Sessions Home Boy

Remember along about a year and a half ago when I posted about Pete Sessions' cheapie, rented efficiency apartment in Dallas in Pete Sessions Home-ies?  Ya well, I guess we forced him to spend some dollars in Dallas County.  Oh darn.

In fact, shortly after the election, he decided it would behoove him to spend some cold hard cash to make it look like he lives here in North Texas, or at least keep up the pretense of it.

Can you imagine how pissed off he is at us for forcing the rather rapid opening of his wallet? Interestingly he stated he couldn't afford anything more than his $400/mo, dirty, efficiency apartment in February, yet he had nearly half a mill to drop on the new crib in May. Interesting.

Lookie how much we made him spend too!  Go us.

Of course, he had to make sure his new digs were more expensive than his wife's condo in Winter Park, Florida.

Well, everyone knows you will live at the more expensive property, right?  Except that logic doesn't quite hold true when you toss in that teensy, old Colorado vacation property at just over a cool million.

So are you buying it?  Ha!  Pete Sessions sure did.  Teehee.