The Simple Things


It's the simple things in life that really matter.  For me, I find the simple task of walking the dogs every night to be exceedingly enjoyable.  Not an evening  goes by that my little Bichon Frise fur babies don't make me laugh.   

Sophia came to us from Second Chance SPCA.  She had this quirky little attitude and upon entering our home for the first time, she walked around in a sort of 'kick the tires' manner before finally settling down and deciding we would do.  

Sophia is, well, how shall I say this politely?  Sophia is a tad chubby.  She has a bizarre fear of  not having food to eat so when food is around she gets wild-eyed and whiny.  Because of her extra weight, I supposed she learned how to trot to make walking easier.  Watching her trot down the sidewalk is hilarious as her little rounded Bichon ears bobble along the way.  She was so cute, a year later I found myself at the Plano Animal Shelter adopting Chloe.  

Chloe had been transferred from the Fort Worth SPCA.  When Chloe made it to Plano, they discovered she had a broken toe that had been left that way for several months and she was in horrible pain.  After they removed her toe, they were not sure she would ever walk properly again since she had been limping for months.   

I took that sweet little girl home and watched her limp down the sidewalk for a month.  When the wound healed, she forgot which foot it was and started limping on the other foot.  When pain and healing were no longer relevant, she began skipping.  Indeed, I probably own the only Bichon Frise in America that skips.  It is hilarious.

It is the simple things in life that truly matter.  Who knew a nightly walk with the dogs would give me such joy?