Truth: The New Hate Speech

Sadly, in America  truth is the new hate speech. If you dare speak the truth, you are labeled a racist, a bigot, a hater.

There is no room for truth anymore, take for example the Freedom of Speech Rally held in Garland, Texas last Saturday.  Sister soldier Pamela Geller said it loud and clear. Events like this are the stage, and the media are the directors of their narrative. If we want the truth to be reported, we must speak out through social media and blogs. The truth is in our hands.

Take this one simple photo I captured which is incredibly complex. The cognitive dissonance it invokes makes my brain hurt.

Here stands a Muslim family counter-protesting for Islam, thus the only reasonable conclusion that can be made here is that they are against the Free Speech protest on the other side of the parking lot entrance.

The man is wearing a shirt that says he is an Afghanistan veteran. What appears to be his wife standing next to him holds a sign that says, "Jesus is the Messiah and I'm waiting for his 2nd coming!" What appears to be their young son looks on.  This man stood next to this woman and child through most of the event so I made these assumptions based upon their body language.

The sad truth is, if this woman was in Saudi Arabia, she would be killed for holding a sign sympathetic to Christianity. This sign acknowledges Jesus as the Messiah and is not a tenet of Islam who believe Jesus was essentially just another prophet.  If she were out and about on her own without a male escort in Saudi Arabia, she would get lashings. She wouldn't be allowed to drive either. This is all truth.  It doesn't make me a hater or an Islamophobe either.

I pity this woman.  I pity her because she is in the freest of the free countries; the United States of America where her husband presumably fought for the freedom of this country, which has allowed her to carry that sign without fear of death by hanging. Would she were to carry a bible in Saudi Arabia, she would be hanged by the neck. This is factual. These are the signs you read as you enter Saudi Arabia.

Yet with all this freedom surrounding her, this woman holding the sign is somehow not allowed to show herself to the world, either by her choice, her religion's choice, or her husband's choice. Whatever the reason, this woman is not free. She is hiding or being hidden.

I cannot answer for her because I did not get a chance go to speak with her.  As you can imagine, things were moving so fast at this event and there was so much to cover.

Another fact is that the Muslim faith has been hijacked by terrorists and the 75% of non-radicalized Muslims are not fighting this. They claim they are, but lets be honest, there is no pop-culture movement of Muslims against radical Islam spreading across the blogosphere and social media sites. So where is their Stand Against Radical Islamist conference? Where is their Muslims Against Radicalization of Islam million man march on Washington DC?

Rather, they are behaving secretively.  Just check out the Watters World coverage of the event by Jesse Watters from Bill O'Reilly's The Factor on Fox News.  Watters is told, "There's a certain type of media allowed," when he queried as to why the ticket he purchased for the event was revoked and refunded in full the night before the event. He was not allowed in.

According to Lawrence Billy Jones, who was allowed in, it was only for the first 20 minutes and then all non-Muslim media had to leave. This is fact.  This is not Islamophobia.

So what exactly were they trying to hide at this event?  With this behavior they are separating Muslims from America. If Muslims want to be trusted, they need to counter that ideology and behave in a trustworthy manner by providing transparency.