Will America Be the Next France?

What lessons can be learned from the terrorist attack in Paris this week?  An important one to be sure.

Americans face palm in unison while France's politically correct president Francois Hollande exclaims, "This has nothing to do with Islam."  I couldn't disagree more.  The attack had everything to do with Islam but he has trouble saying that aloud considering the mini-states France has allowed within it's borders. France has the largest Muslim population in all of Europe.

France has been left with a castrated man who sways in the wind so as not to offend the parasite which has grown to unmanageable sizes within the host.

Islamic extremists stormed a company, called out specific journalists by name, separated them by male and female, and proceeded to assassinate them one after another because of their part in unflattering cartoons of Muhammad.  They certainly didn't exterminate them because of Betty Boop cartoons.

Authorities in France begged Charlie Hebdo to stop antagonizing the Muslims, even providing security.  This is not the action of a President who believes this has nothing to do with Islam.


The sham of it all is President Hollande believes he can provide security from an Islamic radicalist attack and then pretend the attack has nothing to do with Islam when it takes place. His country's progressive, head in the sand policies have placed his neck upon the guillotine. 

This is what happens when a country allows itself to become infested by the dregs of other nations. With that infestation brings a hotbed of non-integrated, poor, misfits. This is a glaring example of what can happen to America as it decides how to handle the degenerate, Latin American misfits crossing its border in frightening numbers. Integration is a must and something the US is not demanding, even as it pretends to fix the problem by tossing the dirty amnesty word around.

France's mistakes have been made and it is virtually impossible to take them back now. They openly welcomed the poor Muslims in for cheap labor, and allowed and even encouraged them to congregate and resist assimilation. France even formed No-Go Zones or Zones Urbaines Sensibles , which sounds even more ominous in English as Sensitive Urban Zones, to protect them from others who now ironically need protecting from them.

France willingly handed their land over in what has to be one of the most ignoramus moves ever. At last count 751 areas of what were once part of France are now owned by the Muslims. In fact, in these zones Sharia Law supersedes French law for over 5 million people. 

Similarly, Americas progressives are welcoming undocumented Hispanics by the millions.  Our leaders falsely claim they stand at 14 million but if you do the math through the years, it is more like 40 million.  Indeed, poor folk have been allowed to stream almost willingly across the border all for cheap labor and they are congregating in very geographically apparent areas around the US. There is no demand for integration while our schools merely adapted to them, as DC Democrats refuse to select a national language. Even Republicans are along for the ride since their pockets are also being padded by the Chambers of Commerce who kissy-face love the cheap labor.

There exists scary similarities in the way cheap laborers have been handled in both countries. In France, the radical Muslim terrorists are now the ones determining who will die for speaking out against Islam. They feel completely comfortable limiting free speech and openly hating Westerners as well as Jews.  

In the US, La Raza are the terrorists pushing lawmakers around, forcing ESL classes at schools and demanding free healthcare, free education, free everything. The only difference is the Hispanics are typically Christian and thus far are not prone to beheadings.  Though I cannot say there is no violence because American prisons are full of illegals who have committed crimes in our country.  

Nothing good can come from a forced globalization that demands mass immigration of unproductive and uneducated people. Americas leaders need to reassess the amnesty and open borders stance they have taken or there will likely be other equally horrific consequences in our future.