It's a Candy Colored World

Here it is folks, the winner takes it all for Wylie City Council.

Seat 2:  Diane Culver with 394 votes and no runoff with the fuchsia-haired cat lady who sat at Southfork Mobile Home Park today with a cardboard sign and her name in sharpie pen.  I'm sure Catherine Butschek is bummed her plan didn't work despite her 52 votes.

Congratulations to Diane Culver who deserved this win.  She worked harder than any of the candidates for any of the Wylie races combined.  She proved she is for the people and not for special interests and Wylie will be served well.

Seat 4:  A runoff between Bennie Jones who only got 227 votes vs. Candy Arrington who got 157 votes. Congratulations Candy for running a great race.

This is the absolute best possible outcome we could have hoped for.  If you pool the votes for Candy Arrington, Brad Emerson, and Brooke Lopez together, Candy could conceivably get 386 votes to Bennie's 227 and you know what that means?  It's buh bye Bennie.  See ya. Later.

Indeed, Candy Arrington has done far more for this community than all 4 of those candidates who ran for Seat 4 combined.

Now lets get to the nitty gritty of a runoff.  We know the same number of people will not come out to vote in a runoff, and it is even more unlikely there would be more.  That said, the playing field is wide open, but I can assure you that it is not level because none of those who voted for Candy, Brad, or Brooke will vote for Bennie.  Notta one.  Bennie would have to grab a whole lotta love and well, frankly, I just don't see that happening.

Before I close I want to say thank you to Brooke Lopez who came out to run a clean campaign and for that I give her major props.  She never came out slinging mud, though there was plenty of it considering Mr. Jones' past.  This is a fine young lady that should be applauded for caring enough to get involved.  So many young people don't care and don't vote.  The fact that she even stepped up is admirable and she should be congratulated.

Now the work begins but know this, I officially place my support behind Candy Arrington in the runoff. Great job Ms. Arrington!