Are Republican's happy when Republican leaders disagree? No. How do Democrats handle this situation?  Complete indifference.

I believe this is the fundamental chasm Democrats have with constitutional conservatives who cause the establishment GOP to get their panties in a wad.  Instead of embracing the fact that conservative Republicans stand on principle, the old-time establishment continue to brow-beat that side of their base.  Then in a titty-twister of irony, they complain that the Tea Party eats their own. 

Meanwhile, Democrats are completely content allowing their leadership to behave like buffoons.  Just look at Nancy Pelosi who was just re-elected House Minority Leader despite all the  bumbling, babbling nonsense that comes out of her mouth.  This woman is bat shit crazy, yet Democrats show their complacency as they support Pelosi, Thing 1 as well as  Harry Reid, Thing 2. The GOP would do well to spend their time exploiting the obvious complacency weakness in the Democrat Party rather than beating down conservatives who wish to infuse the GOP with original party principles.

Establishment Republicans have their own bat shit crazy people, who I am convinced sleep upside down.  A quick look at the social snotworking activities of Representative Pete Sessions' Campaign Manager, Kim Locus, highlight in shocking clarity what is wrong with the establishment GOP's attitude toward their own party.

The woman who likes to call others 'bat shit crazy' seems to be projecting her own affliction upon others. But here she goes again attributing the world of badness to Democrats disguising themselves as Tea Party members pushing Net Neutrality.

This is not the first or even second time this woman has bashed Tea Party conservatives.  I've blogged about it before, but her nastygrams have gone virtually unnoticed, that is until earlier this week when she wrote that little Taliban ditty and Breitbart Texas picked it up with links to a couple of my previous blog posts which outted old Kim for the wicked witch of Dallas Congressional District 32 she appears to be.

To be honest, I feel vindicated that someone else was just as mortified as I have been over the fact that our tax dollars are paying for this woman's lip service to Pete Sessions who seems to have no problem with her shitty attitude.  I'm still giggling over the fact that Breitbart reached out to Sessions but could not get any comment.  Of course not.  This man hired a mini-me who appears to mouth his own thoughts for him. Pictures speak louder than words and this picture speaks a lot to the values held by our philandering representative that married his mistress.

In fact, it seems there are quite a few people who have no problem overlooking the vile behavior of their US Representative and his staff. After the article was published on the secret Dallas County Republicans Facebook page of which I am a member alongside a dwindling 196 others, the whiners came out.

Did anyone really think the establishment supporters would comment on the actual argument being made?  Clearly it escapes them that Kim Locus does not appear to be fit to assist our representative.  She has an attitude like a filthy toilet. Rather, they immediately bash those who are offended by her behavior.

Truth is, that Taliban statement is highly offensive, especially coming from someone who calls on the awesomeness of God.

To add insult to injury, Loco Locus posts this in that secret Dallas County Republican's page.

I hate to break this to you old Kim, but the page was never touted as an official page and it clearly represents the opinions of those who are members and actually post anything on it.  Duh.

The secret page was started because your pals at the Dallas County Republican Party decided to stop allowing member posts on their Facebook page during the primary.  This change-up was attributed to the fact that your boss' opponent, Katrina Pierson, had a rather astute social networking team that was cleaning Pete Sessions' clock on the page.

It cracks me up that this seemingly elitist woman working for Pete Sessions has no clue how egocentric and out of touch she appears to be with Uncle Pete's constituents that she is supposed to serve.  Um, public servant much?

Awesomesauce.  Many of the people living in Pete's district cannot afford to take the toll roads or go work out at the yuppie Cooper Fitness Center, and many most certainly cannot afford to shop at Nordstrom.  Oh the lives of the entrenched and elite fundraisers.

In fact, if you don't like her behavior or bad attitude, don't dare attempt to communicate with her about it.

Except, according to her, she will fight for your right to free speech.  Ehem, except just not on her page.

Goodnight nurse.  Are ya'll with me on this still? So which is it?  My eyeballs hurt.

Yup, that's why I deleted her after she reached out to friend me, and I removed her from our Tea Party mail lists and Facebook page.  I simply could not stand the nonsense any longer.