Pete Sessions Comes Out of the Closet on Amnesty Support

I promise you, this is going to chap your hide if you live in CD32 and voted for Katrina Pierson in the primaries.  The moronic Dallas County GOP support of Pete Sessions is just now coming to fruition as our accusations about him all along are coming to light.  The truth shall set you free but unfortunately we are in a 2 year bind as this asshack kept his seat.

Below is my post on the Wylie Tea Party Facebook page.

Better have a glass or two of your favorite adult beverage in hand before you read this article and scratch your head as to exactly why it is we tried to show the world that we could place our trust in the GOP last month.  Top GOP Leader Promises Total Amnesty In 2015. And the demented Pete Sessions is right in the fray.  I can just hear the sucking sound all the way here in little Wylie, Texas from DC as Sessions' lips are planted on Obama's hiney.