In Today's News

Have you ever had one of those days?  Well I've had one of those months.  Honestly, I will be happy when this month is over.

After the household debacle during my travels to Florida began winding down, my oldest son came down with a nasty kidney infection and kidney stones, spent time in the local emergency clinic on Easter Sunday, and ultimately ended up in the hospital the very next day.  To say that I have had just about enough of hospitals and illnesses this month is an understatement.  It would be like calling the Grand Canyon a nice ravine. It would be like calling Niagara Falls a small riparian area.  It would be like calling President Obama an honest man.  Well, you get my drift.

So let's get caught up on a few current events topics, shall we?

Senator Ted Cruz is running.  Praise the Lord! We finally have our Reagan.

Hillary Clinton's numbers are down in the polls because people find her untrustworthy.  No surprise there, considering the perpetual damage control mode she remains in.  Good thing is, conservatives did so much damage to her image by holding her feet to the fire and armchair reporting on social media that the message of who Hillary really is was finally revealed.  Now the playing field seems wide open for a host of unknown Democraps to potentially dip their toes in the puddle and should they run, it will be from behind. Great news for conservatives!

On another note, a bunch of yahoo Muslim morons at the University of Michigan did not want the school to have a screening of American Sniper.  Weenies. It should be no surprise that the backlash ensued and UofM quickly changed their mind on the ban. Wise.

In today's news, our gropey-guy Vice President Joe Biden is just plain creepy yet again.  Seriously. The man clearly has no understand of boundaries as his most recent foible involves grabbing the pacifier from a baby and popping it in his mouth.  It's not even cute.

In typical ass-clown form, MSNBCs Ed Schulz is whining that Senator Rand Paul's harsh backlash against their dumb reporter questions is sexist toward female reporters.  They are pumping the "war on women" narrative like an un-neutered dog on a stuffed animal.  Right, like women around the world should all take cautionary advice warning off sexism from Ed Schulz, the man who called Laura Ingraham a, "right-wing slut."  Uncanny.