Sheeple in HD

I want to thank my friend Ryan O'Keefe for his massive writing contribution toward this blog post.

The latest news clip making the social networking rounds today is Joel Osteen and his blathering, idiotic statement that Obama is a Christian and is doing a good job.  The Christian thing is debatable, and doing a good job?  Joel Osteen needs to step away from the crack pipe because the majority of Americans don't believe Obama is doing a good job

The statement made by this charlatan, who runs the massive Lakewood mega-church in Houston, should be astounding to any individual still capable of using deductive reasoning.  And what do the church members do with that statement from the same man who blessed Houston lesbian Mayor Anise Parker even though he used to state that homosexuality is not God's best choice? Oh I see, it's only convenient to dislike the gay lifestyle when the mayor isn't having subpoenas issued for all of your sermons and communications on alternative lifestyles.  How are his 45,000+ weekly church members supposed to process that conflicting information and still herd on through his pearly Lakewood barn doors every Sunday?

Let me explain how many churches and preachers are moving the moral compass and controlling your thought processes.

The Catalysts to the Obama Socialist agenda are the world globalists. The whole Christian duty thing is exactly why I can say with certainty that mega-churches are far more insidious than the likes of bigots preaching from the pulpit such as Rev. Wright who routinely hurls hateful, race-baiting statements and was the spiritual mentor of Barack Obama prior to his election in 2008.  At least with Rev. Wright, he isn't hiding it.

The mega church agenda is cloaked under Christian principles most people can accept without thinking critically as to why. Please note that  I did not say all churches are insidious, however some are taking on this new bent.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel is the namesake of a phenomenon known as the Hegelian Dialectic or HD. It was actually conceived by Heinrich Moritz Chalybaus and named after Hegel.  It has become the basis of Communist and Marxist practice and has been found very useful in the political arena as well.  Please take the time to read the link I provided, you will be doing yourself a big favor in understanding how much of what is taking place in our country has been carefully planned. 

The Hegelian Dialectic framework relies on a pattern of circular thought and can be defined through  the following stages: Thesis, Antitheses, and Synthesis or TAS.  Hegel has opened the door to understanding how truth can be exchanged for a watered down compromise between right and wrong.

How HD ties into the Christian church can be directly linked to the mega-church movement. The use of HD by many preachers, particularly in mega-churches, has watered down the masses to the point that people are conditioned to blindly accept today's PC culture as it is preached from the pulpit. Again, not all preachers employ this tactic.

I'll use the influx of illegal aliens as a prime example:

Thesis:  Gods ultimate truth which is "One Nation Under God", a Free society with Biblical truth at its center. This truth was woven into the US fabric by our forefathers through the original Constitution documents.

Antithesis: The expectation that "real Christians would love on these poor, refugees and show them Christ's love and mercy" welcoming them rather than ostracizing them.  This is the conflict. This is why there was a bit of a flap between those who were angry that Glen Beck and Ted Cruz showed up at the border to pass out soccer balls and teddy bears to the illegal alien children.  Those who thought it was a bad idea to encourage lawlessness were told they were not behaving very Christian-like, regardless of  immigration law.

Synthesis: Therefore we must all agree that the U.S has room for ALL of these people. This is the only politically correct response.

See how synthesis has taken place by watering down truth, which by the way, in this case is rule of law and the immigration laws?   It's how the Baptists and Catholics can take in millions of dollars to help pay for the care of law-breaking illegal aliens without batting an eyelash.  It is not a give Caesar what is Caesar's mentality.

Understanding how TAS works is crucial to identifying when you are the unwitting receiver of its circular thought process deployment. It happens particularly in small groups as the majority push, prod and ultimately coerce the few into agreement.  It is  how juries are able to find OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony not guilty. 

I want everyone to recognize that this is a very dangerous and important catalyst in why the moral compass of the US is moving, and not in a good way either.  The accusations waved about by liberals is, "How can a good Christian go against Humanist principles?"  Thus because of the conflict this statement creates, many Christians are following the liberal plan instead of believing in the ultimate truth, US Constitution. 

It is why normally rational, intelligent people can blindly follow the Democrat Party which has been invaded by the far left and does not even resemble the Democrats of yesteryear.  Think President John F. Kennedy.  It is how Republicans have moved to the center from Republicans of yesteryear.  Think President Ronald Reagan.  It is why Constitutional Conservatives are being called bitter and ridiculed for clinging to their bibles and guns. 

Thankfully the Hegelian Dialectic practice falls on deaf ears of most Conservatives who look to the self evident truth of the Constitution and not emotional words and shame from pastors and politicians.  Hence, it is why conservatives are angry as hell about the influx of illegal aliens; we are not in conflict with truth.

When Joel Osteen makes a sweeping statement that Obama is doing a good job and is a man of God, he is forcing his followers into conflict with that statement. Be wary of falling in line with the sheeple herd.

Indiscriminate Decency

I have to admit, I am a little more than miffed that nurse Kaci Hickox whined like a spoiled rotten brat a mere day after being quarantined in New Jersey, thanks to new policies on handling healthcare workers and volunteers coming back from the three infected countries, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.  I'm not going to pretend I know what the law does or does not say about quarantines, but the wuss that is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie acquiesced and let her out today, just as he acquiesces when his little boyfriend Barack Obama whines. What was the point of strong-arming the quarantine idea then?  I am convinced the man is a massive waste of airspace.

My first thought of nurse Hickox was that she is behaving like a selfish brat.  But how can she be?  How can someone who travels to the Ebola ravaged country, knowing they are risking their lives to help many others, be selfish?

It is just like Patient Zero Thomas Eric Duncan who carried a dying woman around looking for help, then lied on his health record just before jumping on a plane to the US.  That one irresponsible act brought the deadly virus here and infected two more people on American soil.  Victims to be sure.

It is like nurse Amber Vinson flying to Cleveland after knowing the protocols in Dallas were changing by the day and errors might have been made.  The nurses were working under less than ideal conditions by their own admission to the press. Please do not tell me Vinson felt the ever evolving policies of the CDC were failsafe. 

It is like Doctor Craig Spencer who traipsed around New York City thinking he was impermeable to Ebola, with all his medical knowledge and perceived proper protocol and all. 

Hickox's actions are  no different.  She obviously feels as though she can do what she pleases because her contact with Ebola is perfect in her eyes.

What is really going on here with these acts I've described, is that people are using transference.  The problem is with Ebola and not any possibility that they might be carrying it.  Their mighty thermometer tells them they are fine to be intimate with others.  No conflict there, they have a clear conscience to go about their business without a care in the world. Through transference, they are able to justify contact with others because they no longer own the problem.  Bluntly stated, they are ultimately choosing times when it is convenient to behave like decent human beings, or not.

It's not as if these people are purposely out there hoping to infect someone, that's just crazy talk. These people merely wish to go about their lives as they once did, and we can certainly understand that.  However, they would not go out for a night on the town or fly across the country while having a full-blown case of the flu would they?  One would like to hope not, because it would be wrong to spread it around so easily on a plane to other passengers breathing the same old recycled air or touching the same things you touched.  So why would anyone think it's OK to be in intimate contact with Ebola and assume everything is just peachy?

It is justified because it is not airborne, that we know of, and they are not contagious until they have a fever. Never mind that these people were, 'not quite feeling well' and they continued going out and about, coming into contact with others.  They don't call it the nurse killer in Africa for nothing.

So Hickox is complaining that her rights are being violated, completely negating any of the good deeds she did while in Sierra Leone, in my opinion.  In fact, at this point it's not really about any law or lack of one.  It's about having the common decency to quarantine yourself as part of being a responsible steward on this planet.  Let me repeat that once more because it is the moral of this story.   The name of the game is personal responsibility.

Common decency should dictate that you shouldn't be around others when you are feeling unwell for fear of spreading whatever it is you have, so why wouldn't you willingly accept a quarantine? We don't get to pick and choose when we feel like being good Christians or decent human beings.  Do you go through a red  light at night when there isn't a car in sight?  Do you bring home paperclips from work believing it's not really stealing?  Should you risk others health and safety because you are confident in yourself that you followed all the right protocols and couldn't possibly have Ebola?  I am sure that Vinson and Dr. Spencer thought that too.

Strict quarantines and vigilant tracing are what has stopped Ebola in it's tracks in countries like Senegal and Nigeria.  They are Ebola free by using these simple techniques:  detect early, trace, isolate, treat, strong leadership, and public help. If these countries found isolation so important, why would Hickox or anyone complain about being isolated then? 

Just remember this, we do not have the right to indiscriminately choose when to be decent human beings and when not to because God is always watching.

Princess H8 and The Ho

What sort of twat-monster asked these little girls to cuss like a crack house whore?  And we wonder why radical Islamists call us infidels?  It's because of despicable crap like this.

There is no excuse great enough to use children in this manner  To me, this is exploitation and child abuse  and CPS should be called in to investigate exactly what is taking place in the homes of these children that would encourage their parents to find this acceptable.

Did anyone find anything cute about this, and exactly what is the message they are trying to spread? To me it looks like they are grasping at low-quality data to give them permission to behave like obnoxious, bossy, self-centered sluts. Would they talk to their grandparents like this?

A better question to ask is who exactly are their heros?  People like BeyoncĂ© and Miley Cyrus who appears in public looking like a trollops and acting like hookers.  I mean, let's call a spade a spade.  The face and body say screw me until it hurts and I bleed and bruise for a week.  But then the mouth says no? This is wrong on so many levels.

Don't you just want to see your little girl doing this when she grows up?  I don't think so, so imagine the sick and twisted mommies and daddies who were proud of their little potty-mouthed princesses.

BeyoncĂ© is selling sex to men, purposefully arousing and taunting them through her slutty, bossy gyrations and sex act words.  Women who follow her example then claim rape if men act upon it.  It seems their only argument is that men view women merely as sex toys. Well gee, when you bump and grind your half-naked ass, make sex noises, sucking motions, and tongue action on the stage, common sense dictates you kind of sexually objectified yourself.

Attractive, isn't she?

What sort of lesson for young girls is this?  That it's OK to get a man rock hard and then call him sexist because he is arroused.  Girls, if you are going to bop around like a human vibrator and dress like you belong in Rocky Horror, talk like you own not a shred of decency, don't get pissed about the response you elicit.  Stupid, stupid women.

I am firmly convinced that there is something wrong with a woman who views society in such a hateful manner.  These feminazis are the same women who walk around in bloody clothes for abortion-rights, hump foam fingers on stage, sing about sexual domination, and then in a twist of insanity claim the word 'bossy' should be banned.

This group of feminazis has violated these children while they spread lies about pay inequality, which has been debunked so many times already that it's amazing they continue to perpetuate the lie.

Make no mistake, it's all for the shock value and making a buck or five off of it rather than any positive self-image message for little girls. These women hold such hatred and contempt for the world, can you imagine living with one?  Forget 'bossy', the word 'bitch' comes to mind.

The only thing they seem intent upon doing is bringing attention to themselves and not in a good way, further objectifying women.  Not cool in the Befuddled Book of Common Sense, not cool.

Obama Sadministration Strikes Again

Cardstock manufacturer sought on Fed Biz Opps to print up to 34 million Green Cards over a 5 year period:

Now I don't think you need me to translate this for you.  While you were focused on Ebola and ISIS, this Sadministration was continuing the battle for a single party system by assembling the necessary puzzle pieces.

The Department of Homeland Security is expecting a 'surge'. Raise your hand if you are surprised.

Vote Your Roots

Yes siree Bob, it's time to head to the the polls and place your vote for the previously ignored mid-term elections.  I say previously because they have pulled historically low voter turnout in the past.

On a local level, this is helpful if you want to get a bond passed for say, $94.2 MILLION DOLLARS and you coerce the employees to vote for it.  BAM!

On the state and national level, these elections have been fairly unremarkable, until 2010 when Americans voted for Republican control of the House.

Perhaps they will be fairly remarkable this year as polls show Democrats losing the Senate this go around.   SPLAT!

Locally, we can see the lengths Sameena Karmally will go to win against our stalwart, beloved, value-driven leader Representative Jodie Laubenberg.  By the way it seems Karmally is more interested in Dallas County, attending several dinners and events there, than in the county she actually is running in. Karmally's pals Battleground Texas have been kicking around here too, stealing Laubenberg signs, and even placing Karmally signs in right-of-ways and on private property without the property owner's permission.  Where once all you saw were Karmally signs plastered everywhere, flanking Laubenberg signs, now notice as you drive around town how few Karmally signs exist since they have been moved to their rightful place, the trashcan.  Note to Karmally and her Battleground Texas playmates: you can't just put signs up where you want and without permission.  We notice that sort of thing here in Wylie. Who needs values like that? BOOM!

On the state level, Wendy Davis and supporters have put out ads attacking her opponent Attorney General Greg Abbott with his own wheelchair and calling him racist, Problem is, Abbott is married to a brown-skinned woman, though I have yet to see a list of Davis' black or brown beaus, have you? Who needs values like that?  ZLATT!

My suggestion this year is that you vote your roots.  To me that means getting back to the basics,  fundamentals, morals, and values.  OK, OK, so you tried it. You voted for Barack Obama because you wanted to see a black man become president.  I personally didn't do that because I knew better than to allow warm fuzzies and emotion get in the way of pushing buttons in that booth. And in the process of 6 years I've been called racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, prejudice, and just plain bigoted, all of which were epithets conjured in the minds of those ignoramuses who tossed those words out because they were ashamed of their own choice.  I was too smart to fall for the Obama ploy. We all see how that worked out.

It's time to set those Obamaworld newfangled notions aside because they are not working.  We see that as ISIS is still on the move toward Baghdad, Syria, and Jordan will be next, as US citizens are beheaded and Christians are beheaded, shot, and crucified by the tens of thousands, as Obama claims America comes from Muslim roots, as citizens were targeted by IRS thugs and the then conveniently loses emails proving this, as Benghazi was lied about so Obama could campaign, as the NSA has spied on everyone, as Americans were killed by drone strikes without due process, as arms were secretly given to drug cartels in Fast and Furious, as Ebola made it to our shores and a befungling CDC did a worse job than Larry, Moe, and Curly might have, as Putin invades another country though Obama made him promise he wouldn't, as red lines were drawn in the sand with Syria but never enforced, as your school children starve with their meager meals while the Obama girls eat a chef prepared meal at their private school, as our national debt has increased dramatically, as a record number of people are forced on welfare by failing Obama policies, while the BLM beats up on ranchers and landowners, while people lose the healthcare they were promised they could keep, while insurance costs are increasing dramatically with Obamacare, while illegal aliens were invited to walk across our border daily bringing Enterovirus and TB with them, while Obama campaigns or plays golf. Even Democrats are running from Obama as they PRETEND they do not approve of his policies.  Same old lies. POW!

I suggest you vote your roots and place your vote for candidates who believe in strong conservative values such as limited government, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, rule of law, and national sovereignty.  These values mean something.  Let's show Washington DC we mean business.

Toll Road Weary

It was announced today by the North Central Texas Council of Governments NCTCOG that they reverse their original recommendation of a toll road to go through the rural areas from Greenville through Wylie and on to the President George Bush Tollway PGBT.

What does this mean for that private company, Texas Turnpike Corporation, who raced to file their Articles of Incorporation before the private toll road company deadline thus granting them eminent domain? Well I'm sure they are a tad peeved at the moment, and I'm sure they will continue with the toll road hard-on, however they will likely face a very difficult time if it is not in the NCTCOG transportation plan.

Though Texas Turnpike Corporation claims that Texas Department of Transportation TXDOT has the final approval, only time will tell, the the door appears to be shutting a little on this project.  Good thing because people are growing toll road weary.

Houston, we have a problem...

It seems liberal lesbian mayor Annise Parker of Houston has deanded through subpoena that specific high-profile pastors in Houston hand over any sermons or notes regarding gender identity.  Never mind that the United States has a constitution which protects their right to free speech in the 1st Amendment. I see a big-ass lawsuit coming here, don't you?

Not only will the City of Houston be sued, but cartoons will soon commence, portraying a bitch on wheels Parker wielding her rainbow colored scepter from on high. What an embarrassing black eye Houston has just sustained.

I suggest you write a letter to the city council and let them know just what you think of their mayoral snafu:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Here is my letter to the Houston City Council sent via email:

Dear Honorable Council-members,

Imagine the country's surprise to open their online news site or sit newspaper in hand, and read headlines reporting a mayor of a major US city, spiraling completely out of control.  For Mayor Annise Parker to demand certain pastors in Houston turn over their documents relating to gender identity is astounding.  

These subpoenas target Christian pastors specifically, and are discriminatory. Parker merely clicking her ruby red heels will not change thousands of years of theological doctrine or even the Bible or Quran, and it will not change protection under the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution.  

Make no mistake, this is an attack on Christian values.  You have opened up your city for not only a massive lawsuit, but nationwide ridicule as well.  I am also fairly certain your taxpayers will appreciate the additional expense of this buffoonery.  I can just see the cartoons of your mayor and city exploding around the blogsphere as I write.

The City of Houston is walking a terribly slippery slope.  As council members you have the ability to put your mayor in her rightful place. Elections have consequences.

In Liberty,
Pamela Engstrom
The Wylie Tea Party

The sad part of all this how anyone can think the trampling of  civil liberties of one group over another is acceptable.

This is the vision the gay population would like you to believe in:

In reality, it is more like a trickle.  The good news for Christians who believe procreation determines a true marriage, only 3.5% of the US population are gay. From all the ballyhoo and bedbugs, one might think the gay population were more like 40%, but not so. Christianity is under attack and this is merely another cog in that wheel.

This blog post is not to say that we should not have love for our fellow brothers and sisters.  Any Christian worth their salt should espouse loving the sinner but not the sin.

You know, elections and votes have consequences and we have witnessed our fair share in Wylie.  Be warned, this is merely a precursor to what is coming under people like Wendy Davis for governor and Sameena Karmally who is running against our beloved State Representative Jodie Laubenberg.

Stand strong with our conservative leaders. They will need it in this troubling time.

Right is Left

I got to thinking about this when I watched a news snippet of the doctor that fought off Ebola speak at Abilene Christian University yesterday.  He started in on preaching about taking care of others and not worrying so much about ourselves.  In part, this Ebola thing in the US is not going to be nearly as problematic as it is in Sierra Leon and Liberia at the moment, I totally get that.  But it was clear as he proselytized, that he felt we were focusing too much on our poor selves and not spending enough effort on others as well as those dying from the disease.  It was also clear from some of his words that he falls into what I call the liberal right-wing crowd.  They are so far right, they are left.  Let me explain.

Traditionally, the right-wing has consisted of people of faith who have strong religious ties and a strong love of the US Constitution. But the wheat is being sorted from the chaff so to speak, as our religious leaders beat into us that others are more important than everything else, including the US Constitution.  Religious leaders are on a crusade to not only collect for the poor, and there is nothing wrong with this, but also a crusade to open the borders wide and allow a free ebb and flow of our resources and wealth between all countries.  Rule of law does not matter to them while they assume the care-taker position over law-breakers entering our borders illegally.  How can you go from great religiosity to ignoring rule of law?   This is not what Jesus preached; he did not encourage lawlessness.

I know it seems like a bit of a misnomer to call them liberal right-wingers, but a move to liberalize right-wingers has been taking place by design, and aided by our religious leaders who have overinflated one aspect of Christianity over all else.  After all, what do they stand to gain?  More money being tithed by a swirling-eyed throng of people as they open their wallets every Sunday.  All churchgoers are guilty of it.

Liberal right-wingers are those super religious folks that once believed in America the great, the Star Spangled Banner, and bleeding red, white, and blue but have now essentially been brainwashed by their churches into believing that Americans are a bit money-grubbing and self-serving and need to give more time, more effort, and more money to the world so everyone can have what we have. Sounds nice.  On paper.

Never mind how many millions of dollars America already sends over to third world countries through our hard earned tax dollars, I suppose that doesn't count.  We the People are supposed to give even more on our own.  You see, if we give them everything we have, the whole world will live in harmony, health, and happiness.   But will they?  That stance is pretty short-sighted considering the governments these people are forced to live under. 

On one hand, liberal right-wingers are essentially being taught that Americans are selfish bastards and American Exceptionalism should be dead because we are stealing off the backs of others as well as dabbling into foreign governments, attempting to spread Democracy as well as steal their greatest natural resource - oil which by the way their governments are filthy rich from.  On the other hand, we are selfish bastards for not sending our money to these countries to help spread wealth to the people so they can install Democratic governments, and in turn have what we have. Sounds like the same end result, but not really.

One way means we help stop a government from abusing its people and help them install a Democracy while purchasing their oil or resources and infusing the country with money.  The other way means we toss cash at people whose harsh government is going to take it away from them and their situation never improves.  Who would you hate more? 

Liberals seem to think that where there is a will, there is a way, but their practices create a sloth where people no longer have a will.  Liberals thrive on dependency because it breeds power.

Then there are the atheists who are attempting to cut off any do-gooders at the knees.  Those who don't want your 'rosary touching their ovaries'.  Those who make me believe that there is a God because without one, there would be no incentive to be a decent human being. What would be the point?  Without God, there is no reason in a world of reason.

Seems like a whole lot of cognitive dissonance to carry around with you these days if you are a Christian.  Christians are under attack from the world.

Churches are pushing Christians to be more liberal.  Atheists are pushing Christians to not be Christian.  Christians are pushing Christians.  And sadly, Muslims just want Christians dead.

I've blogged about the holy war before.  It is an important topic to place focus upon because I am fearful of how the rift between America's 'religions' and atheists could possibly overcome a war waged upon us by radical Islamists, which should be by far the most pressing issue facing Christians at the moment.  Our very existence is under attack and even the Pope has opened his eyes to this fact.  You know it's bad when the Pope wants you to take out ISIS.

As I see it, America's numerous religions are a blessing and a curse in this war.  We cannot even get together on the topic of abortion or nativity scenes on public spaces, how on earth are we going to get together ideologically and fight against a steady stream of men, including Americans, joining ISIS?

Their one, singular goal is to kill those who will not convert, and what is our one goal?  Ah let's see, collecting tithes, growing mega-churches, amassing wealth, building gigantic church compounds, and let's not forget feeding the poor, putting shoes on African children, providing care to illegal alien children steaming across the border, putting together backpacks of school supplies, flying to other countries to proselytize them, putting together shoeboxes of goodies for the military, the list goes on and on.  I can pretty much tell you that we do not have killing those who want to kill us as our main focus.

So  how will Christians win against a growing monster in the middle-east that wants us dead?  We must unite.  That is hard to do when our religions seem to be fundamentally blindfolded. 

As Christians, we aren't really supposed to be looking at other religions.  As good little sheeple, we are to attend our church every Sunday and hand over money.  In the south, the masters at collecting money seem to be the Baptists and the Evangelicals, which I pretty much view as one and the same. 

Look at the monolith in Wylie that is the First Baptist Church.  It's a sprawling mass of wealth taking over our downtown area with community center and parking.  Look at other massive cathedrals such as  Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano and Dallas, Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church in Allen, Cornerstone Baptist Church, and First Baptist Dallas to name a few.

That is not to say they do not have great messages, because they do.  I am particularly fond of Dr. Jeffress at First Baptist Dallas, but that is not the point.  I am not fond of these massive churches that preach do as I say and not as I do such as the Osteens, with their faux theology backgrounds who have turned preaching for pennies into a living, and a good living indeed.  Have you seen the wealth amassed by the Osteens?  Sure, funds are sent to help others, but these people pay themselves supremely.

While all this church building is going on across the country, nobody is out there suggesting that Christians come together as one in order to fight the ISIS threat.  We talk about Christianity as if it is one unit, but it is a multi-faceted entity where everyone is headed in different directions attempting to get to the same point.  Christians are taking a beating and many are buying into the liberalism being taught by their pastors. This is why these terrorists have the upper hand against us and as long as they are allowed to walk this earth, and as long as we do not have a oneness among the churches, we will face a grave threat.

A New Low

It seems the Wendy Davis campaign has sunk to a new low. They are airing a video which attacks Gregg Abbott and uses his wheel chair as a tool against him. I didn't think she could get any more vile than saying he needed to walk in her shoes. Honestly, how low can you go? 

Pretty low, especially since someone, either in support of Wendy's campaign or Battleground Texas not only stole some large Gregg Abbott and Jodie Laubenberg signs in Wylie, but also left trash where the signs once stood on someone's personal property.  Goes to show you the maturity level of those in support of the Democrats in Texas.

Wendy Davis supporters will stoop to anything, including attacking a paraplegic.  Then again,, a quick survey will show you what sort of people supported Wendy Davis when we reflect upon her Abortion Barbie 15 minutes of fame.

The very mature faces of Wendy Davis supporters:

It is very clear when you hear Barbie-bot talk on issues that are non-abortion related, her speech is a memorized tick list with robot-like, forced speech as we saw in the PBS gubernatorial debate a couple weeks ago.  Just listening to her bizarre, uncomfortable monotone speech makes me want to box my ears.

Conversely, when she talks about the right to kill babies, her speech is fluid and natural as we saw in her filibuster.  Crying?  This is not gubernatorial material. Though the video below is pro-Davis, you get to see what sort of supporters she draws, and their disrespectful behavior showing no concern for rule of law.

Wendy Davis can attempt to make this campaign about education and jobs, though both have improved dramatically in Texas over the last decade that a Republican has been at the helm in the capitol, but what she really is after is the right for women to do anything they please and behave any way they want, "without apology." And that is a very dangerous stance to take.

Wendy Davis' pro-abortion stance isn't about a woman's right to do what she wants with her body, it is about the right for them to do what they want in a lawless society free from any mores. Pretty clear from the mob rule that took place in Austin.

Rather than put all her energy in educating women about abstinence, Davis would rather they be able to have sex on demand and just abort the nuisance whenever they get around to it, say after 4 months.  As I've said before, if you cannot figure out whether you want to keep the baby or not by 4 months, you are an idiot.  And a plethora of idiots is what Davis seems to draw, as we saw by the photos above.

Wendy Davis' 13 hour speech wasn't even about Republicans abolishing abortion.  It was about allowing it after 20 weeks, a full 4 months.  It was about making drive up abortions available all over the state. 

Ultimately what the bill did do, is close 16 out of 24 clinics in the State of Texas that do not have ambulatory care.  I've seen pictures of many of these abortion clinics in rural areas and frankly, they were not much better than that beloved coat-hanger these women like to flash around.  In essence the bill means better healthcare and the ability to save the woman's life in life-threatening situations for the woman seeking an abortion at the 8 clinics still left open. 

I dare say, if you can go to great lengths to spread your legs and have unprotected sex despite birth control being a super cheap and often even free, then you can go to some lengths to get an abortion if that is your preferred birth control method.  If your life is solely about instant gratification, then you must take responsibility for your actions, and abortion up to 4 months is still readily available; just not on a drive-by basis.  Strangely enough, as I write this, morality doesn't even enter this argument which I find completely disconcerting considering I am pro-life.

Clearly Davis' supporters do not care about being moral or even ethical.  They are promoting disgusting attack ads, stealing signs, and leaving trash and it is obvious they are particularly unhappy with Texas Representative Jodie Laubenberg since I've heard this about her signs from more than one person.  It is no wonder because she is the one who proposed the abortion bill that brought Wendy Davis out from under her slimy rock.  Davis seems to draw freaks and fans who think that dismembering a baby at 24 weeks is completely acceptable:

I apologize that it is incredibly painful to look at, but I must make a point here.  If liberals can support chopping up a baby into pieces, they clearly do not value life and will not be phased by the beheadings of Christians.  These are scary times my friends and I pray you are siding with life, and not eternal death.

No Toll

I have a growing concern about the integrity of this Texas Turnpike Corporation and head mouthpiece Neal Barker, who I swear is the doppelganger of Andrew McCarthy from Pretty in Pink.

When I met him at the Garland Tea Party meeting last month, he was keen to meet with anyone who wanted to go over the toll road so he could allay any fears.  However actions speak louder than words, and those enthusiastic welcomes do not seem to be the case.

I am growing concerned because I am hearing of secretive activity taking place and homeowners being lied to about it. At the Garland Tea Party meeting, one gentleman whose property will be directly affected by the proposed route, and let us not have any notion that a route has not been secretly proposed and supported by this group, asked Mr. Barker why there were surveyors on the selected land, and Mr. Barker said to his knowledge, nobody was out there doing anything.  I believe that was a lie.  Unfortunately for Mr. Barker, there were several eye-witnesses as well as markers left where they were surveying.  So tell me Mr. Barker McCarthy, why would anyone, even if it wasn't your employer, be spending money to send employees into the fields of an area that was allegedly not finalized yet?

So too, I'm concerned because these 'small meetings' have not taken place as promised and Mr. Barker seems quite apprehensive, if not unwilling, to meet up. Oh he shows up for the large meetings and all as those are an unavoidable irritant, but what about a small get-together with the actual homeowners in the area we all know the route is planned for?  That hasn't happened.

Interesting enough, since I've written to Mr. Barker several times he has yet to confirm anything concrete, rather providing ambiguous details of when he might be in Wylie next.  Our meeting today was to be fit in between other meetings in Wylie which were recently canceled.  Do you think I received the common courtesy of an email stating he would have to reschedule? Not on your life.

Could it be that the Texas Turnpike Corporation is actually resistant to meet one on one with those who oppose the action because it might be an all too painful reminder of the tragedy they intend to force upon Wylie landowners as well as the landowners of other communities?

Equest is a prime example. Sadly, their property is to be bisected in Wylie and the new land they just purchased in Dallas County has three proposed routes skewering it according to the map.  What about those handicapped people and veterans Equest serves? The work they do on that property is amazing and without any compunction whatsoever, the route has been planned to plow right through the area, rip-roaring trucks and all.

Photo courtesy of Equest

Oh, and Mr. Barker is wrong when he claims there has been a lot of information spread about this since its inception.  Meetings and information were focused on Greenville to Lavon by way of Highway 78 initially, because that was to be the first phase to be completed.  For Mr. Barker to state publicly that a lot of information has been out there and then verbally slap Equest for not knowing about it, is an outright lie.  The Equest land was never part of those initial proposed plans for it to go through the railroad right of way along Highway 78.
However very recently, the feasibility study shifted the location.  Yes, recently, and from the maps I looked at over the past two years, I would venture to say last spring as the feasibility study was expanded to include a whole lot of land around Wylie, and then narrowed again and pushed southeast to what we see today.

I would also venture to guess the shift occurred as Public Werks/Texas Turnpike Corporation was met with opposition by Mayor Eric Hogue of Wylie and Mayor Mike Felix of Sachse as well as Collin County Commissioner Cheryl Williams who did not want an abundance of trucks being dumped onto Highway 78, causing a traffic nightmare and offering no tangible benefit to either Wylie or Sachse. Plus there is that nasty business of a potential land grab by the toll road group at reduced prices and the rush to be grandfathered in for eminent domain.

As opposition grew, the Blacklands Corridor Feasibility Study area narrowed and moved further and further southeast and into the ETJ (extra territorial jurisdiction) areas the communities being touched by this.  I suppose conveniently they felt nobody would complain about some rural land being taken, but little did they know that Equest had just purchased a massive track of land for their Worldwide Headquarters.

Now, the proposed route looks nothing at all like that original route first proposed two years ago. From all the hullabaloo, it is clear that nobody wants the dastardly thing. Nobody.  The City of Rockwall has voted against it and this minutes link is a must read for a lot of additional information. City of Lavon has voted against it though their EDC was in support of it previously.  The City of Wylie has voted unanimously against it last night, saying no to building a toll road through both the City and the ETJ.

We are reminded that we need our commissioners on board with this fight as well and to be honest, this is one of the few times I have appreciated the stance our Collin County Commissioner Cheryl Williams has taken on any issue.  She was against it even as far back as early 2013.  Oh but if you are looking to the top leadership in Texas to help stop this, don't bother voting for Wendy Davis for Governor who has voted in support of tolling since she was first elected in 2009.

What is most astounding are claims by Mr. Barker that the Texas Turnpike Corporation did not put the pedal to the metal on getting grandfathered in prior to the change in Texas law on privately held toll roads.  Their articles of incorporation make for some interesting reading, particularly since Hunt county is  not even listed, nor are the Cities of Wylie, Lavon, Sachse or Rowlett for terminal points.  Make no mistake, within 3 days of the Act of May 27th, 1991, the Texas Turnpike Corporation hauled ass down to the court to file their articles of incorporation. Dirty, by any definition.

Their MOU Memorandum of Understanding provides additional details on their plans to mow over privately owned property as well as details on how they were grandfathered in.

Another issue at hand is that artificially inflated statistics are being touted by the North Central Texas Council of Governments, NCTXCOG.  Keep in mind that the NCTXCOG is not an official governmental entity, merely they are a group formed with Agenda 21 concepts of mass transit, biking to work, tolling the bejezus out of people to force them to use mass-transit to save that tranquil air quality, and pushing people to live in massively overpopulated urban high rises. Agenda 21ers want you to give up your land to the land fairies so you can share your wealth, land, and resources with the rest of the world in a sort of mystical Kumbaya dreamland of equality.  By the way, they want you to hand over your American Exceptionalism badge as well.

If I had to guess, I believe the Texas Turnpike Corporation is desperately attempting to look for routes to go around those areas that are complaining the most.  Imagine how bad they will look by skewering the beloved Equest.  I suspect this is one reason their recent meetings were 'postponed'.  They obviously are regrouping.  But make no mistake, by gosh, by golly, they seem to want to put that toll road through, no matter what.

A Bushel and a Peck

Photo Credit: Parshallville Cider Mill

I let the dogs out early this morning and was gently touched by a beautifully cool, and crisp blast of air.  It reminded me of the gorgeous autumn days growing up in Michigan. I recall quite vividly how it wasn't quite warm enough for the air conditioner to be turned on, nor was it even cold enough for the heater.  I tiptoed out of bed on those glorious Saturday mornings, across a fall-chilled bedroom floor to seek out a thick, cozy sweater to don over a pair of warm, soft corduroys.  I'm still a sweater girl to this day, though I opt for a more sheer knit in this den of hot, sweaty September weather we get here in Texas.

Fall in Michigan meant packing the family in the car early on a Saturday morning, and driving up the road to our prized Parshallville Cider Mill, or as the locals called it, the Grist Mill.  Parshallville, a quaint little town, has an original mill that to this day, still serves fresh, hot apple cider and doughnuts to long lines of people.  We waited in anticipation to be able to sit near the river and dunk the spicy sugar and cinnamon doughnuts into the hot cider and warm our tummies for a long fall color drive. There is nothing in the world like it.

The place was amazing.  Schools took us there as children for a tour at the beginning of the school year so we could see how the apples were chopped up, wrapped in a sort of muslin, and pressed between many boards by the massive machine.  This cider had a sort of miniscule 'pulp' to it that simply cannot be duplicated in the store-bought pasteurized and filtered garbage we get in Texas. Oh and mulling this magical cider improved it beyond your wildest dreams.

Fall was a time to go apple picking as well.  Michigan apples are simply to die for when picked fresh, and we did that every year, coveting our bushel as we made apple crisp, and apple pie for Thanksgiving.

There were many nearby orchards where we could pick, but my best friend lived near Spicer Orchards or Spicer's as we called it, where we often picked a half bushel or just a peck and couldn't wait to bite into that fabulous flesh. 

Photo Credit: Spicer Orchards

The best orchards grew our prized Macintosh apples for the best apple pie ever.  In Michigan, we knew our apples.

I remember making homemade caramel with my bff Terri in her tiny little home on Clyde Road and dipping our freshly picked apples in that gooey goodness.  I still have that recipe written down in my cookbook to this day.

After finishing our cider and doughnuts, no fall could possibly be complete without a day trip down the winding country roads as majestic maples, elms, and oaks towered over the road, enveloping us in a maze of brilliant yellow, orange, and ruby red patterns.  I remember well, each twist ,turn, or hill in the road brought more oohs and ahhs as we never ceased to be amazed of God's beautiful patchwork quilt.

Photo Credit:

It never fails, every fall I wake up on at least one cool Saturday morning and spend a little time reminiscing about apples of yore. As with every year, some of my Facebook friends find their way to Parshallville and this morning was no exception.  As I made my way through the Facebook posts, they make me jealous and homesick for a cool, crisp fall day in the lovely Michigan woods.

Keystone Cops

Could anything have been more bunglefudged than this whole Ebola Dallas experience?  I mean honestly, where the hell did they get the officials in charge of this whole debacle?

First, we rely on the Liberian airline employees to check passengers for fever as they board the airplane, rather than check people here in the US as they enter customs from international flights. Gee that would slow down the lone lines.  Sounds real smart.

Couple this with the fact the rat bastard Thomas Eric Duncan lied on his health application prior to bringing that nasty crap here with him.

On top of that, it is clear our president could care less if Americans get sick from Ebola, which essentially liquefies your insides, dissolves your skin, and makes you bleed out of every orifice of your body. Obama has done nothing to limit travel to and from affected regions to help cut down on infections in the US, simply adding to the laundry list of ineptitudes this man has displayed since he first took office.

Then this man, who admits to visiting Liberia, and is obviously showing serious symptoms is sent home by Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas with a prescription.  Heaven help the pharmacists and patrons at the pharmacy he walked through, let alone the healthcare workers who came in contact with him, and let us not forget his family taking care of his sick ass.

As luck would have it, we also are told the man had vomited outside the apartment on his way to the doctor's office and God knows what has traipsed through that bile as it sat there for days.

In what is probably even more stupid than sending the guy home, queue the Keystone Cops, as looney Sheriff Lupe sends 3 deputies, a sergeant, and a lieutenant into the Ebola apartment to get the ass-clown residents to stay inside, since they are obviously having a difficult time with this idea that the rest of the rational world doesn't really want them out and about with us until we know this Ebola thingy is under control.   Let me tell you, there's nothing quite as refreshing as hearing that the morons sent their student to school days after the dude was diagnosed with Ebola. Gee, they just don't want to stay inside any longer because they are tired of it.  Selfish bastards.

But lest you think this little shop of horrors is complete, we have photos of men in street clothes power washing the Ebola man's vomit from the sidewalk as a woman in a sari looks on.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Oh and let's not forget the Red Cross worker bringing food to the apartment, nary a gloved hand, where the people have been holed up with bags of clothing and bedding soiled with the Ebola dudes sweat, vomit, and diarrhea.

Photo credit:

Culminating into today's body bagging of a car while bunny-suited workers finally come clean the apartment, three days too late.

Photo credit:

If I didn't know better, I would think this was a new Dumb and Dumber movie.