Christian Marriage

I posted this on my Facebook to which I received a reply that, "It's about equal rights for everyone."

No it's not.  It never was about equal rights. Read it carefully again because the important words here are "Christian marriage" and "God" and frankly I'm not even sure my friends that liked this understood it fully.

Gays can never have a Christian marriage blessed by God, and God will never dwell in a marriage that exists on paper only.  They can say they are married but in the eyes of God, they are not and that statement far outweighs any SCOTUS ruling.  Christians have not lost marriage ownership.

Oh, gays can get that piece of paper alright now that SCOTUS, or as I like to fondly think of them as SCREWUS, decided their liberal judicial opinions were more important than states rights, or the resounding majority will of the people who voted down gay marriage in one form or another across this country.

To combat this, I believe we should begin referring to ourselves as having a "Christian marriage" instead of whatever it is that was slaughtered by the Supreme Court. You see, a Christian marriage is a sacrament granted to us by God and involves one man and one woman for the purpose of procreation. Anything other than that is not a true marriage and is a sin in the eyes of God.  They know this. They know their "marriage" is still not equal in a true Christian's eyes.  Christian's own marriage still,  so why the farce? Why push for marriage, knowing it exists on paper only?

This is a fight they have picked against Christianity and it will not stop at a little piece of paper. Make no mistake, this is not about equality because the next thing they will move on to is forcing priests and pastors to perform their marriages in church.  And the SCROTUMS will go along with it because promoting their liberal ideologies from the bench are more important to them.

Nope, gays can never have that "equality" they claim this is all about, even now after SCOTUS filthed and defiled themselves and all their bench stands for in the name of equality. This is about demolishing our faith, our churches, and fundamentally changing our religions.