Dallas Summer Musicals High School Awards Promises to be Entertaining

All over North Texas some high schools are getting ready for an event of their lives. The Dallas Summer Musicals High School Musical Awards ceremony is winding up for a fabulous evening of red carpet entertainment, scholarships, awards, and probably a few kiss and cries.

In a short 48 hours, our high schools will learn the fate of their musicals, one by one as the audience looks on in the fabulous Music Hall at Fair Park.

The DSM HSMA is in its third year, infancy really, but how cool is it that they took it upon themselves to honor the young talent coming from our area schools?

Nearly 60 high schools submitted their applications to enter the competition and volunteer judges sat through every one of those musicals just a few short months ago.  On March 30th they announced the nominations:

Abilene H S, Ryan Garmoe as Sonny, In The Heights
Cooper H S, John Ross McCulloch as Production Singer, Singin’ in the Rain
Grapevine Faith Christian School, Sarah Jessie as Beth March, Little Women
The Hockaday School/St. Mark’s of Texas, Cole Gerthoffer as Sir Evelyn Oakleigh, Anything Goes
Mabank H S, Shelby Fry as Glinda, The Wizard of Oz
McKinney, H S, Luke Moraglia as Sir Robin, Spamalot
Southwest Christian School, Madelyn Grimes as Tess, Crazy for You
Wakeland H S, Madeline Doerr as Tiger Lily, Peter Pan
Waxahachie H S, Chris Cook as Underling, The Drowsy Chaperone
Wylie H S, Will Stephens as Wilbur Turnblad, Hairspray

Flower Mound H S, The Sound of Music
Grapevine Faith Christian School, Little Women
McKinney H S, Spamalot
Plano East H S, Bonnie and Clyde
Rockwall H S, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Rowlett H S, Into the Woods
Southwest Christian School - Crazy for You
Wakeland H S, Peter Pan
Waxahachie H S, The Drowsy Chaperone
Wylie H S, Hairspray

Colleyville Heritage H S, Seussical 
Grapevine Faith Christian School, Little Women
Flower Mound H S, The Sound of Music
Hebron H S, White Christmas
McKinney H S, Spamalot
Plano East H S, Bonnie and Clyde
Plano Senior H S, The Who’s Tommy
Red Oak H S, The Wizard of Oz
Rowlett H S, Into the Woods
Waxahachie H S, The Drowsy Chaperone

Abilene H S, In the Heights
Aledo H S, Annie
Bishop Lynch H S, My Favorite Year
Flower Mound H S, The Sound of Music
Haltom H S, Peter Pan
Hebron H S, White Christmas
McKinney H S  - Spamalot
Pearce H S, Beauty and the Beast
Poteet H S, Shrek
Wakeland H S, Peter Pan

Berkner HS, Hairspray
Flower Mound H S, The Sound of Music
Haltom H S, Peter Pan
Heritage H S, Frisco, 13, the Musical
Marcus H S, Bye Bye Birdie
Midlothian H S, Seussical
Richardson H S, Shrek
Rockwall H S, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Waxahachie, The Drowsy Chaperone
Wylie H S, Hairspray

Abilene H S, In the Heights
Bishop Lynch H S, My Favorite Year
Flower Mound H S, The Sound of Music
Grapevine Faith Christian School, Little Women
Guyer H S, In the Heights
Guyer H S, Les Miserables
Hebron H S, White Christmas
Heritage H S, Frisco, 13
McKinney H S, Spamalot
Plano East, Bonnie and Clyde

Flower Mound H S, The Sound of Music
Guyer H S, Les Miserables
The Hockaday School – St. Mark’s School of Texas, Anything Goes
Hebron H S, White Christmas
Lake Ridge H S - Wille Wonka
McKinney H S - Spamalot
Plano East, Bonnie and Clyde
Plano Senior H S, The Who’s Tommy
Plano West H S, The Music Man
Wakeland H S, Peter Pan

Grapevine Faith Christian School, Little Women
Guyer H S,  In the Heights
Heritage H S, Frisco, 13, the Musical
Jasper H S, Disney’s Beauty and The Beast
McKinney North H S, Jekyll and Hyde
McKinney H S, Spamalot
Plano Senior H S, The Who’s Tommy
Rockwall H S, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Rockwall-Heath H S, Grease
Wakeland H S, Peter Pan

Cooper H S, Singin’ in the Rain
Flower Mound H S, The Sound of Music
Grapevine Faith Christian School, Little Women
Hebron H S, White Christmas
Heritage H S, Frisco, 13
Marcus H S, Bye Bye Birdie
McKinney H S, Spamalot
Midlothian H S, Seussical
Rockwall-Heath, H S, Grease
Waxahachie H S, The Drowsy Chaperone

Colleyville Heritage H S, Seussical 
Flower Mound H S, The Sound of Music
Grapevine Faith Christian School, Little Women
Guyer H S,  In the Heights
Hebron H S, White Christmas
McKinney H S - Spamalot
Plano Senior H S - The Who’s Tommy
Rowlett H S, Into the Woods
Waxahachie H S, The Drowsy Chaperone
Wylie H S, Hairspray

Abilene H S, Andrew Delango as Kevin Rosario, In The Heights
Cooper H S, Domonique Gordon as Cosmo Brown, Singin’ in the Rain
Grapevine Faith Christian School, Quint Erwin as Professor Bhaer, Little Women
Hebron H S, Cole Cordell as Phil Davis, White Christmas
The Hockaday School/St. Mark’s of Texas, Nabeel Muscatwalla as Moonface, Anything Goes
Lake Ridge H S, Rhett Fite as Mr. Salt, Willy Wonka
McKinney H S, Caleb Whitten as Sir Lancelot, Spamalot
Richardson H S, Zain Walker as Lord Farquaad, Shrek
Rowlett H S, Preston Hart as Cinderella’s Prince and The Wolf, Into the Woods
Waxahachie H S, Tyler Moore as Man in Chair, The Drowsy Chaperone

Colleyville Heritage H S, Andrea Pajarillo as Maisie, Seussical
Cooper H S, Shelby Walker as Lina Lamont, Singin’ in the Rain
Flower Mound H S, Madi Bready as Elsa Schraeder, The Sound of Music
Fort Worth Christian, Hanna Kulp as Gertrude, Seussical
Grapevine Faith Christian School, Hannah Holt as Marmee, Little Women
Lake Highlands H S, Katie Samuelsen as Patty, Grease
Marcus H S, Cleo Lissade as Mae, Bye Bye Birdie
McKinney Boyd H S, Riley McRae as Mrs. Potts, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast
Midlothian H S, Meagan Johnson as Sour Kangaroo, Seussical
Plano Senior H S, Taylor Stammen as Gypsy, The Who’s Tommy

Colleyville Heritage H S, Wesley Davis as The Cat in the Hat, Seussical
Cooper H S, Peter Garza as Don Lockwood, Singin’ in the Rain
Guyer H S, Teddy Santiesteban as Usnavi, In the Heights
McKinney H S, Alex Miles as King Arthur, Spamalot
Midlothian H S, Ashton Smith as Horton, Seussical
J.J. Pearce H S, Sam Snyder as The Beast, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast
Poteet H S, Steve Tolliver as Shrek, Shrek
Universal Academy H S, Melvin Thampy as The Scarecrow, The Wiz
Waxahachie H S, Matthew Haught as Adolpho, The Drowsy Chaperone

Bishop Lynch H S, Laryssa Bonacquisti as Alice Miller, My Favorite Year
Guyer H S, Bre Welty as Nina Rosario, In The Heights
Marcus H S, Leanne Halliburton as Rose Alvarez, Bye Bye Birdie
McKinney Boyd H S, ZoĆ« Aarts as Belle, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast
Midlothian H S, Ana Berthelsen as Gertrude McFuzz, Seussical
J.J. Pearce H S, Kaycee Murto as Lady of the Lake, Spamalot
Plano West H S, Sarah Killian as Marian Paroo, The Music Man
Richardson H S, Sarah Grubbs as Fiona, Shrek
The Colony H S, Bonnie Utter as Millie Dilmount, Thoroughly Modern Millie

Colleyville Heritage H S, Seussical
Flower Mound H S, The Sound of Music
Grapevine Faith Christian School, Little Women
Hebron H S, White Christmas
McKinney H S, Spamalot
Rowlett H S, Into the Woods
Waxahachie H S, The Drowsy Chaperone
Wylie H S, Hairspray

Of course I am a bit biased because our very own Wylie High School has received nominations in 5 of the 15 categories, but despite that I believe these students and schools all deserve our respect because their musicals had to be truly awe-inspiring in order to make this list.

In 48 hours Wylie HS will find out its fate, for this is the very first time they entered into the competition and right out of the gate they were nominated for Best Musical, Best Direction, Best Orchestra, Best Scenic Design, and Best Featured Performer Will Stephens.

I have my ticket for the event and am looking forward to performances by each of the high schools nominated for Best Musical, including our own Wylie High School.  I am looking forward to the awards and even if our school walks away empty handed, we will be walking away with our heads held high because these students and teachers have achieved greatness, and how can you ask for more than that?

Break a leg Wylie High School!

Bureau of Land Mongers

This is me on my little slice of heaven.

It is one of our properties and is on this sprawling, serene, mountain-top in Oklahoma.  This particular property sits perilously close to one of the BLM red areas designated on this map. In fact, so does my house in Wylie, Texas.

What is to stop this BLM land map below from growing? You may view this image and zoom in for a better view here.

One should be amazed at just how much federal land already exists, and why is it the feds are looking toward growing this map by confiscating some areas in white that are privately owned?

Shouldn't all of this land be owned by the states anyway? After all, it is the states which gave birth of the federal government, not the other way around as our too big for their britches feds would like you to think.

The BLM is already looking at the 20,000 acres around Lake Lavon, currently held by the Corps of Army Engineers. Once taken over what is to stop them from their ambiguous 'plan' to expand that 20,000 acres to say 40,000 acres?

On April 21, 2014, the BLM was successful in having an item placed on the Collin County Commissioner's Court agenda General Discussion Item 8.

It was tabled for further investigation and now appears on the agenda, General Discussion Item 6  for April 28, 2014 in just a few short days.

Would I were you, I would be nervous about this bully BLM puttering around in Texas and flexing their muscles in some sort of show of bravado. The BLM states clearly that the land they are eyeing is in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, all very conservative states.  Is their mission not only one of carrying out the edict of Agenda 21 to create massive 'conservation' areas and push people into centralized controlled urban areas, but also to brutalize the heartland of conservatism by stripping people of not only their land but also their rights? From the Cliven Bundy Ranch proceedings in Nevada their motive is definitely questionable.

If you can attend that meeting in a show of force, it would be very useful to show the BLM our disapproval of their recent behavior.  The meeting is:

Monday, 4/28/14 at 1:30 pm
Commissioners Courtroom on the 4th Floor
Jack Hatchel Collin County Administration Bldg.
2300 Bloomdale Rd
McKinney, TX 75071

This issue will probably continue as the BLM is fairly persuaded at the moment so you can watch the Collin County Commissioner's Court Calendar for future meetings.

In fact, I would venture to guess the other Texas lakes on the map marked in red are also on the hit list, however the BLM conveniently strikes the most conservative county in Texas. Ask yourself why.

This land grab is all sorts of disturbing.  Not only because of the BLMs insistence that the Cliven Bundy Family is illegally feeding cattle on federal land, though the Bundy family has been grazing cattle there eons before the BLM was even conceived, but because the BLM is kicking around here in God's country.

I asked earlier what is to stop the federal government from expanding the map into a sea of red.  Nothing at all if they get their way with a 90,000 acre piece of private land along the Red River. Right here in our backyard the BLM is looking to confiscate 90,000 acres to which a privately held deed exists, all because of a little ambiguous grey area in their official BLM master plan book taken directly from Agenda 21.

This week Breitbart Texas published one of the best articles on the subject Texas land.

The article states "According to a BLM document provided to Breitbart Texas courtesy Rep. Thornberry’s staff, the BLM is going through a scoping period where they are gathering facts on land whose ownership they believe to be in question in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. The BLM is in the process of developing a Resource Management Plan. The plan will cover a total of 411,585 square miles, or 263 million acres of land. The BLM describes its “decision area as about 104,000 acres of BLM administered surface lands, 593,000 acres of split-estate land (private land with federal mineral interests) and 5,270,000 acres of federal mineral interests on land managed by other federal agencies."

Make no mistake, the feds will brutalize land owners with ambiguous definitions of what they decide is mineral rich, or what they decide is in dispute when it is politically convenient to them. And they will do it by manufacturing disputes, and defining any piece of land of their choosing to fall under one of those broad categories outlined in the Breitbart article as thusly theirs.   The reality of the official BLM Resource Management Plan is to hoard US land.

If you still find this whole BLM land grab stymieing, this video Border Battle helps explain just why this particular 90,000 acres in Texas is problematic and how the BLM is using the rather loose definition of 'disputed land' to their benefit.

In the case of this Red River property, the confounding definition involving water erosion, which does not appear to be causing any real contention between the TX or OK land owners, is reason enough for them to just confiscate it as their bizarre 'solution' to a perceived problem.

Private land is up for grabs folks and if the government feels your land is close enough to land they hold mineral rights to or deemed in dispute, they can just snap their fingers and take it and leave owners paralyzed with lawsuits as they attempt to keep what is rightfully theirs.

What begs to be asked about the Bundy Ranch issue in Nevada: is this what we have to look forward to here in Texas? Should we expect  thousands of Armed Militia to form and protect citizen rights? Should we expect government-paid snipers to aim their rifles at us and set up 'free speech' zones just as they did in NV? Is this the US or is it North Korea?

Who would have thunk we would have areas set up on American soil just outside the Bundy Ranch where we find ourselves without the US Constitution.  And one might think the Bundy's would have been grandfathered in since they have worked that land well over 100 years, but not so according to those BLM bullies who set up a free speech area of their choosing! Are you angry yet?

Photo credit: http://www.independentsentinel.com/
Since when are our First Amendment rights selectively enforced? The cordoning off of land where anyone who steps foot upon it will be put in a federal prison is truly an undeclared state of Martial Law.  This is unconstitutional and Americans must not let this stand.

So should we expect the same situation in Texas that took place in NV should BLM force the Red River issue?  I think so, as long as the masses remain passive on the issue.

Folks, we are truly headed to a worst case scenario if we do nothing. This Agenda 21 land grab is being spread through simultaneous use of various entities.  As in the case of the Bundy Ranch, liberal enviro-nutjobs fabricate stories that some sort desert tortoise must be protected while using the BLM as their henchmen.  As in the case of the Red River the BLM are using a perceived dispute.

WE MUST STAND TOGETHER: Please show up at the Commissioner's court meeting if you can.  Massive numbers help dissuade the BLM as we have seen in NV. Show up in force at the Red River property when called to do so.  We must not allow the BLM to outnumber citizen population EVER so it is imperative the people rally together in Texas just as they did at the Cliven Bundy Ranch. This is OUR country.

BLM Land Grab Smacks of Agenda 21

Conservatives far and wide are upset about the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land grab in the news lately. The rogue and, in my opinion, highly unconstitutional acts should come as no surprise to conservatives however. All we need do is remind ourselves of Agenda 21 to see the plan being put into action.

Agenda 21 sounds a bit ominous, kind of like Area 51 where otherworld theorists claim the US Government is storing preserved aliens and the wreckage of their spacecraft among other secrets.  But Agenda 21 is not exactly so ambiguous.  Agenda 21 is very real and the meetings are well documented. Probably one of the simplest places to get information on Agenda 21 is to Google it or check out Wikipedia.

The Agenda 21 goals in layman's terms are 'sustainability' or resource hoarding, economic and social equalization or wealth sterilization, and finally the plethora of means by which to brainwash the sheeple.

Essentially a group of lunatics from various countries got together under the name of United Nations and decided they would disassemble the United States measure by measure.  This is being accomplished so slowly and through such a massive infiltration, which would have taken even George Orwell by surprise, in the  hopes that Americans will have no clue what could possibly have changed. Oh and time is on their side as they pick their way into our brains and lives.

In your daily life, think hard about where you have heard the term LEED Certified.  Your City Council tosses it around as they 'make their plans' for your City. Even stores you shop at bought into it.  You can locate information on the web by rather 'official' sounding entities pretending to be linked to the US Government. Like who the hell is the US Green Building Council anyway?  Ah yes, another group among many of Marxist hacks who are shaping the very way in which you are allowed to live your life.

Next time you are shopping at Kohl's, listen for that LEED Certified message played throughout their store to remind you of just how kind and thoughtful they are for nurturing our world by recycling their hangers and using less energy. Does anyone even realize how energy abundant our own country is?  There is no proven need to conserve anything, including land, because every perceived shortage or crisis is conceived by man. 

The water knows how to cleanse itself, the trees continue to grow, the birds and the bees know how to pollinate, and the living world will go on breathing and evolving whether we are here or not. Evolution is God's plan, not ours.

Just look to Lake Lavon and the water shortage. We were forced to shut off the pipeline from Lake Texoma because of the Zebra Mussel, which is already proved to be in Lake Lavon now, rendering the attempt at frugality useless. Oh but your local governments have taken away your right to use your water which you pay for any way in which you please...and you will never get it back either. 

Once they take your land, you will never get that back either.  Agenda 21's goal is to infiltrate the very means by which you earn a living to assist with compliance.  Your roads are being taken over without your consent or even knowledge as they are turned one by one into toll roads.  Remember how the North Dallas Tollway was only supposed to be toll long enough to pay for it.  Well those days are long since past, and now you  have 121 added by the toll mongers because you proved you were very willing to dole out the cash on NTT.  Now more groups are looking to turn a free road, Hwy 78 into a toll road so they can move trucks from Greenville into Dallas.  Silly me, and I thought  that was what 30 does already with seemingly great success. 

Once you have to pay to go everywhere, they hope the pain in your pocketbook (coinciding with a crap economy designed by the liberals in office) that you will sign on to mass transit. Your ability to earn a living will be dependent upon the web of trains and buses.  But that won't matter because soon you'll be walking down your 52 story housing unit and across a park to get to work.

Agenda 21 is pushing hard to move the people off their land and into centralized, high-capacity housing units. They do this under the guise of inner-city 'revitalization'.  And they sucker you in by making it difficult to get to your place of employment. If I were you I would think long and hard about those boxy, inner-city housing units splattered all over Europe and the Eastern-block countries. But they are so nice! They have their little dog parks and botanicals and soon you will not be missing suburbia and manicuring your own piece of property.  You see, because you will not own any.

If these loons get their way, and they have already implemented their education plan in your schools through progressive curriculum like Common Core and CSCOPE, your children will think nothing of living like roaches on top of one another and your government will be 'managing' all of the land in the US on our behalf, because clearly we are wholly insufficient to do so ourselves.

One day you will wake up in your old age and remember how you used to make all your decisions on your own and have the freedom to own what you wanted through your hard work and perseverance in pursuit of the American Dream and that dream will have become a nightmare as you live in what was 1980s USSR.

This is why we, as Americans, must stand up to our Federal Government and not allow them to take land grazed by the Bundy family cattle since the 1800s as they manufacture nonsensical protection orders of the dessert tortoise as an excuse. We must not allow them to take land from farmers along the Red River claiming it was always federal land through some legal magic trick.  We must not allow them to steal our land away from us as they brainwash us into thinking that living in the inner-city is preferable to owning a piece of land that people fought hard for and even died for during the land rushes.

Then again, if you want to sit around your inner-city park singing Kumbaya as you wear sustainable bamboo clothing and share soybean pudding with those gathered to protect the gray-bellied slug, have at it.

Dark Side of McKinney

The Mckinney Watchdog group has posted some more material on their Chief of Police Joe Williams.

Joe's history takes him to Frisco, Celina, and then to McKinney where his pal Jason Grey hired him under some sort of mysterious don't ask/don't tell deal.  And evidently Grey stuck to that because had he reached out to his previous PD employers, he would have discovered that Sgt. Joe seemed to have a little difficulty performing his job:

Additionally, any background check on Sgt. Joe might have also indicated that he has a little difficulty discerning fantasy with reality:

Ruh Roh!

Then there's this which leaves one scratching their heads as policy is pushed aside by PoPo Joe:

Clearly there will be more to come and Mckinney Watchdog has been notified by one of the local stations that a report will be made during May sweeps.

McKinney Gets Some Hazing Whacks

No community leader wants citizens dogging their community.  There are a litany of cursory excuses as to why our leaders don't want scrutiny.  A few examples are that the community is being given a black eye, the naysayer is giving the community a bad reputation, we shouldn't air our dirty laundry, and my favorite excuse that everyone has skeletons in their closet so we shouldn't cast the first stone and all that rubbish.

If you allow yourself to reflect upon these excuses you will realize they were designed to keep good Christians under control by tossing their own biblical scripture back at them. They do not allow for any scrutiny or transparency as if We the People are supposed to accept our hazing without question. Like the Omega initiation in Animal House, we are expected to say, "Thank you, sir! May I have another!" as we are whacked repeatedly.

What I find interesting about writing this blog is that people really dig this stuff. They secretly enjoy the public shaming because it is just so fun to watch someone else getting the slapping for a change. However I have loftier goals for these posts. For conservative values to be carried up the ladder we must clean the bottom rungs and that means holding all leaders accountable, even in the small and mid-sized communities. It is imperative we educate people on why conservative values should be preferred.

I have readership across the nation so it has always tickled me to see how people who don't live here, and are not affected by what goes on here want to know more about our politics and way of life.  To be honest, I believe it is because what goes on in Texas is setting the tone for what will go on in other communities across the nation. How we handle our community leaders and politicians is truly setting standards to live by, even those values coming from my little community of Wylie, Texas.

Now I am all about not casting the first stone under certain circumstances, however when we are dealing with millions of dollars in budgets and leaders who hold the propensity for corruption, it is fair game to ask questions and point out those skeletons in the closet which might make a figurehead unsuitable for positions of leadership.

We all hear about large-scale corruption in the big cities because it is routinely highlighted by the news.  But it is important not to forget that the medium-sized cities are not immune to the same sort of corruption.  And of course let us not forget what takes place in the smaller, handshake gets 'er done communities as well.  All communities have their issues. 

I've been watching a Watchdog PAC out of McKinney, Texas that is registered with the Texas Ethics Commission and was founded according to their Facebook page to, "eradicate corruption, educate voters, and fight for transparency in government." I have got to give these people some Texas-sized props because they have done what should be done in every community across this country.  They are investigating the cronyism and corruption in our communities which ultimately promotes total nincompoops into higher and higher levels of incompetency. Sadly these corrupt leaders are moved up mystically and magically behind a cloud of smoke and mirrors and all on the taxpayer dime.   

Below are a few excerpts about the McKinney Chief of Police Joe Williams from their Facebook page:

Also that same year is this:

Ok, ok, so in 1997 he screwed up.  People make mistakes and that was 15 years ago.  However he would have been well into his 30s by then and was certainly old enough to know better.

Though I get the resignation from SWAT bit had the nonsense ended with the first infraction, but by the second infraction I cannot understand the light punishment of essentially a 3 day vacation without pay.  He should have been gone.

But it does not end there.  This perfectly grown man doesn't show up for his assignment in 1999 to work security for North Dallas Bank and is reprimanded and given counseling.

Then there is this little issue of his bankruptcy.

This excerpt from McKinney Watchdog does not state when this bankruptcy occurred but it is yet another example of irresponsibility on the part of a man who has been promoted in a couple different communities through a nonexistent gauntlet to Chief of Police! 

The excerpts continue to come as McKinney Watchdog has received 348 pages of well-documented issues and I will continue to report them here as they are published so stay tuned. 

Pig-Pen Workouts

Why is it that the manufacturers of athletic wear make the clothes in such hideous neon colors? I wonder if it is actually for my safety or for those on the street. Shield your eyes, here she comes!
Oh sure the pants, capris, and shorts are black and grey with the occasional blue slipping in, but the tops? Unless you select a dirge-worthy black top in order to be inconspicuous at the local rec center, your selection is neon orange, shocking pink, or above-ground pool turquoise. I’m sorry but nobody looks good in hunter’s neon orange. Nobody.
Seriously, people can see you coming for two miles down 1378! Dear God, there is that Engstrom woman again, look away!
Just when you want to disappear into the scenery while you are sweating and stinking up your workout gear, your selection consists of Starburst colored shirts. Are we really supposed to look tasty? As if.
I guess I am in the wrong business. I should have taken up women’s athletic gear design because I would use reflective tape for safety rather than shocking neon colors. Imagine cute black capri sweats with a soft peony pink top and matching gauzy, swingy, quick-dry sweater? You would look so cute that nobody would notice you were sweating worse than a hairy 350lb man with your personal swirling cloud of Peanuts Pig-Penish B.O.

What the Flock is Going On?

We've been flocked!

The Wylie High School PTSA fundraising team strikes again.

The maroon and black flamingo flock was placed on Friday evening while the hubs was on his way home from work, my senior was out with his girlfriend, and  my college-aged son and I were shopping for groceries.  The flock has still has not migrated from the feeding ground that is my front lawn yet. Thankfully we had the lawn sprayed by GroGreen and actually mowed because I would have been awfully embarrassed to have a couple PTSA volunteers see just how ghetto my lawn has become over the past couple years. I dislike pouring chemicals into the lawn because the nitrogen and phosphorous make their way into Lake Lavon and are part of the annual algae bloom and fish kill problem.

Seriously though, the 70s style lawn flamingos, a garden gnome, and a lawn jockey or two would have been a vast improvement but we decided to start caring about the house again this spring when the spousal unit announced that he thinks we will stay in this house for several more years. Damn, and I was thinking about signing up with the mayor, a realtor, to come sell our house.  I figured if I caused him so much grief and aggravation all these years it was the very least I could do. I had been hoping we could move once we got the youngest graduated and we could get away with  not replacing the fence or the roof.  In fact, with the hubs' revelation suddenly I am faced with a $500 plumber bill as we fix some things around the house that we have been ignoring. To my horror, he announced an electrician is next. Nice.

However back to the flocking. This is just another thing that Wylie does right. How fun to open your front door and find someone thought enough about  you that you should be included in the fun of an epic annual fundraiser.

How this works is now I must fork over $20 and a  name and address of the next unsuspecting recipient in order to have the flock migrate somewhere else.  Oh, and if I don't want them to come back I need to pay an additional $10 in flock insurance.

One year one of the Wylie ISD Trustees paid the insurance in hopes the flock would not make it to her front lawn but notification of the insurance payment had not made it yet to the flock and they ended up in her yard a handful of hours later.

Suffice to say I did not pay the insurance because frankly I don't care if they do come back.  It is all in good fun and in the end, funds the PTSA raise from this annual event go toward an end of the year banquet they host for the graduating seniors.

It is Sunday morning and the flock has not left yet and as a protective momma, if they don't leave before the severe storms we expect later today I will be pulling all of it up and storing it in my garage so they don't get damaged. 

After contemplating a few houses the flock could migrate to, including our fine mayor, the superintendent, and even my bff, I decided it was best to leave that decision up to my graduating senior. Lets just say that if you were involved in Hairspray, you are no longer safe.

Nobody To Blame But Ourselves

I arrived at my office this morning, in sweats and with coffee in hand after that ridiculously long journey up the stairs and through the game room.  Tough I know. Sadly I arrived to find there was yet another brutal school attack.  This attack was with a knife-wielding high school student and I cannot help but notice the lack of CNN new alerts in my inbox as compared to past school attacks with guns.  Evidently CNN does not find knife attacks to be quite as titillating as those committed with a gun.

What a sad statement on American society. What seems important is only what is portrayed by the mainstream media litmus test. To back that statement up, I made a quick check of Facebook and nary a mention of prayers or coverage as is normal and cursory when there is a school shooting.

Oh, it was a knife.  No biggie; it was not a GUN.  HORRORS!  Oh contraire because what I find personally horrifying is the underlying theme of teen on teen violence from our youngsters. It is not about guns or knives, or violent television and movies or even video games. It is about the decay of the American nuclear family and its values.

A quick survey of where we came from and where we are headed should tell you everything you need to know. Where once the majority ruled when a man and woman married and then had children. So it was written and that was considered the norm.  Sure, some loose women got preggers but it was not exactly happening in large percentages or by choice, unless they were attempting to force the man into marriage. Then came the prevalence of divorce, and the realignment of the nuclear family followed as there became an abundance of step-something or others.  Soon spouses, usually the women, were left to raise children alone as the co-inseminator decided it was more important to live with their id or the young 20-something than reality.

Now I agree that some people should honestly not be married.  Some marriages are toxic to the family unit, but the divorce craze since the 80s is absolutely dizzying.  Have we really become that bad at judging the character of a potential spousal unit?  You know, there is something to be said for those old Jewish Matchmakers and valuing the idea of growing in love rather than fulfillment of lust in the here and now and, gee let’s hope this marriage thingy works out and we don’t screw up the kids.

Next came the feminazi crowd that believed with all their might that raising children on their own terms with or without a man in their life was perfectly acceptable for the child. Soon following were gay couples who wanted a piece of the family pie as it was sliced and diced up. What this brought is a society that is so anti-nuclear family, anti- original American dream that they redefined those terms into something altogether unrecognizable.  And not in a good way either when we consider what has happened to the American family when a student can go shoot up elementary students, or knife classmates, or even drag their fellow classmate’s dead body through the woods searching for a suitable dumping ground.

Perhaps my thoughts are a tad Pollyannaish but I have to admit, when I survey the wreckage of the American nuclear family, I come back to the idea that the family unit has been so bastardized and splintered into something totally unrecognizable that we are just plain fucking up our kids.  Excuse my French.

Make no mistake, this war on family values coincides directly with the war on Christianity. The few, the proud, the amoral are doing their best to remove societal mores so they can expand their elicit playground without fear of guilt, retribution, or shame. Think back when you were young: did you go try to smoke that first cigarette alone or did you try to do it with someone else so you would not be alone in your young mind's moral turpitude?  It is always easier if we summon help when we want to move that mountain, as well as move the moral compass.

A pervasive threat exists against family values. It is a disease which is disintegrating the morals of not only our immediate families but also society as a whole.  Imagine it as one of those ice skating extravaganzas where one girl starts spinning in the middle and soon collects more girls on either side as the leotard bedazzled ladies fight hard to join in or even keep up. Exciting. Well, that is until you puke from spinning in a circle.

Sadly most people feel their comfy family of three, four, or more is immune to this, but they do not see that their kids are being indoctrinated into this new way of life every time their eyelids flutter open.  They are smacked with it by television, radio, friends, school curriculum, and a society coming at them as fast as fluffy snowflakes rush toward the window of a speeding car. It’s all so mesmerizing that it is difficult to accept that your own way of life should be just as acceptable as that way of life society is telling you should be integrated so as not to harm the minority.  What happens every time a child is told that we must be accepting of gay marriage or single pregnant teenage girls is another hit in the gut of morals and values.

In fact, morals and values have taken it on the chin to the point that our students are almost made to believe that these alternative lifestyles are more important than their own, and thus their own lifestyles are being replaced with a new norm. This is truly distasteful.

Something should be said for keeping it to yourself. Don’t ask, don’t tell was a perfect plan. However the more someone walks on the edge, the more they want others complicit and the less they can keep it to themselves. We are a, "Me, me, look at me!" society. 

Thus a minority is wagging the dog by the tail as they rule this country because the majority are afraid to stand up for what were supposed to be their own values.  It's just easier to integrate others values as our own rather than fight them. And soon we have teenagers shooting each other and what are supposed to be rational adults scurrying around blaming television, movies, video games, and guns.  These are merely excuses when the blame really lies on our own inability to fight for those old American family values.  

In reality, we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

The Bullied Now Bully

Here's a relatively new name for you: Brendan Eich.

If you don't know of him you probably need to because his story should chill you to the bone and scare the intestinal detrital right out of you.

Mr. Eich is in the news recently because, as the C.E.O. of Mozilla (Firefox), he was forced to step down on Thursday due to his  personal views on gay marriage. Despite the company nor Mr. Eich personally ever discriminating against anyone in the LGBT community, his company was boycotted by dating site OKCupid and they successfully got him removed from his job. This news my friends is exceedingly troublesome.

What is frightening about this scenario is that not only is Mr. Eich's First Amendment rights under attack so are ours no matter what our beliefs are. 

Normalcy is under attack. If you believe in one man and one woman marriage according to biblical scripture, you simply must loose your job over it. If you are an average, run of the mill man and woman who are married and share responsibilities and decision making 50/50, you are the humdrum of the nation.

What's new and exciting is what was once considered abnormal. This all encompassing inclusivity of the 'everything goes' mentality has crept into every facet of life, whether it makes sense or not.

An example of one that doesn't make any sense at all is how University of Michigan boasts a tax-payer funded art display on campus that states Abortion is Gift from God. Good to know UofM paid $1000 to the pro-choice artist, clearly lauding the murder of unborn babies as scripturely heaven-sent.  Can we just say super twisted?

Even the University of South Carolina Upstate is sponsoring a class on How to Become a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less. They want attendees to chant, "I'm a big 'ole dyke!" Oh and good luck if you disagree with this behavior and complain. From what we just witnessed, the newly crowned Gaystapo will bully you, force you to lose your job, and maybe even terrorize you online, raping you in the most public way.

Those who were once bullied are now the aggressors and I am left wondering what ever happened to that buzz word - diversity? I suppose it is no longer allowed if you disagree with someone or even their way of life.

There seems to be a disturbing trend. Recently a campus reporter, who works for a conservative news outlet, was bullied at a feminist conference on inclusivity. You heard right, women who were hailing inclusivity as primo Godspeak bullied a woman for her views. Oh brother, now everything makes sense.

Wait, but there's more! Shutting down certain views seems to be the new norm. Even worse than all this gay vs. anti-gay bashing is how UofM pulled the plug on a film depicting the abuse that takes place in Muslim marriages. The University of Michigan recently shut down a movie depicting violence against women in the Muslim world. If you are anti-Sharia Law you may as well kiss UofM goodbye because they don't seem to care as they kowtow to Michigan's rather large Muslim population and their own large Muslim studenthood.  A blind eye is turned to abuse, a real blight in society, and a group of Muslim women's voices were silenced. Shall we watch for notices of the public stonings next?

So let me get this straight, UofM believes it is Islamophobic to dislike how Muslim women are beat up, raped, have their genitals mutilated, and abused according to Sharia Law doctrine? Oh, then I guess UofM believes women should be beat, raped, and abused.  An over-exaggeration of course but it shows the prevailing attitude complicit in these 'inclusivity' woes.

What started the attack on Mr. Eich was the fact that the names of all 35K donors to Prop 8 were released and the Gaystapo selected one they could easily obtain influence over. This has prompted groups to jump on the bandwagon hoping to oust each and every one of those 35K donors. Just how much hatred and anti-inclusivity can a group of people who begged for inclusivity be? The bullied now bully and it is incredibly disturbing to watch people crawl down this path like filthy rats. We can thank the likes of the LA LA Land LATimes for publishing a searchable database of those who opposed same-sex marriage.  Be afraid, very afraid because what you thought were your private thoughts and opinions are now under attack and no longer private. 

I suspect that what is coming next by the lynch mob is they will target every person who has ever given money to or supported a candidate that is pro-traditional marriage. In fact, a sizeable population of US citizens should be shaking in their boots about now. This means that anyone who wants to come after your job can and will and you will have no recourse.  And precedence has been set as the Gaystopo successfully had Mr. Eich removed from his livelihood. Yours is next.

Personally I don't care one way or another about gay marriage and I don't really care if my friends, pastor, or the CEO of some large corporation is against it or for it.  Who the hell cares? I just want the hatred from both sides to stop.

What I do know is that in trying to make the world inclusive and diverse, the fringe nutwads are doing their best to homogenize everyone to think only the same way they do which if successful, is neither inclusive nor diverse.