Pete Sessions: Facing Facts

Is the writing on the wall for good old boy Pete Sessions?  I think so.

Brietbart Texas published an article that states:

"Pierson has floated the possibility of running against him again in 2016 and has made appearances on major national media like Fox Business Network fueling speculation she’s getting ready for another run."

Well bust my buttons.  Wouldn't you be tickled if she tossed her arsenal in the ring? In my opinion, now is the time too.  After all, RePete is getting all manner of amnesty love from the country's top conservatives at the moment:

Wouldn't you know Tea Party Maven Sarah Palin had some harsh words for the GOP establishment bait and switch. Did they honestly think they would get away with merely changing costumes and continuing on in the performance as the same characters?

I would have thunk they figured out that the voting American public is watching. But evidently the message we sent them November 4th was lost on them.  In one ear and out the other, but then again, there is nothing much between the ears in the likes of Pete Sessions, John Boehner, John Cornyn, Lindsey Graham, Kelley Ayote, John McCain, gosh, the list just goes on and on.

Even Fox Business News Neil Cavuto had some strong words as he spoke with Garland's own Katrina Pierson.

Make no mistake, all of the love Pete Sessions is feeling has got to hurt.  Well, as they say, "Love hurts."

But most astounding is the email an acquaintance of mine sent to me from Pete Sessions himself.  It was an exchange back and forth that took place earlier this week.  It seems Sessions wanted to clarify some 'facts' after this individual called him a POS traitor:

"What is your address you don't understand. I want a chance for the facts. Pete"
To which my acquaintance replied:

"On second thought   I believe the quote below from you pretty well sizes up your agenda so I have to assume you say what you mean and mean what you say. Unless there is a significant change in your philosophy on immigration I really don't have any more to say to you." 
"I’m going to use my assets and resources in the new year to work with  
this Congress to have a well-understood agreement about what the law should be   and how we as communities   and farm communities   and tech communities   create circumstances where we can have people be in this country and work   and where not one person is quote thrown out or deported" (Sessions Quote)
Then there is also this masterful crack pipe response when this individual told him he didn't need to speak to him after Sessions had already made the statement in support of amnesty:

"Right they will be thrown the 30000 special interest alliens Pete 

My acquaintance asked me what the hell does that mean?  Love Pete's spelling by the way.

So what exactly are the 'facts' being concocted in the small mind of a career politician?  I can't wait to hear.

In reality, it seems to me that Sessions' 'facts'  are being uncovered over, and over, and over again by the conservative press and savvy voters. There is no smoke and mirrors in this.  These are the words uttered by Pete Sessions and they are a matter of record:

But hey, I guess he wants you to get your facts straight about this amnesty thingy anyway:

This is not the first time Peteyboy has traveled all expenses paid to visit with the amnesty whore Ripon Society and yes, I've blogged about this before more than once.

Indeedy, the Breitbart masterpiece was delivered today in this fact-filled article. Exactly what are the facts again, Pete?

Ya, he's pretty much feeling the love and as I see it, this is prime picking for a 2016 candidate.  If Katrina Pierson can elicit some sort of fear out of the man by torquing him about 2016 in interviews, more power to her.