Wylie's Council Candidates Are Quasi-Underwhelming

Well, you had to expect it.  I mean, if you didn't expect it then you set your standards way too high for some of our Wylie City Council candidates. The finance report is out for Wylie council candidate Lisa Mellers and, well, it is nothing but big fat zeros.

Ya, well it isn't a surprise to me considering she has been unable to raise the $400 application fee to become a 501c3.  Interestingly enough, she states she owns a 501c3 in her Wylie News candidate write-up published last Wednesday.  Except she's not folks, because she has been soliciting funds up until at least last month to cover the fee as well as to cover her personal rent and phone which was turned off.  She cannot get the 501c3 status that quickly, even if she had succeeded in obtaining donations.  And from what we can see above in her campaign finance report, she hasn't been successful in obtaining funds from anyone for her campaign either. In my opinion, I suppose that shows a massive no confidence in her ability to be fiscally responsible.  I mean, would you give her money at this point?  Ya, she's stellar.

It should also be no surprise to anyone that Councilman Bennie Jones' posse came out to defend him. I posted a note on our local Nextdoor neighborhood site urging people to research their candidates as well as vote and the only three people in Wylie who still plan to vote for him came out swinging.

Not true, even Nathan Scott apologized for messing up, and both gave  nothing but excuses for their utter stupidity.  Bennie Jones claimed he did not know about the misdemeanor question on his application.  Um, then why was it marked, "No?"  He claims he didn't know about the ethics rule about not bringing in family and friends and their companies as approved vendors.  Well sorry, but every idiot knows this.  He even blamed the City Manager saying she knew and thought it was OK. Sorry, but in my opinion this is inexcusable, especially since at 40 something, he wasn't grown-up enough to follow the ethics rules at his former job with the City of Dallas.  Mistakes are one thing, but this?  This was something else. This is perpetual intellectual dishonesty. Nope, not buying the contrite stuff especially when he began hiding from me.  It's just so easy to suddenly feel sorry for getting caught when you stand to lose your $80K+ annual salary and end up swapping it for $40K annual as a Police Reservist for the City of Lavon.

Then the heavens parted and the angles sang, and there was my response to these Bennie supporters. They were pwned. Oh, and in case you don't know what that means.  According to the Urban Dictionary website it means to own your opponent.

I'll take the thank you from Candy Arrington later.  No seriously.  If their argument in favor of Bennie is that he helps the kiddies of Wylie, um well, just how many?  Because Bennie's group of two dozen who get freebies and attention are supremely trumped by Candy's thousands who get freebies and attention.  Candy is well loved in Wylie.  In fact, there is no other name in Wylie that is more synonymous with helping kids than Candy Arrington.  Boom.

Despite this, Bennie's signs outnumber Candy Arrington's and Brad Emerson's signs combined.  But Bennie has placed the bulk of them in empty commercial realty property.  There are a couple on private property, but he hasn't appeared to be real engaging with Wylie's citizens.  I guess he thinks he'll garner the same old support he got last time.  Well he lost at least 25 votes I am aware of and probably more.

I saw Bennie show up at the Jazz Festival last weekend and he appeared to chat with a couple of his friends.  Not much of a presence.  Then again, I did not see anyone else there other than Diane Culver who showed up earlier during the school performances.  I found it amusing that he showed up in his white Vote Bennie T-shirt but then quickly changed into his Wylie Jazz Festival shirt. Interesting.

To be honest, I have never been so underwhelmed by a campaign as I am with this one.  I have heard of no candidate forum.  Most didn't bother doing a newspaper write-up.  Signs from anyone other than Culver, Jones, and Lopez are spotty at best.  And speaking of campaign signs, I mistakenly thought Candy's was bad but Brad Emerson's?  Geez Louise, other than that spiffy glow in the dark stuff on his name, they are so impossible to read while whizzing past them at 45 MPH that they are completely unremarkable.  Campaign, they do not scream.

Then there is the consideration behind why everyone is running. Some are to bolster their own pet projects and others are to help citizens in Wylie.  Yet others have political aspirations.  Not  much unlike any other political race in the United States.  I know snide comments have even been made about Brooke Lopez stating she merely wanting to add the title to  her resume, but isn't the title on most everyone's LinkedIn page already?  That stance is a tad hypocritical.

 Still, anyone running for Seat 4 would probably be better than re-electing Bennie Jones who has had his time and his 15 minutes of shame in the Dallas Morning News.

The two candidates I have been impressed with remain Diane Culver and Brooke Lopez.  Culver received financial support from the Collin County Realtor's Association as well as an endorsement by Empower Texans Texans for Fiscal Responsibility.  Culver also helped champion the Code of Ethics for Wylie's elected and appointed officials and helped get our city tax rate lowered while serving on council previously.

Lopez has received support from Texas Tactical Firearms, and as a member of Student's of Change had numerous write-ups and interviews as she attempts to change Texas Laws while working closely with our State Representative Jodie Laubenberg to bring a bill.  She is also the Secretary of  Network of Enlightened Women (NeW) against radicalized feminism.

So too I will give a shout out to Candy Arrington who has been a champion of Wylie is Hope, the massive backpack drive for Wylie's underprivileged as well as the highly popular Relay for Life  against Cancer in Wylie.

 As for the rest?  Yawnsville....