Black Monday

Photo credit Fox News
Happy Frigging Thanksgiving America.  This is the day the black folks in Ferguson have made.  Isn't it eternally heartwarming to know just how much many black people hate white people?
That became apparent last night as the world watched folks raging in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri.  Yup, truly a moment to be proud of for these folks. They hurt themselves.

Here's just one snapshot of the aftermath from rioting & looting in Ferguson. Natalie DuBose crying after looters attacked her cake store to get "justice" for Michael Brown. She sold her cakes at flea markets to save up to own her own shop. ~ Via Josh Jordan.
Even famous black people came out last night and showed us their true colors. Rapper Azealia Banks said, "And what makes it even worse is the fact that I sleep with white men.....LOL. I might have to kill one of these crackers in their sleep!!"  Precious.

These riots were planned.  Below an activist suggests to protesters to target white areas.

In fact, these riots were prompted by the biggest race hustlers in the country. Protests have been prompted and prodded along by Obama, Sharpton, and Holder.

After the no bill decision was announced, the pre-printed placards came out in multiples and they set to marching through Philadelphia, and Times Square, lying down in the roads in Oakland, California and on the Triborough Bridge in NYC, and just plain destroying their own city in Ferguson.

Is it any wonder why when the parents of Michael Brown who once exclaimed calm and peace started shouting, "Burn that bitch down." 

Meanwhile, Brown's mother shouting, "You motherfuckers think this is a joke? You want me to be calm?"

After sunlight lit the smoldering backdrop of what was Ferguson, in all at least 40 businesses were broken into, robbed, smashed, or just plain destroyed. These are hate crimes of the most heinous kind. 

The decision was just plain logical.  You don't put your hands on a cop.  You don't reach in a cop car uninvited. You don't turn around and come back at the cop who has asked you to stop and has a gun pointed at you. Every idiot knows this. 

Happy Thanksgiving to the US as the inhabitants trash their own city rather than put that energy to good use like helping the teens better their education and break the cycle of poverty.  And more important, stop blaming and hating others for behavior that perpetuates  the cycle of poverty.  Leadership starts in the home, community and Washington DC.  Such a wasted opportunity.

I believe the days of blaming white folks for everything are far beyond over. White people gave them affirmative action, welfare handouts, freebies like putting their kids through college.  We've purchased their hit songs, watched their movies, we dance like them, we dress like them, and we even elected their president. It seems to me that the only people who can fix this intense hatred of whites, is blacks. The onus is on them.