Radicalism Defined

After reading the garbage being posted on Protesting the Islamic Conference in Texas, a public Facebook page, I am left wondering who exactly the radicals are in the United States.  There is certainly no shortage of ignorance and hate.

In a post  I made where people can suggest protest signs, Saad Riazuddin was daring enough to suggest his own.

I am horrified at the group thuggery that has taken place since Saad posted his sign preference.  In fact, a quick look at his own Facebook page, which is wide open by the way, shows no sign of radicalism, though I am not fond of his seriously misguided take on Israel.

The replies to his simple post are just plain ugly, and proof there are some massively disturbed, bat-shit crazy people out there displaying a whole lot of ignorance about Islam.

However, that is the real point here, isn't it?  Muslims have isolated themselves from the non-Muslims in this country to the point that many people, who would otherwise call themselves 'good Christians', are unrealistically fearful of and even hateful toward Muslims.

When I suggested people stop the hate, and behave like good Christians at the event or stay home since the loons will be the ones highlighted in the news, it elicited some even nastier responses.

This is some new brand of nasty you don't exactly want your mamma to read, isn't it? Are these people actually proud of their words?

I suppose that is what this event is supposed to be about, correcting the incorrect views and hateful speech from Islamophobes.  However they are going about it all wrong.

Inviting radical Islamists to speak does not help their cause.  Promoting Sharia Law does not help their cause. Those tactics are only creating more confusion and an explosion in the hateful, confounding behavior emanating from the majority posting on this protest invitation.

Ironically, Christians are sitting in judgement of others when according to their own scripture, they have no right to.

I read Saad's own words on judgement in his Facebook Muslim world as well, and frankly it mirrors our own. I read  his posts back for a couple years, far earlier than recent terror events reported in the media, and his posts have consistently been peaceful, so I have no reason to believe that he is merely a radical in sheep's clothing.

Saad seems like the kind of person I could be friends with.  In fact, my own doctor is Muslim and I absolutely adore him. Zudhi Jasser is Muslim, and he appears on Fox News almost daily. Does these three examples not fall under the 'Islam is not a peaceful religion' accusation?  Claiming all Muslims are radical is like saying all Tea Party members are radicals, or all southerners are red necks. Making generalizations is very dangerous.

Posting hateful things about people who you know are secretly reading those words is also dangerous.  The hate speech runs the risk of radicalizing people who might otherwise not feel hatred. This is what drives the battered wife to ultimately murder her abusive husband. Abusing all Muslims is not the answer.  Helping Muslims to break the cycle of silence is. As long as they can anticipate the typical playground bullying, Muslims will continue to remain isolated, secretive, and silent.

I can tell you I'm plenty outraged at the radicals in my own religion, and am speaking out against them and the ridiculum they spew.  What is concerning to me is the lack of outrage at the radicals within the Muslim religion. I am angry they resist publicly admonishing terrorist attacks and activities. Why are so few Muslims speaking out?

The answer is simple.  A friend of mine summed it up in this message to me when I asked if he would be attending the protest in Garland:

They won't care if we're there or not. My understanding is they CAN'T denounce what's going on or they themselves face persecution or death.

The only way to combat this is to have a strong president. One that is willing to kill terrorists rather than flail his arms about in some grand flamenco gestures just for show. Until we elect another Reagan to the office, we will be dealing with this situation and nothing will change. How we move forward is on our own  hands. Isn't it time to stop wasting energy on hate and work toward a solution?