Pete Sessions Amnesty Comments Are Very Befuddling

Honorable Rep. Sessions,

I worked against you on Katrina Pierson's campaign because I firmly believe in term limits, and I feel it is time for some fresh new ideas in Washington DC. In fact, I was able to assist in taking the majority of votes away from you in Collin County, so obviously I have the ear of Wylie's voters as well, and they shared my sentiment. 

On November 4th however, I stayed true to party lines and you received my precious vote, though I did not feel you deserved it.  Your knuckle dragging on forming a select committee to investigate Benghazi, your campaign manager's vile behavior,  as well as your iffy residency issues leave me quite concerned.  Then there were a few hat tips you made to Obama on amnesty as well as Obamacare over the last two years, and that left me wondering exactly what side you are on.

What brought you my vote is the philosophy I share with many others that the worst Republican is still better than the best Democrat, and throwing away a vote on any other 3rd party would be dangerous.  Besides, your actions for the next two years will either nail your door shut or garner you new support.  That fate is in your hands only.  That said, I am dismayed at the news making the rounds that you support full-on amnesty in 2015:

If this statement is not true, then I ask you to immediately submit a press release stating what your stance actually is, because you are doing Republicans no favors with any perceived capitulation to Obama's executive action and other illegal executive activities.  If you do not take immediate steps to publish a correction, I will be tossing my support and resources behind whoever runs against you in 2016, and this time I will not focus solely on the Collin County portion of your district.


Pamela Engstrom
(Address redacted)