Shutting People Up
So this is how it's gonna be, eh?  Radical Muslims are going to kill anyone who speaks out against their beloved prophet Muhammad.  Today, in an attempt to shut people up, gunmen shouting, "Allahu Akbar!" stormed the campy French magazine Charlie Hebdo. killing 12 and wounding 16 because Hebdo dared satirize Muhammad and Islam through cartoons.

Meanwhile, in Everywhere America, moderate Muslims are whining about Islamophobia and demanding acceptance.  A meeting is scheduled on what I consider to be educational holy ground in Garland ISD this Saturday.  Imagine the outcry would this were a pro-Christianity meeting.  Yet a pro-Islam meeting is acceptable to GISD.

Where the hell are the Arabs decrying the shooting of people who don't believe in their prophet?  I'm only aware of two.  Two.  The incredibly intelligent Dr. Zuhdi Jasser of the Islamic American Forum for Democracy and the highly outspoken Brigitte Gabriel, author and founder of ACT for America.

We cannot legitimize requests for anti-Islamophobia meetings and pleas until moderate Muslims stop behaving like traumatized spousal abuse victims and take a stand against the dirty, radical, middle finger of their religion.