Hope For Natalie DuBose and Her Bakery

On Monday night I honestly wondered if there was any hope left for this country as I watched people behave like animals after the announcement in Ferguson.  White Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for the death of the black, unarmed Michael Brown.  As the chaos and carnage dragged on through the night, I wondered just how many people would be harmed by these senseless acts.

Natalie DuBose, a bakery owner had already lost business in August after protests took place over Michael Brown's death.  Her bakery was located 10 minutes down the road.

At that time DuBose was interviewed by local television about how that event had harmed her new business  which was just opened in June of this year.   Suddenly, the people of Ferguson rallied together and her business started to grow.

While the thugs of Ferguson proved to be real class acts that night, DuBose had hopes that the rioting would not make its way to her new business.

That was not the case as Natalie's Cake's and More was trashed along with at least 40 other businesses.

This is probably one of the sickest videos I've watched yet depicting the utter lawlessness that took place Monday night. Not even Detroit on Devil's Night could muster this much energy and hatred.

When the dust settled, a dream was shattered, as one life became somehow infinitely more important than all others.

This is the face of tragedy.  An unthinkable crime was committed which nearly took the livelihood from this woman.  A livelihood she worked hard to achieve.

Natalie DuBose, a single mother of two, saved money she earned while selling her baked goods at the flea market so that one day she might live the dream of owning her own bakery.  This is the American Dream in action.  Yet the bakery that this woman saved for was trashed by thugs that thought they were honoring a dead man, but in doing so they destroyed others in their path.

As I sit here watching the GoFundMe account created to help Natalie DuBose rebuild her business, increasing about $1K per minute at times, I am reminded that there are still decent people that walk this earth. Americans are generous, and there is no color in that.

Natalie, you have been given a great gift; the gift of American generosity.  As of this moment, the $20K you hoped for is now nearly $144K.  Now go do something great with it and make that bakery business shine as a beacon of American Dream light for all to see.

There is hope for humanity and there is hope for this little bakery that could.