cunha doesn't go on to explain how many white folks have come out in droves to assist black shop owner Natalie DuBose on GoFundMe, where over 8,000 donors of all colors and creeds have given more than $262,000 to help regain that old 'lost community'.  Not only has DuBose been assisted, but other shop owners in Ferguson have been assisted as well.  I suppose that little factoid wasn't important to the cause of bashing conservative values like giving to those in need.  Look ma, whitey bashing whitey and calling on more rioting by blacks makes Cunha one of the uber-nonracist proud. Forget logic. Forget that nifty thing called rule of law.

To Cunha, blacks ought to riot, and riot frequently.  "Blacks in this country are more apt to riot because they are one of the populations here who still need to." Gee, I wonder how the Latinos feel about that statement?

I suppose facts only matters to Cunha in reporting when it helps with the real gist of her article which is bashing conservative values and those who believe rule of law is a God given right that should be applied to all members of our society. What a ruby red ass-clown. 

Hope For Natalie DuBose and Her Bakery

On Monday night I honestly wondered if there was any hope left for this country as I watched people behave like animals after the announcement in Ferguson.  White Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for the death of the black, unarmed Michael Brown.  As the chaos and carnage dragged on through the night, I wondered just how many people would be harmed by these senseless acts.

Natalie DuBose, a bakery owner had already lost business in August after protests took place over Michael Brown's death.  Her bakery was located 10 minutes down the road.

At that time DuBose was interviewed by local television about how that event had harmed her new business  which was just opened in June of this year.   Suddenly, the people of Ferguson rallied together and her business started to grow.

While the thugs of Ferguson proved to be real class acts that night, DuBose had hopes that the rioting would not make its way to her new business.

That was not the case as Natalie's Cake's and More was trashed along with at least 40 other businesses.

This is probably one of the sickest videos I've watched yet depicting the utter lawlessness that took place Monday night. Not even Detroit on Devil's Night could muster this much energy and hatred.

When the dust settled, a dream was shattered, as one life became somehow infinitely more important than all others.

This is the face of tragedy.  An unthinkable crime was committed which nearly took the livelihood from this woman.  A livelihood she worked hard to achieve.

Natalie DuBose, a single mother of two, saved money she earned while selling her baked goods at the flea market so that one day she might live the dream of owning her own bakery.  This is the American Dream in action.  Yet the bakery that this woman saved for was trashed by thugs that thought they were honoring a dead man, but in doing so they destroyed others in their path.

As I sit here watching the GoFundMe account created to help Natalie DuBose rebuild her business, increasing about $1K per minute at times, I am reminded that there are still decent people that walk this earth. Americans are generous, and there is no color in that.

Natalie, you have been given a great gift; the gift of American generosity.  As of this moment, the $20K you hoped for is now nearly $144K.  Now go do something great with it and make that bakery business shine as a beacon of American Dream light for all to see.

There is hope for humanity and there is hope for this little bakery that could.

Black Lives Matter

The new in phrase as people rally around Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown is Black Lives Matter.

Really?  If the black community was serious about their lives mattering, they wouldn't be killing one of every possible fourth member of their community through abortion. Since 1973, 16 million black babies have been aborted and that number is growing every day. 

This is the greatest genocide known to Americans and it is happening right here on our own soil.  Every year, the black communities in America fail to grow by 36% because blacks average 450,000 abortions every year. That is astounding. 

In fact, for the people carrying those signs, it would serve them well to understand who is actually killing those black lives they hold so dear. Themselves.

Black Monday

Photo credit Fox News
Happy Frigging Thanksgiving America.  This is the day the black folks in Ferguson have made.  Isn't it eternally heartwarming to know just how much many black people hate white people?
That became apparent last night as the world watched folks raging in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri.  Yup, truly a moment to be proud of for these folks. They hurt themselves.

Here's just one snapshot of the aftermath from rioting & looting in Ferguson. Natalie DuBose crying after looters attacked her cake store to get "justice" for Michael Brown. She sold her cakes at flea markets to save up to own her own shop. ~ Via Josh Jordan.
Even famous black people came out last night and showed us their true colors. Rapper Azealia Banks said, "And what makes it even worse is the fact that I sleep with white men.....LOL. I might have to kill one of these crackers in their sleep!!"  Precious.

These riots were planned.  Below an activist suggests to protesters to target white areas.

In fact, these riots were prompted by the biggest race hustlers in the country. Protests have been prompted and prodded along by Obama, Sharpton, and Holder.

After the no bill decision was announced, the pre-printed placards came out in multiples and they set to marching through Philadelphia, and Times Square, lying down in the roads in Oakland, California and on the Triborough Bridge in NYC, and just plain destroying their own city in Ferguson.

Is it any wonder why when the parents of Michael Brown who once exclaimed calm and peace started shouting, "Burn that bitch down." 

Meanwhile, Brown's mother shouting, "You motherfuckers think this is a joke? You want me to be calm?"

After sunlight lit the smoldering backdrop of what was Ferguson, in all at least 40 businesses were broken into, robbed, smashed, or just plain destroyed. These are hate crimes of the most heinous kind. 

The decision was just plain logical.  You don't put your hands on a cop.  You don't reach in a cop car uninvited. You don't turn around and come back at the cop who has asked you to stop and has a gun pointed at you. Every idiot knows this. 

Happy Thanksgiving to the US as the inhabitants trash their own city rather than put that energy to good use like helping the teens better their education and break the cycle of poverty.  And more important, stop blaming and hating others for behavior that perpetuates  the cycle of poverty.  Leadership starts in the home, community and Washington DC.  Such a wasted opportunity.

I believe the days of blaming white folks for everything are far beyond over. White people gave them affirmative action, welfare handouts, freebies like putting their kids through college.  We've purchased their hit songs, watched their movies, we dance like them, we dress like them, and we even elected their president. It seems to me that the only people who can fix this intense hatred of whites, is blacks. The onus is on them.


Are Republican's happy when Republican leaders disagree? No. How do Democrats handle this situation?  Complete indifference.

I believe this is the fundamental chasm Democrats have with constitutional conservatives who cause the establishment GOP to get their panties in a wad.  Instead of embracing the fact that conservative Republicans stand on principle, the old-time establishment continue to brow-beat that side of their base.  Then in a titty-twister of irony, they complain that the Tea Party eats their own. 

Meanwhile, Democrats are completely content allowing their leadership to behave like buffoons.  Just look at Nancy Pelosi who was just re-elected House Minority Leader despite all the  bumbling, babbling nonsense that comes out of her mouth.  This woman is bat shit crazy, yet Democrats show their complacency as they support Pelosi, Thing 1 as well as  Harry Reid, Thing 2. The GOP would do well to spend their time exploiting the obvious complacency weakness in the Democrat Party rather than beating down conservatives who wish to infuse the GOP with original party principles.

Establishment Republicans have their own bat shit crazy people, who I am convinced sleep upside down.  A quick look at the social snotworking activities of Representative Pete Sessions' Campaign Manager, Kim Locus, highlight in shocking clarity what is wrong with the establishment GOP's attitude toward their own party.

The woman who likes to call others 'bat shit crazy' seems to be projecting her own affliction upon others. But here she goes again attributing the world of badness to Democrats disguising themselves as Tea Party members pushing Net Neutrality.

This is not the first or even second time this woman has bashed Tea Party conservatives.  I've blogged about it before, but her nastygrams have gone virtually unnoticed, that is until earlier this week when she wrote that little Taliban ditty and Breitbart Texas picked it up with links to a couple of my previous blog posts which outted old Kim for the wicked witch of Dallas Congressional District 32 she appears to be.

To be honest, I feel vindicated that someone else was just as mortified as I have been over the fact that our tax dollars are paying for this woman's lip service to Pete Sessions who seems to have no problem with her shitty attitude.  I'm still giggling over the fact that Breitbart reached out to Sessions but could not get any comment.  Of course not.  This man hired a mini-me who appears to mouth his own thoughts for him. Pictures speak louder than words and this picture speaks a lot to the values held by our philandering representative that married his mistress.

In fact, it seems there are quite a few people who have no problem overlooking the vile behavior of their US Representative and his staff. After the article was published on the secret Dallas County Republicans Facebook page of which I am a member alongside a dwindling 196 others, the whiners came out.

Did anyone really think the establishment supporters would comment on the actual argument being made?  Clearly it escapes them that Kim Locus does not appear to be fit to assist our representative.  She has an attitude like a filthy toilet. Rather, they immediately bash those who are offended by her behavior.

Truth is, that Taliban statement is highly offensive, especially coming from someone who calls on the awesomeness of God.

To add insult to injury, Loco Locus posts this in that secret Dallas County Republican's page.

I hate to break this to you old Kim, but the page was never touted as an official page and it clearly represents the opinions of those who are members and actually post anything on it.  Duh.

The secret page was started because your pals at the Dallas County Republican Party decided to stop allowing member posts on their Facebook page during the primary.  This change-up was attributed to the fact that your boss' opponent, Katrina Pierson, had a rather astute social networking team that was cleaning Pete Sessions' clock on the page.

It cracks me up that this seemingly elitist woman working for Pete Sessions has no clue how egocentric and out of touch she appears to be with Uncle Pete's constituents that she is supposed to serve.  Um, public servant much?

Awesomesauce.  Many of the people living in Pete's district cannot afford to take the toll roads or go work out at the yuppie Cooper Fitness Center, and many most certainly cannot afford to shop at Nordstrom.  Oh the lives of the entrenched and elite fundraisers.

In fact, if you don't like her behavior or bad attitude, don't dare attempt to communicate with her about it.

Except, according to her, she will fight for your right to free speech.  Ehem, except just not on her page.

Goodnight nurse.  Are ya'll with me on this still? So which is it?  My eyeballs hurt.

Yup, that's why I deleted her after she reached out to friend me, and I removed her from our Tea Party mail lists and Facebook page.  I simply could not stand the nonsense any longer.

Cat Tale

I always wanted to be holed up in a cozy cabin for the holidays.  The closest we ever got to that dream was the week before Christmas 2009.  The hubs and I rented a cabin at our favorite park in Oklahoma, Robber's Cave.  The cabin is certainly rustic, but it's clean and super affordable if you want to get lost in the wilderness with no phone or television for a few days.

I had selected the most remote cabin on the property and we spent our time hiking every day.  Ehem, OK, and other things.  Right, like playing double Solitaire and my favorite cabin game, Yahtzee.  If the weather is nice, you can rent a canoe on the cheap and make your way around the lake.  I take pleasure in paddling right up to the side of the cliffs and making the ducks nesting squawk like a son-of-a-gun. 

Did I say we like to hike?  We are quite adept hikers, well that is until this arthritis started getting worse and so I have to cut them a little shorter now.  That week we hiked up to the Robber's Cave and
I captured this bad boy, a Black Vulture at the top of the trail just outside of the actual cave. 

The cave was a hideout for the infamous Belle Starr, the Dalton Gang, and Jesse James among others. It's a pretty cool place, but I'm not going to lie, it involves a bit of climbing and some steep trails, but they aren't that long and it's a really nice hike for those who are not terribly adept at hiking, as long as you take your time.

On this particular trip, we knew there was a snow storm coming and we were to check out and head back home just before it was to start.   For those who know me, they know I'm pretty adventurous.  I'll try just about anything at least once and there was a trail just beckoning me.  In fact, that damned trail was screaming my name.

So we dropped off the key, parked our car, and got out our packs prepared earlier that morning with water, snacks, camera, and my monopod, a single stick with a sharp point I can dig into the ground to steady my camera.  I love it because I can hike with it like a walking stick, and not have a bulky tripod to carry around when I'm birding.

I was particularly adventurous this time, knowing a snow storm was coming.  We set off on a 5 mile hike through the woods, which were pretty much deserted because the massive storm had been brewing for days.

 It was just beautiful.  The drab sky was the perfect backdrop for brilliant purple, red, and rust colored berries.  All manner of animals were out in the greyness maniacally feeding.  It was clear they knew what was coming.  These Waxwings could have cared less that I was so close. 

When we made it around the back of the trail, along a cliff with a drop of about 30 feet, we stopped to admire the view.  I wondered what sort of animals lived in the rocky nooks and crannies.

As the birds became more manic, we decided we had better make tracks the last half.  We walked for only a short while when we heard it.  There was this low growl.  We instantly froze and looked at each other.  In that moment of seeing fight or flight cross my husband's eyes, I recognized that rat bastard actually entertained the idea of leaving me there to fend for myself!  He whispered that it must be a motor or something.  But then we heard it again.  A low growl. 

Now is probably not the best time to point out I have a hearing problem.  The audiologist said I have hearing loss at a couple frequencies:  normal speech, cell phone ringtones, and evidently growling as well.  I couldn't tell you where that was coming from, but neither could the spousal unit.  We made  hand motions determining if we should go back or go forward.  What would aggravate whatever was growling on the other side of that berm the least?  By now I'm guessing the hubs finally decided the best thing he could do was not run and leave me behind because he told me to use my monopod if anything comes a runnin'.  Right. 

We moved slowly ahead on the path and did not hear anything coming after us.  Suffice to say we made it back to the car in one piece. 

It was a week later that a guy my hubs works with informed us that a massive mountain lion was spotted in those woods that week and he sent us the news article.  Nice. 

To this day we have no idea where or what the growl came from, but we like to think it was emitted from Mr. Mountain Lion who was too busy feeding himself before the big storm and did not want to share.  Whatever it was, I'm glad it did not bother with us.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  

Rallying the Base

I have heard this several times from poll workers and poll greeters, and even witnessed it myself when working on Katrina Pierson's Congressional campaign. You can always tell who the Democrats are at the polls.  They are the most bitter, sour-faced people arriving to cast their vote.

I've mulled this over since this epic Election Day on November 4th and I'm pretty confident I know why.  These people are the ones who are so negatively affected by Obama's tragic policies that they can only believe that the negative consequences must be coming from the other side.  These people so desperately don't want to be wrong, they seek out illogical arguments to stand behind.

The Democrats sort of see themselves as the people's party.  They have ushered along unions and austerity plans that help the poor folk, and trees, let's not forget trees and failing, coughing, and sputtering mothership earth.  Seemingly altruistic in nature, I can see why so many people fall for their policies. What gutless wonder doesn't want to help the poor and unrecognized among us?

Therein lies the problem.  What used to be the greatness of President John F. Kennedy has now become something completely unrecognizable.  Kennedy's, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." did not mean that women could sign themselves up for WIC and pop out baby after baby in order to continue getting funds each month. It meant that this is truly a land of opportunity ripe for the picking.

When I hear a couple friends I graduated high school with complain about their minimum wage jobs, and whine that they deserve a 'living wage', it burns me up.  I think to myself, "You are nearly 50 years old.  What the hell have you been doing these last 31 years since we graduated?  Have you not even attempted to better your circumstances from that first lowly job at McDonalds? WTH?" 

Not to be overly harsh, because I can see the line of demarcation in my generation between those who wished to be a housewife like our mothers and those who wanted to be career girls like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl back in the 80s. I get it.  Some of my friends got married and stayed home to raise their kids.  Personally I was torn with that decision as well.  And it puts you behind your working girl pals, believe me.  Dramatically, degree or not.

Still, it's been 31 years since we graduated and unless you have done absolutely nothing with yourself  for a decade after your kids became legal adults, why the hell would you still be making $7.25 per hour?  Hello?  Launch already.

Life is choices and it is clear the choices people make affect which party they seek for their leadership. Believing in fallacies like Republicans are the old, white, rich dude party are just about as stupid as believing Democrats are the party of minorities.  That ideology sort of bit Democrats in the ass when 40% of Hispanics came out to vote for Republicans in Texas this month. 

It means Democrats are completely out of touch with their base and completely out of touch with reality.  For as many times as they claim the Republicans are splintered, I would suggest the Democrats are as well.  They are getting a bulls-eye view of what the ultra-liberal left is doing to their party and they obviously don't like it.

Now is the time for the establishment GOP to stop infighting with conservatives. Now is the time for them to recognize that their base has gone commando, so to speak.  The Republican base is back to au naturel, bare butt basics, and I don't mean the freakishly abnormal Kim Kardashian bubble-butt either. 

The Republican base consists of people who embrace what Tea Party groups stand for, the common sense principles that made our country great.  And I suspect the Democrat base now consists of those who are more moderate, rather than the amoral Hollywood types, and nutjob treehuggers of yore.  The question is, which party will transform more quickly and morph into a cohesive group that will take the presidency in 2016?  Chameleon Hillary Clinton is already playing to this.

If Republicans wish to win in 2016, they had better start rallying behind a strong candidate and recognize that when their base watches 11 candidates in a ridiculous line up debate as in the past, they will just shake their heads and anticipate defeat again. 

It's time for the GOP leadership to recognize who is running the show and rally their base.  It's time to create another Reagan.

See Ya Battleground Texas

All over Texas, Battleground Texas skags are tearing sackcloth and gnashing teeth.  Now GTFO!

Those Thieving Democrats

It seems Democrats have nothing to run on.  Imagine setting your platform on performance of your party as is usually the norm.  There is  not a Democrat daring enough in tomorrow's election to run on Obama's policies, yet he stated his policies are on the ballot and that statement is harming Democrats across the country as I write.

In lieu of running on any record, what are Democrats left with?  They are left with hateful smear campaigns and cheating in order to win.  We're seeing it at the national level and it's happening at the state level as well.

Meet Dana Long.  He's the husband of Delaware State Senate Democrat Bethany Hall-Long.  This is what many Democrats are being led toward, theft.  Thieving to get control.

The man's ignorance would be amusing if it wasn't so tragic.

Then there is blatant fraud as in the voting machine in Rock Island County, Illinois where the voter cannot select the Republican candidate.  I would have pulled out my cell phone cam as well.

Some of the presses look like his finger is a little high, but there are two that were dead on which lit the candidate they were not selecting.  You can see how calibration of these machines is such a problem and why 70% of the poll locations have gone back to paper ballots for this election though not particularly for this reason but we'll take it as a victory.

Then there is this tragedy.  Ballot box stuffing, AND it's completely LEGAL in the state of Arizona.  Notice he routinely takes photos along the way showing he's putting them in the box.

What is important about this video is how easy it would be to stuff illegal ballots into one of these boxes, making the point of just how stupid the AZ lack of voter ID law is and why the only fair voting laws include ID checks.

In fact, Voter ID is the only rational outcome that can fix these issues. Project Veritas' James O'Keefe is at it again.  This time showing how easy it is to take over someone's voting identity in North Carolina.

That's not to say that voter ID fraud has not taken place by both political parties because it has.  However the Democrats seem to be far more adept at the fraud and caught far more often when their party's election outcome hangs in the balance.