Cult of One

The famdamily gathered yesterday at my home for a little birthday celebration. Yes, it is my big 5 OH!

During our usual political discussions, they drifted to President Barack Obama as they often do. We talked about how he was raised by his grandmother in Hawaii. What was most particularly interesting is the type of school he attended.  Barack the boy received his stripes under some upper-class tutelage.  The Barack who hates people with not only a silver spoon in their mouth, but any sort of spoon in their mouth received an education at an elite prep school in Hawaii.  One must wonder then, why does he harbor such a deep disdain for wealthy and successful Americans if he was presumably raised as one?

It is no secret that he set out to fundamentally change America.  He even told us so in his campaign. Why anyone that voted for him is now suddenly confused as to why his policies are harming them is a complete mystery.  He told voters what he was going to do.

The throngs of the Americans who are adversely affected by his harmful policies are at the mercy of a president who not only disdains and spits upon the American Dream as defined by our forefathers, but is sorely ill-equipped to define exactly what it is and how it is achieved.

It is why conservative black political leaders are vilified for looking, speaking, and acting, "too white."  They are viewed as sell-outs to white privilege rather than looked at as American citizens who worked hard, educated themselves, and found success in what is the American Dream.

Though Barack Hussein Obama grew up surrounded by this 'privilege' he despises so, though he benefited directly from it, the simple fact is he merely chooses not accept it in order to advance an attack upon a foundation of America. He wants to destroy the American Dream and in turn the bedrock of blood, sweat, and tears upon which America was built.  Again, he said so in his campaigns as he told Americans he would fundamentally change the United States.

Obama and others with hatred in their hearts so extensive that they turn against their own, do not understand that all the things they despise are what make people successful in the American Dream. Those who achieve it have done so by hard work and sometimes pure determination. Starr Parker, Katrina Pierson, Allen West, are just a few who grew up in circumstances far more precarious than Obama's, yet they understand that hand-outs and sloth are the antithesis of accomplishing goals and reaching dreams. Those behaviors are the antithesis of the behaviors of those who came here before us.

I find the white privilege complaints of not only our country but also complaints about Hollywood amazing considering nobody ever bothers looking at the demographics of just how many black people there are compared to white people. I am not excusing what was said in the linked article by Sony executives because nobody in their position should degrade others, but do you mean to tell me nary a black executive has made jokes about white people? More important, are we to apologize to blacks for their minority numbers because they put a sickeningly horrific number of black unborn babies to death every year and their numbers are not increasing? If black lives mattered, they would be flourishing rather than worshiping the abortion ring.

The white privilege concept of keeping black people purposely oppressed, is as logical as the concept of black abortions performed by white doctors trying to purposely kill their babies.  It is absurd.

I believe this anti-privilege mindset is more a mental illness created by years of brainwashing of the weak-minded than anything else.  A sort of cult mentality that defies success by pushing for behaviors and belief systems which create the opposite effect of success.  One simply cannot explain why black people flourish all around us and are vilified for it.  It is why you can find more than half of Americans on some sort of public assistance. They have been brainwashed by their elders, their teachers, their preachers, and their leaders into crawling into the fetal position and relinquishing their will.  There are ridiculous numbers of white people on public assistance as well but they remain relatively ignored by this president. Success is not a hyphenated privilege; it is hard work.

Obama was never a cult of personalities.  He was a cult of one.  He told us he was setting out to fundamentally change this country and half of Americans chose to hear what they wanted to hear with the tagline of 'Hope and Change' and the guilt of slavery brainwashed into them by years of liberal educators.

My people did not own slaves. My people were enslaved themselves by the Russians who were far more brutal. My people waited their turn and came here legally.  My people did not take jobs away from others. My people did not ask to be separated from anyone. My people had jobs taken away from them and were spit on and treated poorly. My people flourished by hard work and determination.  I owe nobody anything they did not work hard to earn.  Period.

We are besieged by weak-minded people who hold voter registration cards in their hands. Perhaps we are going after the wrong people as we attempt to take back our country from a tyrant who is set upon destroying it.  Rather than vilify these hateful leaders, we must convene intervention on the sheep that follow them.