A Pot to Piss in

Anyone remember this?

I just had to have it.  Over the Christmas break I found this jar and blogged my romanticized ideas on storing umbrellas at the door.  Indeedy, here in normally sunny and dry Texas I got it in my mind that I had to have a pot to corral my umbrellas.  Ya well.

I guess we all know who is at fault now for all of the rain in what appears to be our 100 year flood.

Tale of Two Cities

                                  Dr. Cole McClendon                             Dr. David Vinson

Now the old memory isn't what she used to be, but this I do recall.  In the ramrod the bond days of yore, former Wylie ISD Superintendent John Fuller was preening Cole McClendon to replace him at the helm.  In fact, it came down to two candidates in the end, Dr. Vinson and Dr. McClendon. Indeed, that old WISD ship really dodged a bullet.

Back in 2011 when the board of trustees were seeking candidates, I have a feeling that some behind the scenes power-plays were taking place between board members.  The theme of the day was out with the old, crusty, bond-happy superintendent Dr. John Fuller and in with a shiny new, sheen on the old bald head Dr. David Vinson.  Vinson and his gawky smile and teenage exuberance was a far cry from Fuller or his virtual mini-me McClendon.  Suffice to say, McClendon didn't get the position and the rest, as they say, is history.

In 2011 McClendon, then Assistant Superintendent, found better digs at Community ISD and Wylie got a far better Assistant Super match in Scott Winn,

Since McClendon took the reigns at Community ISD, their ratings have slipped.  So how do you go from a school district that receives a Superior Achievement rating in 2013-2014 based on 2012-2013 data to one of the worst ranked school in North Texas?  Superintendent Cole McClendon, obviously.

According to Schools at Risk, Community ISD ranks 84 out of 92, just above Dallas ISD with a "D" rating.  I shudder to think what goes on in the "F" districts.

Community ISDs 84th ranking is a far cry from Wylie ISDs 28th rank, which is great but there is certainly still room for improvement:

Recently, McClendon has been at the front of a massive Community ISD scandal involving a district employee complaint against him, According to the Wylie News article "Citizens turn out for CISD meeting" Veigel lists the legalese:

“to deliberate the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of a public officer or employee, including, but not limited to, the Superintendent,” “deliberations regarding District investigation of a personnel matter,” and “consultation with District’s legal counsel regarding legal and procedural issues relating to a District investigation, regarding to personnel matters, including but not limited to those involving the Superintendent, and regarding possible resolution of a complaint by District employee.”

I cannot speculate as to why McClendon was forced to resign from his position, but I can say with all authority that it wasn't good.  Sounds like both Community ISD and Wylie ISD are well rid of him.

Wylie ISD didn't just dodge a bullet, they dodged a cannon ball.

Meet & Greet: Russ Ramsland on Congress Exploratory

  • at 7:00pm - 9:00pm

  • Wylie Recreation Center
    300 Country Club Rd, Wylie, Texas 75098
It's time to retire Pete Sessions!

Come out to hear why Russ Ramsland has formed an exploratory committee

Follow parking signs at Wylie City Hall to Rec Center. 
At main Rec Center entrance, meeting

room is to the right.

It's a Candy Colored World

Here it is folks, the winner takes it all for Wylie City Council.

Seat 2:  Diane Culver with 394 votes and no runoff with the fuchsia-haired cat lady who sat at Southfork Mobile Home Park today with a cardboard sign and her name in sharpie pen.  I'm sure Catherine Butschek is bummed her plan didn't work despite her 52 votes.

Congratulations to Diane Culver who deserved this win.  She worked harder than any of the candidates for any of the Wylie races combined.  She proved she is for the people and not for special interests and Wylie will be served well.

Seat 4:  A runoff between Bennie Jones who only got 227 votes vs. Candy Arrington who got 157 votes. Congratulations Candy for running a great race.

This is the absolute best possible outcome we could have hoped for.  If you pool the votes for Candy Arrington, Brad Emerson, and Brooke Lopez together, Candy could conceivably get 386 votes to Bennie's 227 and you know what that means?  It's buh bye Bennie.  See ya. Later.

Indeed, Candy Arrington has done far more for this community than all 4 of those candidates who ran for Seat 4 combined.

Now lets get to the nitty gritty of a runoff.  We know the same number of people will not come out to vote in a runoff, and it is even more unlikely there would be more.  That said, the playing field is wide open, but I can assure you that it is not level because none of those who voted for Candy, Brad, or Brooke will vote for Bennie.  Notta one.  Bennie would have to grab a whole lotta love and well, frankly, I just don't see that happening.

Before I close I want to say thank you to Brooke Lopez who came out to run a clean campaign and for that I give her major props.  She never came out slinging mud, though there was plenty of it considering Mr. Jones' past.  This is a fine young lady that should be applauded for caring enough to get involved.  So many young people don't care and don't vote.  The fact that she even stepped up is admirable and she should be congratulated.

Now the work begins but know this, I officially place my support behind Candy Arrington in the runoff. Great job Ms. Arrington!

Ramsland Exploratory

It might be worth mentioning that the silly season in Congressional District 32 is nearly upon us again.  To that end, we have a couple potential candidates who are exploring a possible run against the DC cocktail party pal Pete Sessions.  One of them has made me particularly take note.

I had the opportunity to meet with Russ Ramsland the other day to ask him some questions about his exploratory endeavor and I wanted to share a little about him with my readers.

Mix and Mingle with Russ Ramland
Thursday, May 21st at 7:00 pm
Wylie location TBD based upon RSVPs

I will post further details soon or you can email me for location using my contact email address if you have an interest in coming to ask him some questions.

He is conservative, smart, funny, and well spoken, and he even has some political experience in DC. He is a business man and an idea man.  In fact, I defy you to find anything in his background that will raise an eyebrow.  This race is just too important to ignore.  As the Chairman of the House Rules Committee, Pete Sessions' fate will affect the whole country, so look to this race taking the national stage.

I have heard Russ speak numerous times and he is a fount of information for conservative principles. From his website:
"Russell Ramsland is best described as a serial entrepreneur with a wide-ranging background. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard University.

In his political life he has worked on Capitol Hill for Representative George Mahon when he was the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, was active in the Reagan Campaign in 1979-80, and worked with NASA, MIT and the Reagan White House on an unusual Star Wars-related project during the Reagan Presidency. The latter involved a partnership he forged with M.I.T. and NASA to develop extremely advanced, radiation hard semiconductor materials, initially on the Space Shuttle. Since 2008 he has been a key leader in the Dallas Tea Party and founded and leads the Park Cities/Preston Hollow Leadership Forum that has over 1,200 members."
 Even his website banner is apropos.  It reads, "To Send a Different Message to Washington, You Need a Different Messenger"

Consider sending him some money and checking him out at his exploratory website.

I like him.  I really like him.  Hopefully you will too.

Sessions Home Boy

Remember along about a year and a half ago when I posted about Pete Sessions' cheapie, rented efficiency apartment in Dallas in Pete Sessions Home-ies?  Ya well, I guess we forced him to spend some dollars in Dallas County.  Oh darn.

In fact, shortly after the election, he decided it would behoove him to spend some cold hard cash to make it look like he lives here in North Texas, or at least keep up the pretense of it.

Can you imagine how pissed off he is at us for forcing the rather rapid opening of his wallet? Interestingly he stated he couldn't afford anything more than his $400/mo, dirty, efficiency apartment in February, yet he had nearly half a mill to drop on the new crib in May. Interesting.


Lookie how much we made him spend too!  Go us.

Of course, he had to make sure his new digs were more expensive than his wife's condo in Winter Park, Florida.


Well, everyone knows you will live at the more expensive property, right?  Except that logic doesn't quite hold true when you toss in that teensy, old Colorado vacation property at just over a cool million.


So are you buying it?  Ha!  Pete Sessions sure did.  Teehee.

Tit for Tat

By now you have heard about the two terrorists who visited Garland, Texas all the way from sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Seems they didn't like the cartoon the prophet event, or whatever it is that Pamela Geller put on with her American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) group. Personally I thought it was in poor taste and I would no more rather see cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad than I would cartoons of Jesus. It's just plain antagonistic.

Though the event has been called hateful by the liberal media, I don't view it as a 'hate speech' event. However, I do view it akin to poking a stick at a bear, just because we can. There are other ways to skin that bear.  I suppose if the goal was to draw out radical Islamists just so we can shoot them dead, then that's what we got. And don't tell me AFDI didn't know what could happen because they spent $10K for extra security for the event. If they didn't think their event would antagonize the little sleeper cells in this country then they were seriously misguided. You don't put an event on like this after Charlie Hebdo, and not expect some sort of backlash from these radicalized Islamists.

So do we back down or do we give the radical Islamists a rigidly extended middle finger? Either way is unpleasant. I feel this could have been handled in a much better fashion, at least a lot more tasteful than the tit for tat event held at the very same venue as the Sound Vision group who had two controversial Imams with known terrorist ties speak last January. Pamela Geller could have held her event somewhere else, but she came back to this small venue for obvious retaliatory reasons. That decision was purposeful and pointed, make no mistake. Thankfully no innocent bystanders were seriously injured, though I feel they were knowingly placed in harms way. Yet those who attended, and it looked like very few from the photos, went willingly. That's the beauty of freedom in America.

Despite the distaste I hold for this event and despite the love I have for our freedom of speech, I find the response to AFDIs event particularly interesting. The difference is at the Freedom of Speech Rally in January, Christians did not arrive shooting up the place.  Yet this event incited an act of terrorism involving obviously radicalized Islamists. Still I feel that we cannot back down or every aspect of our way of life in America will be destroyed.

The response to these radical Islamists was a swift and acceptable punishment to their crime, though the Draw the Prophet event was a bit misguided, in my opinion. I just don't want to see Pamela Geller inciting radicalism to support her narrative on Islam. It's akin to shooting spit-wads at the school bully just to prove he is a bully.

A Racist Narrative

These are the Baltimore officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

I suppose you didn't happen to notice that half of them are um, black.  In fact, it took me a minute to realize what color they were.  So explain to me again why the black people in Baltimore were rioting and setting stuff on fire in the so-called name of justice? What the hell justice is it to burn down companies who didn't have anything at all to do with that kid's death?  What justice is it when these six were arrested for the death of Gray?  Seems Baltimore has a police problem, and not a white officer on black problem. WARNING: Strong language.

Oh, but if you are white, you should feel guilty.  Damned guilty.  You should get down on your knees and rue the day you were born because you are white and your people did a terrible injustice to the blacks.  Except your people didn't.  In fact, most people rambling around the United States these days had nothing to do with the racism prevalent in the 60s, and they certainly aren't rambling around as previous slave owners.  Most of those people are long since dead and gone, but you, ya you whitey, you need to pay for it anyway.  Guilty by association.  Kind of like saying all the black people in Baltimore are guilty of rioting.  That argument is illogical.

So the thugs in Baltimore came out and burned cars and buildings because they want  you to know your white police officers are racist.  Except those officers arrested are of mixed race and sex.  So how did this little fact escape them, I wonder?  It doesn't exactly fit the racist narrative, does it?

It's time for black people to stop hating on white folks just because they are white.  And yes, I call them "black" and not a hyphenated American name because we are all Americans.  It's time for black people to stand up and take responsibility for themselves and stop pointing fingers.  And there are many black people who agree with this statement. WARNING: Strong language.