People always ask why Obama was elected again, even after a dismal first four years.  There was one very important event at play.

In 2008 conservatives stayed home rather than vote for the rather lackluster John McCain.  Nobody could get behind an ailing man with a stiff dangling arm, and conservatives could not get behind a man with an iffy moderate voting record at best. You can certainly see why he neglected to get our support when later, he called tea party conservatives, "Wacko birds."

In 2012 conservatives stayed home by the droves yet again. Nobody could get behind a seemingly untrustworthy Mitt Romney and his slick suit, tie, and Ken doll hair. His policies were recycled, squishy, moderate regurgitations that conservatives could not get behind.  

Conservatives who could not stomach holding their noses and pushing buttons in the voter booth have long been hoping and praying for their next Reagan.  Was that too much to ask amid squishes like Chris Christie?

Yesterday our Reagan has been delivered to us in the form of Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz became the first man to toss his hat into the 2016 election ring. Conservatives finally have a chance.  The next president rests in their hands. 

The real question is, will conservatives be sidelined by the Libertarian leaning Rand Paul as people yell, "Squirrel!" all around them?  Now is not the time to be easily distracted.

It seems the 2016 seams will be burgeoning with freshly scrubbed Republican faces very soon.  The likes of Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ben Carson, and Jeb Bush have been egged on to run by one group or another.  They will stand with the smiling, old hags that the Democrats will put up. 

As conservatives who have been begging for another Reagan, we must not fall prey to the shiny object in the corner.  We must not fall prey to the squirrel darting across the road.  

Conservatives must link elbows and unite behind their Reagan if he is to win.