The Obama Liberal Legacy

The Obama liberal legacy.  A shit can.  How apropos.

Don't you feel better knowing the White House has installed multi-gender potties?  Gee, I sure do.

My conservative friend in Michigan posted the article linked above on his Facebook page and here is a prime example of  the liberal mindset in response:

Wow. Just wow.

Let me get this straight, the LGBT folks need to feel accepted and supported when they go potty? Oh, I see. Right.

So what is wrong with one person and one pot then?  There are family bathrooms at nearly every mall.  You go in with your family and lock the door.  Oh but no, that's not what they want.  They want to go in the stalls side by side with you, your grandparents, and your tiny son and daughter. Yup, cuz we all know nothing nefarious could possibly ever go on in a bathroom.

In my whiniest little girl voice, "But dey wanna fee-ww Saaaafe!"

Um actually cupcake, the LGBT community wants to break down social mores and values and they want dummies like you to go right along with them.  That is until you finally wake up when you have a child of your own who has to go tee tee in the stall right next to a grown man.  Like nobody saw that coming.

This is a bad, bad plan.

However it is just another chink in the armor of the LGBT community.  You see, they are only interested in demolishing Christian values.  Have they sued a Muslim bakery yet? Nope, didn't think so.

Could that be because they view Muslims as unyielding, uncompromising, or just plain evil? Doubtful.  But Christian faith, ya well, that's open season.  As Christians, you must stand up against this blatant attack on you.