Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Oh the weather outside is cloudy
And I'm looking kind of dowdy
Sitting here working from home
Network is slow! Network is slow! Network is slow!
It doesn't show signs of speed up
And I've got some Facebook pics to put up
The boys are on Youtube, I know
Network is slow! Network is slow! Network is slow!
When they finally go out with their friends
How I love getting bandwidth back
But if they come on home too soon
All the day through I get no slack
My day is finally slowing down
And, my sons, they're still sitting around
But I don't care, thanks to Christmas break
Let it be slow! Let it be slow! Let it be slow!

To all my readers, thank you for another year of allowing me to entertain, and hopefully enlighten you. I'll post when I can these next two weeks.  As many of my long time readers know, this is the silly season of multiple birthday parties mixed with holiday parties and by New Year's Eve I'll be so over seeing the same damned faces I'll be ready to post something juicy again.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tolling the Bell

Just when you thought that pesky private Blacklands Toll Road project was dead and gone, you would be wrong.  Isn't it heartwarming to know you have been pwned?

According to Urban Dictionary: It basically means "to own" or to be dominated by an opponent or situation, especially by some god-like or computer-like force.

Indeed, that nasty business about splattering down tons of cement from Greenville, to Nevada, to Rockwall, through Wylie's Equest and country neighborhoods, on through to Rowlett and connecting with the PGB Toll Road never really died that slow, horrible, and terribly painful death we had all hoped it would.

Rather, a game of hide and seek has been played with it while the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) pretend it is dead as they ask the Texas Department of Transportation to keep it in their plans and hidden away from prying eyes.

Well those eyes, they did pry, and we can thank Texas State Representative Cindy Burkett and The Dallas Observer for tolling the bell on this.  The toll road has been placed on TXDOTs statewide road planning document.

What the hell does that response mean?  I'm thinking GI Joe has romped around the napalm just a little too much back in the day.

Rep. Burkett has requested a letter clarifying the nonsensical response from old Joe, to which his reply was he wanted to meet in person.  Right.  We all know meeting in person means he is too much of a wussy to put it in writing.  So much for transparency.

To date, G.I. Joe has requested the toll road be removed from TXDOTs nifty list, however they refused, stating they will take the matter up again at their February 2015 meeting.  Might be time to send those self proclaimed demi-gods at TXDOT some North Central Texas love.  Oh, and also the transportation director Saint Michael at NCTCOG, let's send him some love too.

Lt. Gen Joe F. Weber, USMC (Ret)
Executive Director
Texas Department of Transportation
125 E. 11th Street
Austin, TX 78701

North Central Texas Council of Governments
Michael Morris, Transportation Director
606 Six Flags Drive
Arlington, TX 76011

Now go shred those phone lines.

No Signs Given

Tuesday night, our little Wylie City Council met and on the agenda was the sign ordinance, once again.  Unbeknownst to most sleeping citizens, our council started the year with this topic and have ended the year with it as well.  Useful.

I get it, as the city grows, the ordinances must change, and this time was no exception.  Well, except for the fact that they made few if any notable changes.  I guess they needed something to do and my request about the length political signs can be erected proved fodder.

You see, back in 2003 they approved an ordinance which stated:

As you can see, political signs could not be erected earlier than 30 days prior to an election and must be removed within 14 days after the election.  Wouldn't you know that they quietly changed all that in January 2014?

In their infinite wisdom, they decided they needn't control how long political signs can be up and nobody gave that another thought, that is until I mistakenly thought that was still the ordinance and asked the City Manager Mindy Manson about it.  

Nope, that is not the case, but that did not stop Mayor Eric Hogue from asking a silly question about political signs at last Tuesday's meeting, well after that, then it just got plain stupid.

Every idiot knows you cannot censor who or what people support, yet the talk feigned this as a motive. I suppose this was this designed to look like they were actually working on something worthwhile that night? Stupid.

The real question that should have been asked is, why did they find a period of 44 days sufficient time for citizens to display their campaign signs back in 2003 and what changed to make any amount of days irrelevant?  I will use my good friends the Butschek's as guinea pigs here, since they had their Ron Paul sign up for something like 6 years, or was it 4?  Hard to remember now.  

I recall Mrs. Butschek's comment, wondering when they (the City) would make her take it down.  Well now we know they wouldn't have.  Right about now I'm thinking they should get out there and put that damned sign right back up, not that I'm a Ron Paul fan or anything, because I'm not and never was. 

Still, as luck would have it, we can now keep our signs up year round!  Goodie! This is one time regression would have actually been applaudable.  Cuz now? Cuz now people can put up as many political signs in their yards as they want, and it doesn't matter if the person is running or not and it doesn't matter if there is a political race or not.  Good times.

Hells, yous can put up your John McCain and Obama signs if yous want to. In fact, now would be a good time to confuse the bejeebers out of your friends and neighbors as they drive the streets wondering why the feck there is yet another election when we just had one.

Dumb thing is, you wouldn't be allowed to do this if you lived in a neighborhood that had an HOA.  Silly conflicting regulations don't you think?  Nothing like selectively deciding which areas of your city can become legally overrun with signs and trash in the yards.

To be honest, I'm not even certain why the sign issue was even addressed, unless they wish to go after my freak of nature neighbor and his dirge-worthy monument in the front yard. Except I view that as irrelevant now because he would be grandfathered in anyway at this point.  I mean, code enforcement wasn't exactly handy while he spent a month partially putting up his new fence nor the cement pad he had poured either, without a permit one might suspect. Would we have expected code enforcement to catch him when he was erecting a masonry sign in the front yard?  Do you have any idea just how many people in my neighborhood have put up new fences on their own, and without permits?  

What they need to be working on is keeping unsightly and frankly, downright dangerous splintering trash from decaying in people's yards as their 6 foot tall garden art blows around this spring.  More proof that in much of Wylie, there is no accounting for common sense.

Pete Sessions: Facing Facts

Is the writing on the wall for good old boy Pete Sessions?  I think so.

Brietbart Texas published an article that states:

"Pierson has floated the possibility of running against him again in 2016 and has made appearances on major national media like Fox Business Network fueling speculation she’s getting ready for another run."

Well bust my buttons.  Wouldn't you be tickled if she tossed her arsenal in the ring? In my opinion, now is the time too.  After all, RePete is getting all manner of amnesty love from the country's top conservatives at the moment:

Wouldn't you know Tea Party Maven Sarah Palin had some harsh words for the GOP establishment bait and switch. Did they honestly think they would get away with merely changing costumes and continuing on in the performance as the same characters?

I would have thunk they figured out that the voting American public is watching. But evidently the message we sent them November 4th was lost on them.  In one ear and out the other, but then again, there is nothing much between the ears in the likes of Pete Sessions, John Boehner, John Cornyn, Lindsey Graham, Kelley Ayote, John McCain, gosh, the list just goes on and on.

Even Fox Business News Neil Cavuto had some strong words as he spoke with Garland's own Katrina Pierson.

Make no mistake, all of the love Pete Sessions is feeling has got to hurt.  Well, as they say, "Love hurts."

But most astounding is the email an acquaintance of mine sent to me from Pete Sessions himself.  It was an exchange back and forth that took place earlier this week.  It seems Sessions wanted to clarify some 'facts' after this individual called him a POS traitor:

"What is your address you don't understand. I want a chance for the facts. Pete"
To which my acquaintance replied:

"On second thought   I believe the quote below from you pretty well sizes up your agenda so I have to assume you say what you mean and mean what you say. Unless there is a significant change in your philosophy on immigration I really don't have any more to say to you." 
"I’m going to use my assets and resources in the new year to work with  
this Congress to have a well-understood agreement about what the law should be   and how we as communities   and farm communities   and tech communities   create circumstances where we can have people be in this country and work   and where not one person is quote thrown out or deported" (Sessions Quote)
Then there is also this masterful crack pipe response when this individual told him he didn't need to speak to him after Sessions had already made the statement in support of amnesty:

"Right they will be thrown the 30000 special interest alliens Pete 

My acquaintance asked me what the hell does that mean?  Love Pete's spelling by the way.

So what exactly are the 'facts' being concocted in the small mind of a career politician?  I can't wait to hear.

In reality, it seems to me that Sessions' 'facts'  are being uncovered over, and over, and over again by the conservative press and savvy voters. There is no smoke and mirrors in this.  These are the words uttered by Pete Sessions and they are a matter of record:

But hey, I guess he wants you to get your facts straight about this amnesty thingy anyway:

This is not the first time Peteyboy has traveled all expenses paid to visit with the amnesty whore Ripon Society and yes, I've blogged about this before more than once.

Indeedy, the Breitbart masterpiece was delivered today in this fact-filled article. Exactly what are the facts again, Pete?

Ya, he's pretty much feeling the love and as I see it, this is prime picking for a 2016 candidate.  If Katrina Pierson can elicit some sort of fear out of the man by torquing him about 2016 in interviews, more power to her.

Pete Sessions Amnesty Comments Are Very Befuddling

Honorable Rep. Sessions,

I worked against you on Katrina Pierson's campaign because I firmly believe in term limits, and I feel it is time for some fresh new ideas in Washington DC. In fact, I was able to assist in taking the majority of votes away from you in Collin County, so obviously I have the ear of Wylie's voters as well, and they shared my sentiment. 

On November 4th however, I stayed true to party lines and you received my precious vote, though I did not feel you deserved it.  Your knuckle dragging on forming a select committee to investigate Benghazi, your campaign manager's vile behavior,  as well as your iffy residency issues leave me quite concerned.  Then there were a few hat tips you made to Obama on amnesty as well as Obamacare over the last two years, and that left me wondering exactly what side you are on.

What brought you my vote is the philosophy I share with many others that the worst Republican is still better than the best Democrat, and throwing away a vote on any other 3rd party would be dangerous.  Besides, your actions for the next two years will either nail your door shut or garner you new support.  That fate is in your hands only.  That said, I am dismayed at the news making the rounds that you support full-on amnesty in 2015:

If this statement is not true, then I ask you to immediately submit a press release stating what your stance actually is, because you are doing Republicans no favors with any perceived capitulation to Obama's executive action and other illegal executive activities.  If you do not take immediate steps to publish a correction, I will be tossing my support and resources behind whoever runs against you in 2016, and this time I will not focus solely on the Collin County portion of your district.


Pamela Engstrom
(Address redacted)

The Red Frigging Baron

Neighbors. Who would live without them?  But sometimes you just have to scratch your head in a perpetual WTF way about some of their decorating choices. No, seriously.

I've got that proverbial neighbor from hell who doesn't have a clue about property values.  Indeedy, he cut a hole out of the middle of one arborvitae and a couple funky openings in another, you know, those landscape bushes in the front of the house that are suppose to amp up your curb appeal with their round, square, or conical shape.  Nope.  Not his.  He even built a monument along the sidewalk with a name placard on it that looks like a dead body might be buried under it. Coolio.

Yuppers, this is the same neighbor I wrote about before who hung a massive wood POW sign on the side of his house, drilling a screw hole through his vinyl siding.  Thank God it's gone now but when he had it displayed, as that sign swung back and forth in the wind, it left nice, permanent, colored scrape marks and gouges all over the siding.  Real genius.

Yes, this is the same classy neighbor that built a scrap wood airplane for his front yard that I'm taking bets on when it will take flight in the next spring storm season.  Indeed, Wylie's Red Baron seems mighty proud of that handy airplane because he decorates it every holiday.  He even busted it apart at Halloween and stuffed it with dead bodies and then rebuilt it again afterwards, this time adding some nice 2x4 wood supports apparently for the sagging plywood wings.  Righto. 

That bad boy is even lit up at night.

After a year of this crap, I've finally had enough and complained to the City of Wylie.  Now we all can imagine just about how well I'll fare with that.  It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, I mean this is me we're talking about.  Some of those people down there at that City Hall hate my frigging guts considering I've tossed them under the bus a time or fourteen. But hey, maybe I'll get lucky since my complaint really is a valid one.  If an ordinance doesn't already exist to cover massive structures being built in front yards, it might be time for them to warm up that pen.  But then what city contemplates one of their citizens building a full-sized airplane in their front lawn?  Put that shit in your back yard.

Now I know we don't have an HOA in our neighborhood, and honestly I bristle at those because I personally want as few regulations on my property rights as possible, but let's face it, wouldn't you think the ordinances would cover devaluing eyesores like this?  This is beyond yard art.  I can handle the 2 foot wood tractor down the road.  I can handle the small, rusted farm tools and broken barrels and even the cow skulls and strangely placed boulders in some of the yards.  But this?  This is a full-size freaking airplane. Seriously, I could sit in it. 

So we'll see what the City will do about it.  Mostly though, because I feel it is a safety issue to construct a tall structure on your front lawn that can go airborne and hurt persons and property while it splinters and rots in the elements.  Most important I would think the City would have ordinances that assist in keeping up property values.  I know of one that does not allow permanent fences built in the front yard, for example. After all, our City is in the business of not only providing essential services to the citizens of Wylie, but also growing our community and increasing property values.

At this point the hubs is begging me to put the house on the market, but I've been resisting because I'm not yet ready to move.  But if he wins this argument can you imagine our resident Wylie Realtor, Mayor Eric Hogue driving prospective clients down our street to show my house?  You know, the very least I can do is hire him so he can make some money off me after the grief and aggravation I've put him through and all.  So imagine him explaining the merits of the neighbor's life-sized airplane while watching the dollars slip away in earning some sort of commission off of my house. I find it hard to believe prospective home buyers will be digging that look. Oh please don't tell me the $5K in hardwoods I put in last year were a waste of money. 

I'm actually thinking about tossing a stuffed Snoopy and Woodstock on his lawn for effect.  That's it! I need to fight fire with fire.  I think I will build me some scrap wood horses, sheep, pigs, and some cattle humping and put them on my font lawn with a massive neon orange barn. Hey, it's all just lawn art, isn't it?  If the City has no ordinances for this, I'll make our street so obnoxious that they will have to deal with it.  Hey, just doing my part to keep your home values up.

Pete Sessions Comes Out of the Closet on Amnesty Support

I promise you, this is going to chap your hide if you live in CD32 and voted for Katrina Pierson in the primaries.  The moronic Dallas County GOP support of Pete Sessions is just now coming to fruition as our accusations about him all along are coming to light.  The truth shall set you free but unfortunately we are in a 2 year bind as this asshack kept his seat.

Below is my post on the Wylie Tea Party Facebook page.

Better have a glass or two of your favorite adult beverage in hand before you read this article and scratch your head as to exactly why it is we tried to show the world that we could place our trust in the GOP last month.  Top GOP Leader Promises Total Amnesty In 2015. And the demented Pete Sessions is right in the fray.  I can just hear the sucking sound all the way here in little Wylie, Texas from DC as Sessions' lips are planted on Obama's hiney.

Russell Ramsland's Letter to Rep. Pete Sessions on Amnesty

Below is a letter written about Obama's amnesty executive acction by one of the top conservative leaders in North Texas, Russell Ramsland.  It seems our Representative Pete Sessions has been making the local talk radio circuit and he has his titties in a twist over negative comments being made by top conservatives in his district about his take on amnesty. In fact, what is Pete's stance on amnesty?  Does anyone really know?  He seems to be squishy on this topic and for this, I feel compelled to share Mr. Ramsland's letter on the topic.

Russ's correspondence:
Recently I received a letter from Pete expressing concern that he'd seen an e-mail I had sent around, presumably the one entitled "DEFUND AMNESTY NOW", and I appeared to be struggling to convey his beliefs about Amnesty and the President's Executive Order. I appreciated Pete's concern, I read the letter, and I decided I needed to respond as you can see below. I am posting my response, as I told Pete I would, in the hopes we would truly have a dialogue about this. I believe it is critical to the future of the Country, not to mention the Rule of Law, the Constitution, our financial solvency and the future of the Republican Party. I apologize for the length, it grossly violates my belief in Shakespeare's dictum "brevity is the soul of wit", but it's that important in my mind.
Should you wish to join in the discussion, please feel free to telephone or e-mail Pete.
Local # 972-392-0505
Washington # 202-225-2231

 Russell Ramsland's Letter:

December 3, 2014
Congressman Pete Sessions
2233 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-4332

Dear Pete,

Thank you for your letter of November 18th relating to your stance on immigration reform. I appreciate the time and effort it took. In my e-mail you referenced, I conveyed the impression I have received by watching and listening to you, and the Republican Leadership, with regards to amnesty for illegal aliens and the apparent desire to capitulate to it, while pretending to “fight” against it for the people who elected you to do just that. I say this because the press is also full of accounts about the Republican Leadership trying to craft a plan allowing it to complain, but ultimately capitulate to Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional executive order because the Republican leadership wants and supports the idea of legalizing illegal immigrants, excepting those with criminal backgrounds. Your letter doesn’t appear to contradict this impression. If you believe it does, then I would suggest the very generalized nature of the language makes it difficult to understand specifically what you and the Republican Leadership will or will not pursue. And with immigration, the devil is always in the details.

For now, suffice it to say the question of whether records even exist for people who are intrinsically invisible to the system and who largely have fake or no social security numbers or any other form of reliable ID is a huge one. My friends in the FBI tell me the vast majority of criminality in illegals cannot be reliably or even adequately traced. So claiming the government could legalize all but those with a criminal background is essentially a fool’s errand.

While the Jonathon Gruber School of Government advocates offering shiny objects to distract “stupid” and gullible citizens, Boehner’s purported lawsuit to fool the American people into believing Republicans are doing something is a non-starter because Gruber is wrong and everyone is already aware lawsuits take years, the crisis is now, and the American people know it. You and your fellow Republicans were elected to STOP this deal dead in its tracks, period.
It’s also important to recognize the latest executive order is only secondarily about amnesty and immigration. That’s a shiny object designed by Obama for myopic Republican leadership. The executive order is really about precedent. And if it’s not stopped now, dead in its tracks, the Congress will be well on the path to irrelevancy by 2016 at the pace this President is going and the Republican Leadership is cringing.

The Republicans won an overwhelming landslide this election because people like Ted Cruz demonstrated that some Republicans will actually do something to stop this out-of-control disaster in the White House. I realize the media harps constantly on the idea that Cruz’s actions in the “shutdown” were a disaster for Republicans, but the data of November makes mincemeat of that. The Republican mistake in the “shutdown” wasn’t Ted Cruz’s actions, it was that Republicans never explained convincingly and morally why the actions they took were appropriate. But now the American people have elected Republicans to STOP this President, first and foremost.

If the Republican Leadership fails to use every bit of its power to do that, then the GOP has become meaningless. The American people don’t want Republican words anymore, they want deeds. And everything in your power includes using your power of the purse to pass a temporary continuing resolution now and then a permanent defunding of those programs that are illegally being pursued under Obama’s lawless executive orders after the first of the year.

Second, and again contrary to the news reports around Washington that pass as accepted wisdom, in Texas where the pushback against legalization of illegals is strongest in the nation and where the “Texas Solution” was defeated despite the best attempts of the statewide Republican to cram it down conservative throats at the State convention, Cornyn garnered 48% of the Hispanic vote and Greg Abbott garnered 44%. I don’t have to tell you that’s a huge increase in winning the Hispanic vote from 2012. And yet the State Republican Leadership said if we didn’t pass the Texas Solution we’d have gigantic losses of our numbers of Hispanic voters. Further, nationally, the GOP won 36% of Hispanic voters, up a solid 9% from the 27% that Romney garnered. For a large number of legal Hispanic immigrants, our polling shows that the substantial majority of Hispanic voters oppose amnesty for illegals. Even for those Hispanic voters who may be neutral or supportive of the idea, the topic is way down their list of the most pressing issues.

The Republican Leadership seems entirely unaware their credibility is about to run out. The National Chamber of Commerce may be able to write big checks, but they can’t supply the votes you need to win. The Republican Leadership also seems entirely unaware the National Chamber of Commerce no longer shares even a single goal with the grassroots that made up the Reagan Big Tent. In this last election, we worked tirelessly to try and get thoroughly disenchanted, former Republicans now listing themselves as Independents, to come out and vote Republican. And if we’d identified ourselves as Republicans, they’d have hung up the phone. And yet the Republican Leadership keeps digging the hole deeper and deeper by assuming Jonathon Gruber is right.

So what do I suggest, specifically? Here are some suggestions.

First, do something that hasn’t been done since 1834 - namely formally censure the President and his illegal actions against the Constitution. That will make headlines in newspapers around the country and message the moral case for responding to the President’s lawlessness, namely, if his actions are not stopped now it will set precedent and become the norm, and that will destroy our entire republican system of government. The American people don’t want an Emperor. A censure, after all, is a moral statement and if the Republican Congress intends to respond to the president’s executive overreach, it needs to make a strong moral claim to the high ground. You can make the point for days that Congress has no choice but to respond to the President’s lawless actions per se, and secondarily restore order to the immigration debate in the process. It’s called messaging. If you need some wording, here’s a start:

“Resolved, That the President, in the late Executive Order relating to non- enforcement of duly constituted immigration laws, has assumed upon himself authority and power not conferred by the Constitution and laws, but in derogation of both.”

Next, you do a short-term Continuing Resolution with a rider attached that expressly defunds the President’s illegal amnesty program. And if the President tries to suspend non-essential government services over this rider, you have already made clear it’s Obama’s lawlessness that will destroy the country you are sworn to protect, that Obama is to blame for any suspension of non-essential services. Not the GOP. As an aside, please stop referring to Obama's threatened suspension of non-essential services as a "government shutdown." You and I both know that there is no such thing as a "government shutdown." This is part of your messaging problem.

Third, you follow it in the new Congress with agency by agency spending bills that not only eliminate any further spending on lawless decrees by the President, but that cut other areas where spending can only charitably be called “profligate”. I keep reading how the Republican Leadership wants to prove it can govern, and yet you won’t exhibit LEADERSHIP. Whining is not leadership. What I am describing in this letter to you is leadership. Go explain it to them. The GOP landslide in 2016 would then dwarf 2014’s.

Fourth, you begin to reform the immigration laws in a measured, step-by-step set of bills to address various problems specifically, and in a targeted manner. You do NOT succumb to the temptation to do an omnibus bill on immigration and at this time you do NOT try to enact any sort of amnesty for those here illegally. I think Dodd-Frank, Obamacare, etc. all testify to the folly of these huge, all-encompassing attempts to make law. It’s a record of unmitigated disaster after unmitigated disaster. Is this the record of governing the Republican Leadership now wants to wrap around it’s own shoulders?

When you start reforming immigration, step one is to close the border, immediately turning illegals around and sending them home instead of admitting them. Set a time frame and measurement for proving the border has been successfully closed. Following that can be bills opening up the green card process for greater numbers of STEM immigrants, strengthening interior enforcement, requiring e-verify for all Federal positions (including contractors and subcontractors), requiring one parent to be a US citizen in order to obtain birthright citizenship and eliminating the use of languages other than English in any government document. Only after all this do you start crafting a true guest worker program.

Let me address two critical points regarding the latter, since that is where the greatest mischief is to be found. There is very substantial legal precedent in court cases that says if you grant legal status to a person here illegally while he remains in the country, you CANNOT deny him access to all the free social services. Obama already knows this. So if you are truly against free social services to guest workers - you should be - you cannot grant amnesty to anyone while they remain in the country. They will have to return home first in order to apply for guest worker status. Next, there is also absolutely no way a guest worker program can be tied to a path to citizenship. Citizenship needs to be on an entirely separate, parallel path. If you are willing and courageous enough to plant these as a cornerstone, you will find a far more receptive audience in this country to a guest worker program.

Pete, I believe this letter contains specificity, not sweeping generalizations that can be misunderstood and thereby ignored when convenient. If you will write to me a letter with specificity, then I would most gladly put it in my e-mails to my fellow members of the Park Cities/Preston Hollow Leadership Forum. We can then all have an open discussion about it. I will try to start the ball rolling on this conversation by posting this letter. Otherwise I can send out your letter, but I fear you will be flooded with letters expressing similar sentiments to this one, and that hardly seems productive for either of us.

I appreciate your time and attention to this letter.

Russell J. Ramsland, Jr.