Those Thieving Democrats

It seems Democrats have nothing to run on.  Imagine setting your platform on performance of your party as is usually the norm.  There is  not a Democrat daring enough in tomorrow's election to run on Obama's policies, yet he stated his policies are on the ballot and that statement is harming Democrats across the country as I write.

In lieu of running on any record, what are Democrats left with?  They are left with hateful smear campaigns and cheating in order to win.  We're seeing it at the national level and it's happening at the state level as well.

Meet Dana Long.  He's the husband of Delaware State Senate Democrat Bethany Hall-Long.  This is what many Democrats are being led toward, theft.  Thieving to get control.

The man's ignorance would be amusing if it wasn't so tragic.

Then there is blatant fraud as in the voting machine in Rock Island County, Illinois where the voter cannot select the Republican candidate.  I would have pulled out my cell phone cam as well.

Some of the presses look like his finger is a little high, but there are two that were dead on which lit the candidate they were not selecting.  You can see how calibration of these machines is such a problem and why 70% of the poll locations have gone back to paper ballots for this election though not particularly for this reason but we'll take it as a victory.

Then there is this tragedy.  Ballot box stuffing, AND it's completely LEGAL in the state of Arizona.  Notice he routinely takes photos along the way showing he's putting them in the box.

What is important about this video is how easy it would be to stuff illegal ballots into one of these boxes, making the point of just how stupid the AZ lack of voter ID law is and why the only fair voting laws include ID checks.

In fact, Voter ID is the only rational outcome that can fix these issues. Project Veritas' James O'Keefe is at it again.  This time showing how easy it is to take over someone's voting identity in North Carolina.

That's not to say that voter ID fraud has not taken place by both political parties because it has.  However the Democrats seem to be far more adept at the fraud and caught far more often when their party's election outcome hangs in the balance.