The Building of North Dallas Islamotown

Islamic Masjid facility on Abrams looking a bit phallic

When I was growing up, we used to ask each other what our nationality was.  I was Polish, my friends were Finish, German, Native American, and even Italian.  Some were Greek, one was Hispanic, There was even a girl who was French and a boy who was British.  Back in the day it was a great curiosity to us.

As we grew older, if anyone asked our nationality, the resounding response was always, "I'm an American."  It was important to be one, despite the patchwork of bloodlines in our schools, work, and neighborhoods. It didn't matter where you came from because America is a huge melting pot.

Today, as my husband, eldest son, and I drove around town in search of art supplies for his classes, we noticed that there was not a place we went that we did not see Muslims. Aside from their darker skin, as that is of  no concern to us because we don't particularly notice black people or Hispanics, it was not difficult to pick them out. It was very obvious to us who they were because they did not interact with others. Even my son commented that they stand out like a sore thumb at his school because they congregate together only. They do not let non-Muslims in.

This is disturbing. This is frightening even. It is frightening because they are not integrating. Not only are they not integrating, they are highly resistant to it.

I am not suggesting they should not be allowed to wear their Hijabs or that they should convert to Christianity, I am suggesting that they do not want anything to do with us, the others, the Americans. They want nothing of our way of life which is a big melting pot of all others including Asians, Europeans, and Africans.

Proof positive, they wish to build their own city in North Texas as well. Now understand this distinction well.  What they plan to build is not the same thing as Poletown, Chinatown, Greektown, or Little Italy where similar people moved in, learned the local language, get jobs, and then move out. I'm talking about a town where they anticipate fully educating and training their own with no intervention from or connection with the outside world.  They intend for this locale to enact Sharia Law. And you can bet they will eventually build their own court system.

This is not the first time we have heard of an Islamic Sharia Court in Texas. Nor in the United States as here is an even bigger read for you documenting similar cases involving Sharia Law within the US.

This is not Little Islam where neighboring communities get together on Independence Day and share their gastronomic heritage out of food carts with all Americans.  This is a breeding ground for exclusivity and non-integration. Call it what you like, it is anti-American by any name.

The Islamic Village Project will be built starting at the local Masjid facility at Abrams Road and take over the land from Abrams all the way to Spring Valley, and reaching west to Greenville Avenue in North Dallas.

Thanks to the Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT), the multi-million dollar facility will house a senior center, youth center, social services department, residential areas, playgrounds, retail, health clinic, and a building for seminary.

IANT has direct ties to Hamas; remember the Holy Land Foundation in Richardson, TX which was raided by the FBI after 9/11? This group, whose members were part of the 30 year old IANT is a breeding ground for terrorist activity funding.  Also recall the Texas Muslim men buying cell phones to blow up the Mackinaw Bridge in Michigan?

From the mass of Cadillac, Lexus, and Audi vehicles pulling into last Saturday's Islamic fundraiser protested by North Texas patriots, they clearly have no shortage of funding to build this massive Islamotown.

So the question begs to be asked, will the police refuse to step foot on the grounds when it becomes overrun by Muslim gangs and criminal activity? Because it will. It is a place designed to serve the poor and we only need look to France's No-Go Zone ghettos to see what is in store for us here.

Muslims are not integrating.  This was proven at last Saturday's event when local media were allowed to watch only the first 20 minute rah, rah America horse and pony show, and then booted from the Islamic meeting and fundraiser featuring two Imam's with known terrorist ties. They were there under the guise of Islamophobia, then they wonder why Americans are wary when they behave in such a secretive manner.

Note in the YouTube video in this article about the new Islamic village that it was made private, obviously after they noticed it was getting some attention from outside sources.  That is because they are purposely hiding their plans. Not the actions of people who wish to have open lines of communication and transparency.

Here is an interesting view on last Saturday's event from Lawrence Billy Jones on the secrecy of this Islamic group:

Here is another video of Jesse Watters from Bill O'Reilly on FOX News that had the same experience. In fact, the individuals he interviewed by Watters shared increasingly frightening opinions. In this interview with O'Reilly, Watters mentions CAIR running media coverage at the event.  CAIR, or Council on Islamic Relations, is another national group with known terrorist ties, particularly with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Meanwhile, as Muslims continue to resist Americana integration, President Barack Obama continues his stance of refusing to utter the words 'Islamic Terrorism', and refuses to stand with Israel as Speaker of the House John Boehner invites Israel President Benjamin Netanyahu to the US. True to his Islamosympathetic form, Obama is refusing to meet with him.