Ramsland Exploratory

It might be worth mentioning that the silly season in Congressional District 32 is nearly upon us again.  To that end, we have a couple potential candidates who are exploring a possible run against the DC cocktail party pal Pete Sessions.  One of them has made me particularly take note.

I had the opportunity to meet with Russ Ramsland the other day to ask him some questions about his exploratory endeavor and I wanted to share a little about him with my readers.

Mix and Mingle with Russ Ramland
Thursday, May 21st at 7:00 pm
Wylie location TBD based upon RSVPs

I will post further details soon or you can email me for location using my contact email address if you have an interest in coming to ask him some questions.

He is conservative, smart, funny, and well spoken, and he even has some political experience in DC. He is a business man and an idea man.  In fact, I defy you to find anything in his background that will raise an eyebrow.  This race is just too important to ignore.  As the Chairman of the House Rules Committee, Pete Sessions' fate will affect the whole country, so look to this race taking the national stage.

I have heard Russ speak numerous times and he is a fount of information for conservative principles. From his website:
"Russell Ramsland is best described as a serial entrepreneur with a wide-ranging background. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard University.

In his political life he has worked on Capitol Hill for Representative George Mahon when he was the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, was active in the Reagan Campaign in 1979-80, and worked with NASA, MIT and the Reagan White House on an unusual Star Wars-related project during the Reagan Presidency. The latter involved a partnership he forged with M.I.T. and NASA to develop extremely advanced, radiation hard semiconductor materials, initially on the Space Shuttle. Since 2008 he has been a key leader in the Dallas Tea Party and founded and leads the Park Cities/Preston Hollow Leadership Forum that has over 1,200 members."
 Even his website banner is apropos.  It reads, "To Send a Different Message to Washington, You Need a Different Messenger"

Consider sending him some money and checking him out at his exploratory website.

I like him.  I really like him.  Hopefully you will too.