Rallying the Base

I have heard this several times from poll workers and poll greeters, and even witnessed it myself when working on Katrina Pierson's Congressional campaign. You can always tell who the Democrats are at the polls.  They are the most bitter, sour-faced people arriving to cast their vote.

I've mulled this over since this epic Election Day on November 4th and I'm pretty confident I know why.  These people are the ones who are so negatively affected by Obama's tragic policies that they can only believe that the negative consequences must be coming from the other side.  These people so desperately don't want to be wrong, they seek out illogical arguments to stand behind.

The Democrats sort of see themselves as the people's party.  They have ushered along unions and austerity plans that help the poor folk, and trees, let's not forget trees and failing, coughing, and sputtering mothership earth.  Seemingly altruistic in nature, I can see why so many people fall for their policies. What gutless wonder doesn't want to help the poor and unrecognized among us?

Therein lies the problem.  What used to be the greatness of President John F. Kennedy has now become something completely unrecognizable.  Kennedy's, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." did not mean that women could sign themselves up for WIC and pop out baby after baby in order to continue getting funds each month. It meant that this is truly a land of opportunity ripe for the picking.

When I hear a couple friends I graduated high school with complain about their minimum wage jobs, and whine that they deserve a 'living wage', it burns me up.  I think to myself, "You are nearly 50 years old.  What the hell have you been doing these last 31 years since we graduated?  Have you not even attempted to better your circumstances from that first lowly job at McDonalds? WTH?" 

Not to be overly harsh, because I can see the line of demarcation in my generation between those who wished to be a housewife like our mothers and those who wanted to be career girls like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl back in the 80s. I get it.  Some of my friends got married and stayed home to raise their kids.  Personally I was torn with that decision as well.  And it puts you behind your working girl pals, believe me.  Dramatically, degree or not.

Still, it's been 31 years since we graduated and unless you have done absolutely nothing with yourself  for a decade after your kids became legal adults, why the hell would you still be making $7.25 per hour?  Hello?  Launch already.

Life is choices and it is clear the choices people make affect which party they seek for their leadership. Believing in fallacies like Republicans are the old, white, rich dude party are just about as stupid as believing Democrats are the party of minorities.  That ideology sort of bit Democrats in the ass when 40% of Hispanics came out to vote for Republicans in Texas this month. 

It means Democrats are completely out of touch with their base and completely out of touch with reality.  For as many times as they claim the Republicans are splintered, I would suggest the Democrats are as well.  They are getting a bulls-eye view of what the ultra-liberal left is doing to their party and they obviously don't like it.

Now is the time for the establishment GOP to stop infighting with conservatives. Now is the time for them to recognize that their base has gone commando, so to speak.  The Republican base is back to au naturel, bare butt basics, and I don't mean the freakishly abnormal Kim Kardashian bubble-butt either. 

The Republican base consists of people who embrace what Tea Party groups stand for, the common sense principles that made our country great.  And I suspect the Democrat base now consists of those who are more moderate, rather than the amoral Hollywood types, and nutjob treehuggers of yore.  The question is, which party will transform more quickly and morph into a cohesive group that will take the presidency in 2016?  Chameleon Hillary Clinton is already playing to this.

If Republicans wish to win in 2016, they had better start rallying behind a strong candidate and recognize that when their base watches 11 candidates in a ridiculous line up debate as in the past, they will just shake their heads and anticipate defeat again. 

It's time for the GOP leadership to recognize who is running the show and rally their base.  It's time to create another Reagan.