A Racist Narrative

These are the Baltimore officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

I suppose you didn't happen to notice that half of them are um, black.  In fact, it took me a minute to realize what color they were.  So explain to me again why the black people in Baltimore were rioting and setting stuff on fire in the so-called name of justice? What the hell justice is it to burn down companies who didn't have anything at all to do with that kid's death?  What justice is it when these six were arrested for the death of Gray?  Seems Baltimore has a police problem, and not a white officer on black problem. WARNING: Strong language.

Oh, but if you are white, you should feel guilty.  Damned guilty.  You should get down on your knees and rue the day you were born because you are white and your people did a terrible injustice to the blacks.  Except your people didn't.  In fact, most people rambling around the United States these days had nothing to do with the racism prevalent in the 60s, and they certainly aren't rambling around as previous slave owners.  Most of those people are long since dead and gone, but you, ya you whitey, you need to pay for it anyway.  Guilty by association.  Kind of like saying all the black people in Baltimore are guilty of rioting.  That argument is illogical.

So the thugs in Baltimore came out and burned cars and buildings because they want  you to know your white police officers are racist.  Except those officers arrested are of mixed race and sex.  So how did this little fact escape them, I wonder?  It doesn't exactly fit the racist narrative, does it?

It's time for black people to stop hating on white folks just because they are white.  And yes, I call them "black" and not a hyphenated American name because we are all Americans.  It's time for black people to stand up and take responsibility for themselves and stop pointing fingers.  And there are many black people who agree with this statement. WARNING: Strong language.