What Would Jesus Do?

Video Courtesy of Texas Tribune

As today's Muslim Day Rally hosted by radical Islamic group CAIR unfolded on the steps of the Austin, Texas Capitol, a fanatical evangelical woman hijacked the microphone.

This behavior, not the message, is a total, unequivocal embarrassment to anyone calling themselves a good Christian.  I stood next to this woman as she berated Muslims, speaking poorly of their prophet, while they entered the Stand with the Prophet event in Garland the other weekend.  She wanted to proselytize, but was going about it in the wrong way.

In the video I took below, the same woman as above is standing left of the camera at the Garland event.

Sadly, the Muslim woman in the photo below took the brunt of that woman's comments, even making her cry. This woman was clearly open to dialogue as she opened her window, but how could she converse with a dozen people raging in one single cacophonous monologue?

As this woman and I locked eyes for a brief few moments, this beautiful lady could recognize my heart was aching for her as I captured the gentle soul in her eyes.  Her eyes do not lie. How can anyone hate this woman?

To the protester's credit, she was attempting to tell the Muslims entering the Garland event that Jesus loves them.  But that message was lost in the yelling as clenched fists thrust signs and American flags at the cars entering. Any message of love was lost in a resounding echo of angry people standing on a corner and yelling at the stopped cars.  The message read foolishly of hatred.

At the Garland event, this woman protester was bashing Mohammad along with a handful of other protesters. Her statements compared Jesus dying on the cross for Christian sins to Mohammad doing nothing similar for Muslims. This group of people shouting that Mohammad was a pedophile merely fell on deaf ears.  This is not the way to open up hearts and minds.

However today's event held on the hallowed Austin Capitol steps appeared to be even more hateful than the last, as a group of protesters were highlighted by mainstream media as those Islamaphobic, nutty, bible thumpers berating Muslims and shouting at them.  This behavior culminated in the climax you witnessed above where the woman hijacked the mic and yelled into it to many protesters who held 'go home' signs.  These people look just plain loonsey cuckoo.  Make no mistake, THIS IS NOT THE BEHAVIOR OF A GOOD CHRISTIAN!

There is a huge difference between being Anti-Islam and Anti-Radical Islam. Protests like these, which spread hatred and fear, will NEVER help the fight against the brutal, radical arm of Islam. Rather it provides years of fodder for Islamaphobe rhetoric and propaganda to be spread like wildfire among ISIS, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, and other sadistic Islamic radicals.

This video I recorded at the Garland event two weeks ago highlights a group of right-wing bible thumpers, welcoming the Muslim attendees in their own special way.

Nothing quite like behaving as a good Christian should.

Today more than ever I am ashamed of the radical evangelicals, and I am calling on all Constitutional Conservatives to step away from the bible thumping throng we witnessed today, because mainstream media would like nothing more than to lump their radical behavior with peaceful conservatives.  

Constitutional Conservatives hold values based upon the US Constitution and its Amendments which are steeped in Christianity. We hold strong to the founding principles of the United States of America and the poor, huddled masses who came her to free themselves of religious oppression.  Have these right wingers not become oppressive in their behavior?  Telling a Muslim that has the right to live and work here legally, to go home or go back to where they came from, is against every principle we stand for. 

So to this point, this protester went about this in the wrong way, and now she will look like a hateful, anti-Islam, nutjob on the 10 o'clock news.

I cannot and will not live by the precept that all Muslims are evil.  I know many who are not, and we as conservatives must examine our hearts and make a determination about which side we are going to place ourselves.  Will we stand on the side of the founding principles of the United States of America and behave in a respectful manner toward its inhabitants? Or will we stand on the side that screams at Muslims like flaming banshees, spewing twisted logic further segregating, and isolating them? We must ask ourselves, what would Jesus do?